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Blossoming from a thing called Love

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A story which shines a spotlight on the kunoichi in Naruto's life as he continues in his goal to unite the shinobi world in a way that would make Jiraiya proud.

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Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Also this story is a lemon fiction therefore is intended for people of a legal age from wherever they come from. So if these type of stories offend then stop reading now. Thanks. Furthermore I’m not making any money from this story.

Eroninja Limelight

Chapter 5: Ino

Blossoming from a thing called Love

The events of this chapter of Limelight happen over the course of chapters 42 and 43 in the main story.

Ino stood in front of the full length mirror in her old bedroom, her apartment had been one of the ones ruled unfit to occupy in the aftermath of Pain’s Invasion. She was decked out in a silken kimono that she had recently purchased from Emi’s shop. Her hair was done up in an intricate design being held up by several decorative senbon. All in all she knew she cut quite the dashing figure, but despite that she didn’t know if she was clan head material. Yet, in spite of her misgivings on that particular matter, it had already been decided by her clan and who had overwhelmingly supported her father’s nomination of her after he had stepped down.

That ceremony had been a rather pragmatic one consisting of several of the family heads meeting in her parent’s living room to hear her father’s reasons for his stepping down and nominating his daughter. While generally the position of Clan Head was handed from a parent to child within the current Head’s family at least in the Yamanaka. It still required a vote from the other families that made up the Yamanaka Clan and it was at that point that another family head could have nominated a candidate of their choosing. None of the members that had attended chose to oppose her nomination. Ino knew a part of the reason no one had offered up anyone was because a few of the family heads had recently been positioning themselves to support Fu Yamanaka’s bid to become clan head. But due to his being revealed as a member of Root and currently occupying a cell in the Leaf Maximum Security Prison, the members who had been supporting him simply didn’t want to be on the wrong side of the current vote. Not to mention with Ino’s actions during the battle against Pain showing she had inherited her clans abilities in a way very few could match, they didn’t want it to appear their blocking her ascension to Clan Head was in order to follow someone else’s agenda.

With the matter of who would be representing Yamanaka Clan for the foreseeable future already settled, the ceremony Ino had dressed up for was for her being sworn in as the Clan’s representative to the Clan Council of the Village. Ino did feel some elation at being chosen since it meant she had lived up to Naruto’s estimation of her. Plus, validated all the hard work she had done to bring her skills up to the point where she could stand shoulder to shoulder with the man she loved.

But there was also an underlying sadness to the ceremony as well. Most notably being that her taking over as the clan head was due to the grievous injuries that her father had sustained during Pain’s attack. Thinking of the others that would be taking the oath with her she knew that her family had been one of the lucky ones.

Primping her attire to combat the nervousness she was feeling, her attention was pulled to the sound of hardened wood occasional scraping the floor as someone approached her room. A knock sounding on her door signaled the arrival of the person. “I’m decent daddy.”

Ino turned from the mirror as her father stepped into the room favoring her with a smile. Ino’s attention was pulled from his face for a moment to the foot of the artificial leg he now needed to walk. Her father knocked on the leg and commenting on the noise he had made as he approached said, “Looks like I’m not going to be able to sneak around to make sure you’re not slipping boys into your room.”

“Daddy, I wouldn’t bring a boy here.” Ino said annoyed before smirking as she replied, “They’d be too nervous when we fooled around.”


“I’m just kidding,” Ino said before moving to her dad and kissing him on the cheek affectionately. Changing the subject to his artificial appendage she commented, “But truthfully, you do seem to be much better at controlling it.”

“Yeah,” Inoichi said, “It’ll probably be awhile before I can even consider returning to active duty.”

Ino nodded, but felt her dad’s situation was all the proof she needed that Naruto’s ambition was succeeding. The reason being was that her father’s leg was a Suna invention used by some of their puppeteer forces. Sakura had told her that she had been trying for months to get Suna’s medical program to teach them how to create artificial appendages like Chiyo had displayed during her battle with Sasori. But despite the two villages being allies and her team just rescuing their Kage, they had refused.

