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Playing Happy Families

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Mikey just wants a happy family where his mother loves him and his brother is nice to him. But of course, you can't have everything.

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Hi guys... I'm back after a long unexplained break. Still don't really have an explanation but I've been having some story ideas lately so here we go... :)

Chapter 1

Mikey was feeling confident for once today. He was nervous as fuck, of course. Who wouldn't be on the first day of high school?! But Mikey was feeling ready for it. He had his bag packed with all the books he needed and had recently got a new pair of glasses that he was keeping until he started school.

He slipped them onto the end of his nose as usual and jumped out of bed. If it was any other school day he would beg his mother to let him stay home but Mikey had a good feeling about today. He put on his uniform and got his breakfast. He began walking to school which was just about 10 minutes. He noticed another kid walking in the same direction across the road. Mikey thought he was going to school too and felt tempted to talk to him but Mikey knew his limits and was way too shy to start a conversation with someone no matter how optimistic he felt.

After he got his timetable and locker number, he was on his way to class which was double science, a subject Mikey didn't really enjoy but still was good at it.
He saw it was almost full and sat down at the back, far too shy to sit next to someone. He didn't want to bother them. They all seemed to be friends anyway.

Half way through the class a kid with short, spiky hair came in interrupting the class.

"Sorry if I'm late, miss" He said, relaxed. Then Mikey recognised him as the kid who was walking across the road from him.

The teacher asked him questions, wondering where he was. He answered back with smart answers Mikey never dreamed of saying to a teacher. He thought the kid was cheeky and a bit troublesome.

"Just sit down and never turn up late again." Ms. Carey said sternly.

Mikey saw the kid look around the room choosing his seat and when he saw the shy boy with glasses, minding his own business at the back, his eyes lit up and walked quickly down to the seat beside him. Just try to be friendly, Mikey thought to himself.

"Pssst, hey, you with the glasses." The short boy whispered while the teacher gave out to someone for almost electrocuting his (now not-so-)best friend
Mikey looked over to him. The boy stares at Mikey waiting for something but Of course Mikey lacked in social skill and didn't know what to say.

"Your name...?" He asked as if it was so obvious.

"Oh... Sorry. Em, Mikey?" Mikey replied as if he was almost not sure of his own name

"Mikey stop talking and pay attention please!" The teacher said.

Typical, Mikey would get in trouble for something he didn't start. He wasn't going to blame the other kid but he shouldn't have started talking in the first place anyway.

Mikey turned back to his book and rested his head in his hand.
He could still feel the boy's eyes on him, as if they were reading his mind. This is what makes Mikey nervous sometimes. Not sure if he should say something, wondering what he's looking at, should he just ignore him and above all why is he being stared at.

Next thing, he saw a tiny rolled up ball of paper flicked past him almost hitting his nose. He flinched and leaned back.

The 'other' boy was sitting there just looking at Mikey with a smile on his face. Mikey really didn't know what to make of this guy. Did he just want to talk or was he just trying to be annoying? Because the latter of the two was certainly working.

Mikey stared back at him. He said nothing after being told to stop the first time. But it was making him uncomfortable.

Mikey sighed and shook his head slightly. He hunched over his book again trying to concentrate.

A couple of minutes later, he felt nudges in his arm. He waited to see how long it would go on for.

He felt the 9th one and he turned quickly to the boy who again did nothing, said nothing just smiled.
"What?!" Mikey whispered.

The kid shrugged and giggled a bit. He was really getting on Mikey's nerves now.

Mikey turned once again to his book determined not to get distracted again.
Really, he just watched the clock and ignored anymore nudges, flicks of paper and giggles from the guy beside him.

Eventually, the long double class ended and Mikey packed his bag.

"Well, that was rude!" He heard from beside him.

"What? What did I do?" Mikey asked.

"You didn't read the piece of paper!" The guy said.

Mikey sighed and picked up the rolled up paper.

'I'm Frank...' it read.

Mikey actually felt bad now. This guy, Frank wasn't annoying him. He just wanted to talk.

"Oh, I'm sorry Frank. I didn't know..."

"Well obviously! That's why I wrote it on the paper!!" Frank replied

Mikey laughed a bit.

"Frank Iero" He held out his hand to Mikey who was even nervous about a little hand shake.

"Uh, Mikey Way" Mikey shook his hand.

"Hmmm... As in Gerard Way's brother?"

"Um, yeah?" Mikey was a little surprised he knew his brother but then again his brother went out with half of the girls in the town and probably popular among people.
That's why Mikey was always a little more quieter. He didn't want to take Gerard's spotlight not that he would be able to. Plus, Mikey thought most of the girls here looked like tarts and all of his brothers friends were the ones who laughed and pushed him around.
Mikey didn't mind. Well he didnt have a choice really. Either take the horrible comments or be threatened by a moody Gerard and be told again how he wasn't to mess around with his friends. Mikey could never take on the big, sporty jocks anyway.

