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A/N: Vastly Important

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Hello, fellow Ficwaddians.I bet you're wondering why I've gathered you here today.

Okay, I'll stop. In all seriousness, I am here to inform you that due to a series of vastly (I used that word again, didn't I) unfortunate events, my writing will be greatly hindered during the duration of the next month or so. As I am writing this, I am on a time limit, so my message will be short, but brief.

I cannot go into detail as to what this series of vastly unfortunate events consisted of, but I can tell you that I am okay, and hopefully at the end of all of this I will be better than I've been in years. Please just be patient with me; I promise to continue Powerless as soon as I am able to.

I hope you're all doing okay, you're amazing people and I'm so lucky to have come into contact with you guys.

-Em (GettingHighOnCyanide)

p.s. Sorry for the formal language overkill. I enjoy doing things to make myself feel pseudo-smart.
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