Yet, in the aftermath of Pain’s invasion, the Suna medics of the Training Force had not let politics get in the way of helping the injured. Her dad was even set to travel to Suna, where he would be fitted with a proper leg instead of the all-purpose one he was currently using as it was what most Suna medics carried in their kits.

Moving passed her dad to leave for the ceremony she said, “Are you in a hurry to return back to active duty because of my assuming the position of Clan Head?”

“Oh no,” her father replied a little too quickly for her making her wonder what she was getting herself into. He put her at ease though by adding, “In my case I believe it’s time for the new generation to take over, and I believe the best candidate for the job has taken the position.”

Ino smiled brightly at her father as they left the part of their home dedicated to their living quarters to enter the flowershop. Ino’s mother was waiting for them behind the counter and was dressed in her usual formal style. Favoring her loved ones with a smile as she removed her apron and came around the counter in order to close the shop for the day so that as a family they could be together for and watch Ino’s blossoming.


Ino smiled politely as she listened to a civilian councilor who was bending her ear during the party being held in the new councilors’ honor. Looking around the room she felt her smile wan as her gaze settled on Yoshino Nara. The woman looked completely disinterested in everything which was perhaps the most striking change to have come over the woman since her husband’s death. Ino could think back to all the times she had been to the Nara household which only seemed to function because of the former kunoichi’s ability to drive the other two occupants due to the rather lazy men that lived there.

A part of Ino suspected that the reason Shikamaru hadn’t accepted the position of Clan Head and had instead requested the person to replace his father be his mother, had less to do with his notorious laziness. But was instead a way to get his mother to return to her old self by giving her something to pour her energies into. Ino felt a sadness sweep over her as it appeared to be a plan that wasn’t working.

Although Ino couldn’t exactly blame the woman for her lack of interest at the moment as thus far her own experience as a councilor had her also wishing to space out. She was beginning to suspect that the reason her dad had been so insistent he didn’t want to retake his old position earlier was because of the need to deal with so many varying interests. The man talking her ear off for example was a member of the civilian council which in political terms was a step below the Clan Council. The Civilian Council was made up of people elected by the populace of Konoha from the twenty-seven districts the city had been split into. It was the Civilian portion of the council that debated and regulated most of the day to day affairs of the village. After a measure they were debating gained enough votes it would be sent to the Clan Council for approval and should it pass there. It would then move on to the Hokage who would either sign it or veto it. As a general rule though, the Hokage tended to sign most items that reached her desk.

The civilian talking to her was doing his best to try and convince Ino of the necessity of an ordinance to ban people from fishing along the banks of the river that ran through the village. Ino truthfully thought it was a silly thing to be asking for, especially considering what the village had just gone through. Since to her, limiting the villagers’ freedom to enjoy a nice afternoon fishing seemed a tad extreme. But the councilor insisted that it was a necessary measure as the restaurants and markets of his district were losing money.

Ino was about to inform the councilor that she didn’t share the same opinion, as a person willing to fish for his own dinner would just as likely travel the extra distance to leave the village as not. However, before she could, a voice interrupted by saying, “Excuse me councilor, may I have a word with my teammate?”

“Of course, I should take the opportunity to introduce myself to your mother,” the man replied happily seeing his chance to speak with the new Nara Clan Head.

Shikamaru nodded looking as bored as ever, but a small look of hope that perhaps his mother might find it engaging appeared in his eyes. Ino felt a little bad about likely crushing it as she said once they were alone, “Thanks for saving me from that guy. Honestly, I find it hard to get so worked up about kids and their parents fishing along the river.”

Shikamaru chuckled as he said, “Well, it likely matters to him because he owns a few of the restaurants and markets in his district.”

“Really,” Ino said a little heat bleeding into her voice, “he failed to mention that.” A little surprised at Shikamaru being aware of such a thing she questioned, “How did you know that?”