"Oh, well if you don't mind me saying, he's kinda a dickhead" Frank stated not even attempting to be sincere about it.

But Mikey agreed.
"Yeah, and I have to put up with him."

"One time, he laughed at my hair and told one of his friends to beat me up" Frank said with a small laugh.

"He's controlling and he makes me do everything for hime at home. He never beats me up though. He just gets His friends to do it for him. He just makes me act like I don't know him or else..." Mikey trailed off.

"I feel sorry for you, Mikey... Wanna hangout for lunch?"

"You actually want to hangout with me?" Mikey was surprised, was he making a friend? Maybe it's one of Gerard's jokes. Yeah, that's it, it has to be Mikey thought

"Yeah, unless you're busy or have other friends." Frank said.

"I know what this is, this is just a joke isn't it?! Where's Gerard, huh? He told you to say this, didnt he? Uh, he makes me so mad!" Mikey got frustrated and angry.

"Woah, came down dude! Gerard didn't say anything! I wanna hangout with you for real. Promise!" Frank explained.

Mikey's cheeks blushed and he immediately felt embarrassed.
"Oh Im sorry, it's just what he would do. I'm really sorry."

"That's kinda horrible, you know. You shouldn't have to put up with it." Frank said.

"Yeah, well he's my brother. Older brother! And it's not like he or anyone else cares about what I think." Mikey sighed.

"I care!" Frank said enthusiastically as if he was proving a point.

Mikey smiled. He found a friend that wanted to listen to him. And wasn't either being put off because he was Gerard's shy, nerdy brother or using him so they can get closer to Gerard. Mikey couldn't think of the last time someone talked to him without mentioning his brother. He was always referred to as Gerard's brother. Even at home it went in the same way. His mom was proud of her big, popular, sporty son. In fact, they moved Mikey out of his room because Gerard wanted it.
What Gerard wants, Gerard gets was the motto in their house and Mikey hated it, despised his brother for it but he had to get used to it. It just wound him up when Gerard would get all the attention at family gatherings. Mikey was barely seen next to Gerard. He was ordered around the house. And if Gerard asked, not asked but demanded something it was Mikey that had to get it for him.

It was like his mom only raised one child in the house and had Mikey as a servant or something.

Mikey was on his way to history class when he was pulled back and around a corner to a quiet corridor. No doubt it was Gerard's friends.

"Gerard saw you hanging round with that fag, Frank. So he wanted us to teach you a lesson. He doesn't want his brother with people like that." One of them said to Mikey holding him up against the wall.

"Nothing's wrong with Frank!" Mikey tried to defend his new best friend.


"That's where you're wrong, Mikey" Another sneered after punching him right in his stomach.

Mikey was bent over in pain.

"Gerard doesn't want you mixing with people like.. Frank."

Mikey was beginning to straighten up just when he was kneed into his side from another guy. This kick knocked him to his knees.

"Stop. He's my friend. Leave me alone." Mikey cried yet he knew it was no use. He was basically talking to himself. Just to say he tried.

They all started on him then.

Mikey was on the ground trying to curl up while getting kicked into his guts.

When they stopped it was even worse. It always is. It's always silent but it pains the most. When they are there it's constant. He has no time to focus on something but after he is just left in cuts, bruises and broken bones and no one to help him.

Mikey looked around to see if they were gone. He saw someone at the end of the corridor. It took a while to recognise them as they were far away. But Mikey was shocked when he realised it was his brother watching. Watching the whole thing and didnt do anything to stop it.

He saw his brother walking towards him. He kept watching as the older boy walked right up to him.

"Pl-lease, help m-me, Gerard." The broken boy whimpered.

Gerard just stared with glazed-over eyes.
He watched as his brother began to sob in pain right infront of him.

"I can't help you Mikey." Gerard said calmly before he walked away.

Mikey didn't know what he meant. As in there's nothing for him to do to help, that Mikey is already broken enough or Gerard can't because of his friends.

He couldn't tell of Gerard wanted help him or was laughing at his younger brothers state.

He shifted himself to sit up a little more. He decided he better go to the bathroom before the corridors fill with students changing classes at the bell. He limped his way down, holding in the blood leaking through one bad gash he got from being thrown into the lockers.

The boy collapsed in one of the cubicles, finally catching his breath. He wanted Frank. He had no idea where he was but he wanted to talk to him badly.

He sat there, waiting for students to leave the bathroom and go to their class. It was a good 15 minutes before he could limp out unnoticed. He just had to decide where to go now. Go to class where Frank is or walk home. Fuck that, he could barely walk outside the building with out collapsing never mind make it home. Or he could go to first aid, which was not an option in Mikey's mind. Because the teachers would find out and then be trying to talk to him about it and he doesn't want that.

