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Chapter Six

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Happy Birthday

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When I woke up, I automatically knew what day it was. I could smell the cake baking. Hear the soft chatter of everyone in the livingroom.

Oh God. I rolled over. It's my birthday. My door squeaked open and I held back a sigh.

There was a soft weight by my side, something I wasn't expecting. A thumb ran over my cheek. "Hi beautiful."

I jumped at Gee's voice, blinking up at him. He smiled. "Happy birthday." He kissed my forehead. "Get dressed. We have a surprise for you."

"And who exactly is we?" I asked. He just smiled and threw my blankets off of me, picking me up bridal style.

I put my arms around his neck and held him close. He changed his grip, turning me around to face him.

So I wrapped my legs around his waist. "Well now..." He smiled at me. I kissed him, letting one of my legs go forward the floor.

His hands moved, forming a chair under me. We fell backwards suddenly, bouncing on my bed. He kissed my cheek, moving his face next to mine. "You're older than me again." He sighed, his warm breath making me shiver.

"So I guess I'm taking advantage of you then." I nipped his neck, making him gasp.

"Now none of that. Today is your day." He rolled us, pinning me to the bed.

"And if this is what I want?" His face went red. I grabbed his hands and moved them to my waist.

"N-normally, I'd be all for it. But we're not alone, babe." He said as I wrapped my legs around him again. "So if we know...they'd hear us."

"Fine." I sighed. "But don't move just yet. You're so warm..." I hugged him to me. He kissed my neck and jaw, making me sigh. "I'd love to just stay in bed with you all day."

"That'd be nice." He pulled me out of bed again. "But we can't. People are waiting for you." He set me on the floor. Grab what you want to wear and come on babe." He smiled, standing in front of the door.

I grabbed a tank top and a pair of jeans from my closet. "Turn around." I smiled at him. He turned to face the corner. I stuck my hand up the back of his shirt, trailing my fingers lightly over his skin. He shivered and pressed his face against the wall. "Or don't..." I took my hand away.

He leaned heavily against the wall, his shoulders raising and falling as he panted. I smiled and got dressed, blowing in his ear when I was done, making him jump.

"I'm dressed hun." I sighed. He turned around and smiled at me. His hands covered my eyes.

"Where are we going exactly?" He asked. I laughed.

"You cover my eyes then ask when we're going." I sighed. "Just take me to the bathroom dear." I held onto his wrists after I opened the door.

"Hands out." I heard the smile in his voice. I reached out and found the door. I grabbed the doorknob and opened the door.

"You're not coming in, right?" I asked when his hands didn't move.

"Oh yeah." He laughed and let go of me. "I'll be here when you're done." I slipped into the bathroom and locked the door.

Ignoring the fact that Gee was right outside the door, I brushed my teeth and my hair, pulling it up into a ponytail. When I opened the door, Gee's hands covered my eyes again.

I sighed and let him lead me into the living room. Everything was dead silent. "Ready?" He asked.

"Sure." I sighed. His hands left and I opened my eyes.

"SURPRISE!" I jumped at all the voices yelling at the same time. Mom and Mitch stood close together and.Mikey and Donna were throwing confetti at me.

"Oh crap!" I gasped. Mom came and hugged me. Mitch pulled something out from behind his back.

I gaped at him. And the shiny new guitar in his hand. "It's already tuned." He handed it to me.

My hands were so light on it I thought it wasn't real. "Let's play something." Mikey smiled. I looked at him and noticed his bass strapped over his shoulder.

"Sure." I smiled and sat down on the couch. Something touched my throat, making me gasp.

"It's okay." Gee whispered. I heard the soft click behind my head and the cold metal touch my skin.

I touched the necklace he'd put on me. It felt like a guitar pick. Only it was shaped like a heart...and had wings coming out at the sides. "I designed it and Mitch helped me make it." Gee whispered into my ear.

"I love it." I smiled. Mikey's face was blank as he pulled his bass into his lap. I patted my pockets, like I would have a pick in them.

Mitch handed me a blue one, a smile on his face. "Play the song we've been working on." He grinned at us.

I nodded and looked at Mikey, who was watching. Biting my lip, I played the start of the song. Mikey joined in at the exact time he was supposed to.

My heart was pounding. I've played for and with all these people before, but not at the same time.

But I wasn't scared. I was...calm. Like it wasn't a big deal.

The big deal was how this new guitar sounded as I played. I hardly had to think about what my hands were doing. They just moved, the sound coming out without me trying. Mitch caught my hands, making me look at him.

"You're ready." He smiled. He looked at Mikey. "You're both ready." He said brightly.

"For what?" I asked. He let go of my hands.

"For the real deal. I've been waiting for this day..." He pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and dialed a number. "Hey Louis. Yeah it's me buddy." He smiled. "Yeah. Are you still looking for musicians?" He nodded. "Well listen to this awesome chicky." He put the man on speaker. "Play." He mouthed at me.

I played a few chords and the man on the phone gasped. "Yes! Who are you and when will you sign a contract?"

My heart stopped. Mitch handed me the phone, but I felt like my hands were numb. "I'm Nicole Williams." I said stupidly.

"Well Nicole, would you like to join a band under my record label?" I bit my lip.

"And what label is that exactly?" I asked him cautiously.

He laughed "Sunset Records." The phone fell into my lap. "Hello?"

"I'm only fifteen." I gasped, grabbing the phone again. Is this really happening?!

"So?" He laughed. "Look, kid, she doesn't matter with talent. I had a ten year old once who played the violin. Then b her mom made her quit."

"Mom?" I looked at her with huge eyes. She looked at Mitch.

"We'll be down at the office tomorrow to read through her contract tomorrow, Paul." He took the phone from me. "I have another student who you might want to hear."

Mikey shook his head, making Mitch give him a weird look. "Or...he doesn't want you to?" He asked Mikey.

"I'm sorry sir, but could you wait until the band I'm starting is actually together?" He said.

"No problem kid. Mitch, I'll see you, Nicole and her mom down in my office tomorrow, right? What time?"

We looked at mom, who held up four fingers. "Four work for you?" Mitch asked.

"It's perfect." I heard the smile in his voice. "Happy birthday, Nicole." The line went dead.

I grabbed for Gee's hand blindly, a scream building in my chest. His hands closed around mine. "A contract..." He nodded. "With Sunset records..."

"Are you okay?" He asked me, touching my cheek. Like he'd pushed a button, I screamed, making him jump back.

I covered my mouth with both hands. "She's lost it." Mikey said, pulling my guitar out of my lap.

"Shut up!" I pointed at him, my chest getting tight. I felt like I could hardly breath.

The room blurred around the edges. Everything anyone was talking about faded out into a ringing silence. "Oh shit!" Gee suddenly gasped.

Now everything was black.

Sorry this took so long. I've been dealing with shit since I woke up.

So R+R and all that and the next chapter will be up soon.

Hugs and Ave,
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