Shikamaru smiled fondly as he said, “That guys been fighting for the same thing ever since I was a kid. I remember him coming up to my dad when he’d take me fishing to complain about it back when he ran just a fish stall. I guess he just decided to take it to the next level and became a councilor to ram it through.”

Ino nodded, as she recalled how each of the original Ino-Shika-Cho trio would take turns watching each other’s kids. Whenever it was Shikaku’s turn he’d tend to take them fishing or some other activity that required a minimal amount of physical exertion. She remembered being bored out of her mind, but her two future teammates always enjoyed it as Chouji would imagine all the meals he could enjoy with whatever he caught. While the younger Nara would be just as pleased as his dad to be doing something that could allow him to simply lay back and watch the clouds pass by.

Finding that she now missed those days she tried to change the subject before she got caught up in the emotions she was feeling due to her thinking of the man that had been a part of her family for as long as she could remember. She figured Shikamaru may be feeling the same way as he said, “You’ve certainly come a long way from the troublesome girl that used to think she ran Team Ten.”

“I did run the team,” Ino replied good-naturedly to the teasing. Her face grew concerned as she sent a look towards Yoshino as she asked, “How’s your mom doing?”

“Honestly I don’t know,” Shikamaru replied, “I hope it’s just a stage of grief, but it was a pain getting her to come today.”

Normally Ino would smile at what Shikamaru was saying since she knew for a fact his mother would have said the same thing about motivating her son to do anything. But considering who they were discussing she knew it was a reason for concern, especially with how Kurenai had tried to kill herself in the wake of losing her child and husband.

“I’m sure she’ll pull through,” Ino said after a moment, “She just needs some time to come to terms with… everything.”

“Yeah…I keep telling myself the same thing,” Shikamaru said sounding drained.

Ino placed a reassuring hand on her friend’s shoulder and gave him a bright smile as she said, “Something will come around to make her return to her old self and who knows maybe even better.”

“Better like you?” Shikamaru inquired.

Ino felt her heart skip a beat and hoped the reaction didn’t make it to her face as she asked, “What do you mean?”

Shikamaru shrugged as he replied, “Nothing really. I just mean that for quite some time you’ve been going full speed and leaving Chouji and I in the dust. Hell, during Pain’s attack you linked the entire village without the aid of the Amplification Chamber. Now you’re the head of your clan…something seems to have made you quite ambitious.”

Ino felt a little nervous but didn’t let it reach her voice as she said, “I guess once I decided to stop chasing Sasuke and started applying the energy I poured into that pursuit to other avenues things just sort of took off for me.”

Shikamaru gave her a cryptic smirk, but said, “Well considering all the diets you tried where you starved yourself, I imagine you’d find tons of energy for training just from eating right.”

“Definitely,” Ino replied with a cryptic and amused smile of her own, “Once I started my current high protein diet I found I had all sorts of energy.”

Shikamaru gave her a look before reaching into his pants pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Ino frowned at his picking up Asuma’s old habit, but understood it was how he was coping with their teacher’s death. Ino remembered how upon first seeing Asuma entering the class room after being assigned to Team Ten, she had thought he looked kind of cool with his ever present cigarette sticking out of the side of his mouth. Although soon the realities of working with a chain smoker had quickly robbed her of that feeling for the habit. But looking on as Shikamaru lit up she guessed maybe he had felt the same.

Taking a drag, he looked up at the ceiling for a moment before facing his teammate as he commented, “Maybe I should get my mom on that diet.”

Ino had a hard time holding back the laugh that threatened to erupt from her. Barely succeeding and with a voice that still conveyed extreme amusement she replied, “Maybe you should.”

Thankfully Shikamaru changed the topic before inquiring exactly what comprised Ino’s diet at the moment as although she was eating healthier. She believed the secret in her diet was the Naruto flavored protein shakes that she drank directly from the source. The two teammates talked about a few mundane topics before Shikamaru turned the conversation back to Naruto, yet this time it was intentionally as he said, “I’m surprised Naruto isn’t hear. I figured he’d attend the ceremony to get at the all you can eat buffet. I heard they’re even serving ramen.”