He decided to go to class. Sure, he was going to have all eyes on him as he limps into the room but at least Frank would be there.
He looked at his timetable and saw that he had English next, in room 19.

He eventually made his way there and braced himself before walking (sort of) into the class of students who you'd think would have never seen an injured person before and a teacher who has nothing better to do than to give out and not even care that Mikey dragged himself across the room.

He went in and froze as everyone stared at him clutching to his hip bone and sporting a fresh bloody cut on his forehead not to mention his black eyes and cut lip.

"Well where have you been Michael?" Ms Nevin asked talking through her nose and looking down on the injured boy.

"Um.." Say something Mikey, he thought to himself.
"The bathroom." Sure why lie.

"Just take a seat, okay? Maybe you'll find this lesson a little more interesting than the bathroom" She said.

Everyone sneered and laughed at him as he made his painful way to the seat beside Frank who was looking very worriedly at Mikey.

"Mikey, what the hell happened? Where were you?" Frank asked straight away.

"I- I'll tell you later." Mikey said and looked in with Franks book.

The bell rang for lunchtime so the room cleared quickly except for Mikey and Frank. Frank stayed sitting staring at Mikey as he had done for the whole lesson.
"Tell me what happened Mikey, are you okay?" He asked.

"Well, I was walking through the corridor and then-You know what it doesn't even matter..." Mikey just gave up, telling a similar story to all the times it happened before.

"What?! Of course it matters. You're hurt Mikey. There's blood running down your face and you can barely walk. It fucking does matter okay? Now tell me!" Frank urged Mikey to tell him.

"But Fra-"

"Tell me now Mikey" Frank cut him off.

Mikey sighed.
"Well I was walking and then I was pulled around a corner and then all of Gerard's friends were there and they started saying..." Mikey didn't want to repeat what they said to Frank. "stuff and then they kicked me and stuff and then I-" He stopped again not wanting to even talk about Gerard. He was confused about it all. "I-I just let them. I couldn't stop them." He finished.

"Oh Mikes.." Frank pulled the tall boy who was almost in tears into a hug. "How about I take you home yeah?" He offered and Mikey was delighted to accept.

But he was only able to nod his head at this stage.
Frank helped him out of the building and into his old car.

"Where abouts do you live?" Frank asked.

"Oakpark Drive No.7" Mikey mumbled.

"Serious? I live not too far away from that. Actually I think I noticed you walking to school today."

'He noticed me?! He actually noticed me' was what was going through Mikeys mind at the moment.

"How come you don't walk with your brother?" He asked.

"Cause he hates me, plus he doesn't even walk. He has a car that he doesn't let me in." Mikey replied with a despising tone.

"Oh, I see. That's pretty fucking mean. Maybe you should talk to him about it" Frank suggested.

"Yeah, and maybe I'll become a multi-millionaire from selling ice-cream cones while Im at it, yeah?" Mikey scoffed. He didn't mean to get moody. He was just really sick of his brother.

"Yeah, you should!" Frank squealed.

Mikey just stared in shock at the sudden mouse like noise from him.

"Ahem, anyway... Uh, Here we are" Frank pulled into the driveway.

He helped Mikey out but just got pushed away cause Mikey was certain that he could walk on his own. But when it came to the steps Frank basically picked him up and carried him inside and dropped him onto the couch.

"Hey, um, do your parents min me being here?" Frank asked.

"I just live with my mom and she's at work. I'm sure she wouldn't mind. In fact probably be delighted I made a friend!"

Frank smiled at him.

"You can stay for how ever long you want. Like you can go home right now I don't mind. Like I'm not telling you to go but just-"

"Okay Mikey!" Frank cut in on Mikeys rambling a.

They watched a movie and played some PS3 games for a few hours.

Mikey heard the engine of Gerard's car outside and it immediately came to him that Frank will probably get beaten up for being here. Oh shit he thought.

"Um, Frank I don't want to be rude but Gerard is home from soccer practice, and he probably wouldn't like it if he knew you were here." Mikey said as fast as he could.

"Oh, yeah, it's okay. I'll see you tomorrow I guess." Frank said awkwardly.

"Come out the back door and walk around the front when Gerard is in" Mikey planned to Frank.

"Okay, see you Mikey." Frank waved.

Mikey hurried upstairs as fast as his limp legs could take him.

Before he made it to the top, Gerard was through the front door he paused when he saw Mikey who was looking back at Gerard and then turned straight ahead again before being asked what he was looking at.

Mikey kept walking. And Gerard stepped into the kitchen waiting for their mother to arrive home with the dinner.

After awhile Gerard decided he was bored and went up to see how he could annoy his younger brother.

He tip-toed up the stairs quietly and then stood outside Mikeys door for a minute listening to the music playing in the stereo.