Aware that Tobi had made a move for the Rinnegan in Konan’s possession and that Naruto had Hiraishined to help her, Ino made up an excuse as she said, “I don’t know if I’m surprised by his taking off after the formal ceremony. He’s been the center of attention lately, and I think he wouldn’t want to steal the spotlight from Konohamaru. Being made the head of the Sarutobi clan and its councilor is a pretty big deal.”

Shikamaru directed his gaze to the new Sarutobi clan head who looked a bit overwhelmed as Civilian Councilors jockeyed for a chance to speak with him about matters related to their districts. Commenting on it he said, “I don’t know something tells me that he’d be kind of happy not to be at the center of attention at the moment.”

Ino nodded in agreement and was surprised at how pushy some of the councilors appeared to be. But, she guessed that due to his young age and inexperience, they likely felt they could influence him pretty easily and wanted to be the ones to do so before their fellow councilors could. However, Konohamaru stole a page out of Naruto’s book as he grew frustrated and suddenly burst into smoke causing some of the councilors to leap back in surprise. As a few people began to laugh at some of the councilors’ more extreme reactions to the shadow clone’s dispersing. Ino would be willing to bet that Konohamaru had elected to leave after the official ceremony much like her lover. Although unlike Naruto, he was likely at the training ground hoping to close the massive gap in power that had appeared between the jinchuriki and him. She wished the young Sarutobi luck as she knew it wouldn’t be an easy task since Naruto wouldn’t be standing around any time soon to let that happen.

Turning her gaze back to Shikamaru, she said, “I guess you were right.”

“I usually am,” Shikamaru said somehow straddling the line between smugness and confidence. Ino smirked as she studied him for a moment as he watched the councilors look around for the boy they had been pestering. In her teammate’s words she could hear the brashness of youth, but also the sureness that came with experience. She also knew that despite how confident he sounded, Shikamaru was as aware as anyone that his choices could have dire and lasting consequences. She could also see that despite the still fresh pain of losing his father and teacher. The young Nara understood that it had fallen to him to pick up where they had left off in order to make the Leaf village into a better place than he had found it.

Her teammate became aware of her stare so turned his attention to Ino to ask, “What is it?”

Growing a little wistful for her academy days when everything had been so simple she replied, “When we were growing up did you ever think being a shinobi would be like this?”

Shikamaru stared off into to space for a moment, making Ino feel a little foolish for asking her question considering all he had lost in comparison to her. But when he refocused on her, he said, “Honestly, I had the course of my life figured out in the Chunin exams. But, those were the plans of someone who found happiness in mediocrity. It’s troublesome, but if I’m going to protect what’s important, I guess it’s time I start following Naruto’s example myself.”

Ino smiled at her friend’s response almost as much for its reference to the man she loved, as for it showing that she wasn’t the only one that had appeared to blossom. Shikamaru looked back towards where his mother was sitting and appeared concerned when he didn’t find her there. Ino started to look about as well and she met her father’s gaze who nodded his head towards the exit. She informed her teammate who quickly bid her a good night in order to follow after his mother. Ino frowned as he lit another cigarette from the one he just finished and wondered if his new habit was also a part of the way he hoped to get Yoshino back to her old self by getting her worked up enough to scold him. She felt saddened that it didn’t appear to be working as his mother had seen him with it as they had talked.

A band began to play some slow music causing couples to move towards a space cleared for them to dance. Ino noticed several people heading towards her likely hoping to ask her for a dance, although a part of her was flattered she was mostly amused as they tried to reach her before the competition but didn’t want to breakout into an all-out run. Luckily before she needed to come up with a way of politely refusing the eager young men, a gentle hand was placed on her shoulder and from the way the men scattered assumed they had been on the receiving end of her father’s death glare. Yet, when she looked back at her father all she saw was the face of a proud and loving parent, “Thank you daddy.”

“Anytime,” her father said appearing quite happy that he still had what it took to scare away a potential suitor for his baby girl.

Ino smiled as she grabbed his hand to pull him towards the dance floor as she said, “Let’s just see how well you’re doing in those control lessons you’ve been taking.”

Inoichi returned his daughter’s smile as he replied, “Just don’t complain to me when I step on your feet.”

After stepping out onto the dance floor, Ino let her father take the lead after several close calls they settled into a pattern that her father could easily maintain without trampling on her feet. Ino could feel her mother’s proud gaze on them as she watched from the table reserved for her clan. Inoichi watched the room, and noticing how his previously boy crazy daughter seemed rather oblivious to the young men in the room watching her and had almost appeared uncomfortable at the idea of being approached by them asked, “So which of these characters do I need to go put some serious fear into.”

“Daddy stop, you don’t need to be worried about any of these guys,” Ino said amused.

He gave several of them a glare for good measure when his daughter looked away just to be sure before saying, “Not one of these fellas, eh? I certainly hope it isn’t Sasuke…” He trailed off as his daughter gave him a hard glare which made Inoichi rather happy he wasn’t the Uchiha in question. Not quite ready to end his line of questioning though he said, “Okay, so it’s not anybody here, and a person we won’t name again. Then perhaps…let’s say…I don’t know a certain blond man who’ve you spoken so fondly of recently.” Ino didn’t deny the claim and the experienced interrogator knew he had hit the mark. Still he did find it strange that considering said young man was currently involved with someone his daughter wasn’t giving off the same rivalry vibes that she had with Sakura when they had both been infatuated with Sasuke.

He felt a little guilty for prying as he guessed that maybe he had touched a sensitive topic as her voice took on a slight gloomy tone as she said, “Can we please drop it daddy?”

“Sure,” Inoichi said, but still added, “Don’t worry pumpkin you’re a Yamanaka. When you find the right guy you won’t lose out to anyone.”

Ino nodded before placing her head against his chest as she let a small smile appear on her face at still being able to manipulate the master interrogator as her father liked to sometimes describe himself. Thinking of her lover she mentally replied, “I found that guy a while ago. You don’t need to worry about me losing because as you taught me it’s so much more fun to share.”

Inoichi wasn’t sure why he was struck by the sudden feeling that he had been played by his daughter, or why he suddenly had the fatherly feeling of dread that his efforts to keep his daughter away from the opposite sex were all for naught. Suddenly believing that perhaps ignorance was bliss he decided to just enjoy the moment as he couldn’t deny his daughter had definitely matured into a fine young woman.


Ino henged herself to look like the Snow-nin persona that Naruto’s lovers used to spend time with him openly as she raced to the top of the Hokage mansion having sensed his arrival back in the village. She felt her heart skip a beat as she saw him standing under the moonlight as she appeared on the roof having taken her leave from the party. He turned to face her and upon laying eyes on her also henged himself so as to appear as her counterpart. Ino smiled as she closed the distance between them, and threw her arms around him just as he did the same. They kissed for several moments under the moonlight, before separating to bask in each other’s warmth.

Although already aware of the answer having felt the other woman’s pleasure coursing through the link which connected his lovers, Ino asked, “I trust Konan is doing well?”

“You could say that,” Naruto replied with the self-satisfied grin he often wore after pleasing one of his lovers. Fully expecting him to be wearing it later that night, she nodded and was glad the blue-haired woman had fully embraced her place in Naruto’s pantheon of lovers.

Turning in his arms to stare up at the shining moon she rested against Naruto’s strong chest as she simply enjoyed their first quiet moment since their disagreement had been resolved. Yet, despite knowing that her lover hadn’t changed so much as her opinion on why he almost needed to charge head first into danger, she couldn’t help feeling that while she would always worry about him. His need to protect others was so ingrained in to him that if he stopped, while she would still love him, the spark that made him such a dynamic person might be lost. And without that, the ambition he had which had become hers would likely never become a reality.