He burst in the door without knocking and gave a little giggle kind of noise from his throat when he saw Mikey covered in the cuts and bruises he had caused him, curled up on his bed, shirtless.

Mikey looked over at the door while a couple of tears ran down his face.

"What are you crying for, for fuck sake?" Gerard complained.

Mikey didn't answer.

"I said WHAT ARE YOU CRYING AT?" Gerard repeated.

"Nothing" Mikey just said despairingly knowing he'd get in even more trouble with his brother if he explained.

"You're pathetic" Gerard spat at him.

"Maybe you are..." Mikey said quietly looking at the duvet on his bed. Yet, he made it loud enough for Gerard to hear it.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" Gerard shouted.

Mikey gulped. He knew really shouldn't have said anything.

Gerard walked over to him and pulled him up grabbing his throat

"I said..." Mikey braced himself "maybe you are pathetic." Mikey got ready for shouting, pushing, maybe even have his favourite CD collection shelf knocked over. But what happened totally surprised Mikey.

Gerard punched his jaw, making the tall boy stumble a bit and clutch to his face. Even Gerard shocked himself. He just stared at what he had done and at his raised fist.

Gerard never hit his brother like that. He always got his friends to do it. But this time it was all just him. Against his brother who didnt have a chance.

He stepped back in shock at his action while his brother tried to figure out what had happened.

"Mikey, y-" He paused. "You-" He couldn't think of an excuse as to why he did that.

"I what Gerard? Huh? What did I actually ever do to you that made you want to punch your own brother? Do you really hate me this much?" Mikey broke down in tears. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised, you watch friends beat me up." He continued to sob.

Gerard couldn't believe what he had done. He just walked out of the room. He heard his mom walk in the door downstairs.

"Gerard, Im home" She shouted.

Mikey doesn't even expect a mention anymore.

He continued to cry a little on his own. He closed the door.

He wanted to get far away from his brother.
He picked up his phone and rang Franks number desperately waiting for him to reply.

"Hello?" Mikey heard Frank on the other end.

"Hey, Frank?" Mikey sounded nervous and he felt stupid for what he was about to ask.

"Yeah Mikey, What's wrong? Is everything okay?" Frank replied sensing Mikeys sadness from just two words.

"Um... C-could I..." He paused.

"What is it Mikey?" Frank rushed but sounded sympathetic at the same time, worrying something awful had happened.

Mikey gave a small sob and hoped Frank didn't hear.
"Can I go over to your's?-Just for a small while though, I promise. I just need to talk to you." Mikey said quickly as he could.

"Of course Mikey. Stay as long as you, the night even! What's wrong Mikey? Has something happened?" Frank asked again.

"N-nothing serious. I just-Uh, I'm just being stupid. You know what, just forget I ever said anything, just never mind." Mikey was about to hang up afraid of sounding like a kid when he realised that he was just calling cause his big brother was being mean. Mikey did not want to sound like a child even though he really wanted to talk to Frank.

"Woah, wait Mikes! Obviously something's wrong! Come over, will you? I want to make sure your okay?" Frank said before Mikey reached the hang up button.

"But Frank, I'm just being stupid it's noth-"

"Bullshit Mikey, come over here or else I'm inviting myself over to yours..." Franks warned Mikey in an 'almost' serious tone.

"Fine" Mikey hanged up. He got a jacket on and put on shoes.

He sneaked down the stairs hoping he wouldn't be caught.
He reached the front door successfully.

"Where are you going?"

Shit Mikey thought.

He didnt even turn around.

"Nowhere Gerard" Mikey said in a fed up mood.

"Look Mikey I didn't mean to hit you. I mean I just lost my temper and-Well I mean you... You kinda deserved it." Gerard finished. The last sentence made Mikeys blood boil. How dare he say that?!
Mikey thought it out before saying anything.

Maybe he did deserve it.
But really? From his brother.

"Gerard?" Mikey said.

Gerard stood there looking expectant.

"Just fuck off and leave me alone. I hate you and your friends. I wish I had the guts to punch you back but I can't. You obviously hate me too so just don't talk to me ever." Mikey's outburst surprised the two of them. Gerard stood there speechless.

Mikey turned to the door and opened.

"No!" Gerard shouted.

Mikey bolted out the door.

"Fuck you Mikey. You can't say that to me. You can't tell me what I can do." Gerard's shouting just became faint noises behind Mikeys trembling, rushed body.
Saying that to his brother gave Mikey adrenaline. But it made him nervous and scared too. He knew Gerard wouldn't tolerate that and if he was to show up to him anytime soon he knew Gerard would do a lot worse to him than just a punch!

He ran to Franks house which wasn't too far away. He guessed he would be spending the night. Going back around home was dangerous with a livid Gerard.


That's chapter 1 anyway. Lets see where this goes :) Please do leave a review and rating. It really helps to know what you guys think. Thanks for reading :)
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