Standing in his arms as they looked out over the village that they and his other lovers had saved, it didn’t seem like some impossible dream. But something just off on the other side of the horizon, which although would take time and energy to make a reality was a task Ino found herself more dedicated to than ever. Ino looked over her shoulder to see Naruto also looking off into the distance and wondered if he was thinking the same thing. Reaching up over her shoulder she placed her hand on the back of his head to get his attention and then pulled him into another kiss.

Their lips separated and wishing to show her love in a more intimate fashion she whispered, “This fresh air feels nice. But, I’m starting to feel a chill.”

Naruto smiled at her as he picked up on her hint so replied, “I guess we should head someplace to get you warmed up.”

Ino nodded so the pair drank the special formula that Tsume had prepared for when Naruto and his lovers assumed the false personas that they used when out in public and would change their scents in case they ran across any Inuzuka. Although Naruto could easily Hiraishin them to the Den that served as the Harem’s master bedroom, both of them felt no need to rush the moment. Ino wrapped her arms around Naruto’s as they made their way down the roof. Entering the mansion proper the two lovers could hear the sound of the party still in full swing.

They paused though as they spotted a pair of people making out heavily in the shadows of one of the halls that broke off from the main one. Ino felt her mouth drop open as she recognized the woman pressed so wantonly to the man she was kissing as her mother. Thankfully, as the pair realized they were being watched she saw that the man was her father. Her mother pulled back bringing her leg down from around her dad’s hip as she tried to recapture the dignified manner that she usually carried herself with. Her mom managed to pull it off somewhat although her cheeks burned with embarrassment at being caught. Inoichi also a little mortified tried to explain, “Um…sorry about that. I guess we…”

Naruto cut him off holding up a hand while speaking in his persona’s voice, “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” Directing his gaze momentarily to the elder Yamanaka’s artificial leg he said, “I understand you’ve recent suffered a severe injury. It must be difficult for your wife to keep her obviously passionate feelings for you so restrained all things considered.”

Ino smiled as her parents embarrassment subsided ever so slightly, and deciding to help them relax further spun in front of her lover and kissed him as passionately as she had just witnessed her mother capable of. Wrapping her leg around Naruto’s hip as he relaxed into the kiss; she could almost feel her parents’ eyes boring into her back something that made her even hotter. She pulled back as Naruto wrapped an arm around her shoulder and giving her parents a dazed grin said, “It’s something I know a little about myself.”

Ino decided to up the ante as she leaned up to whisper in her lover’s ear just loud enough for her parents to hear, “Get me alone lover and I’ll show you passionate.”

Naruto’s henged face took on a look of surprise from his lover’s increasingly bold behavior. Slightly afraid that if they didn’t get moving Ino wouldn’t wait for them to be alone he said, “Um…it was nice meeting you.”

He then quickly began maneuvering Ino down the hall. Still the kunoichi felt a smile grow on her face as her mother whispered to her father, “You should follow their example.” Guessing she wasn’t going to be the only one getting some that night she wished her parents a good night as she was guided to the home she was making with the man that she loved.


Ino dropped the henge as did Naruto once they had safely entered the under construction apartment building which housed the Den. Making their way down to the basement, Ino waited until Naruto pressed in the brick that caused the secret entrance to open to once more lock her lips to his. She then leapt up to wrap her legs around his waist as they made out in order for Naruto to carry her. Having likely needed to navigate the tunnel leading to the Den’s bedroom under such conditions quite a few times, Ino wasn’t too surprised when she found herself pinned against a door as Naruto fumbled to open it. She took the moment to grind her hips against the bulge she felt beginning to press against her mound as her overheating pussy longed to once more be filled.

Finally the door opened and Naruto maneuvered them to the bed but before reaching it. Ino disengaged herself from her lover. She then smiled at him hungrily as she dropped down to a crouch as she decided to first satisfy her lover with her mouth. Her mouth began to water as she came face to face with his confined pecker which she kissed through his jeans. She then gripped his fly with her mouth before pulling it down to free the one-eyed beast. Ino wasted no time in swallowing his cock as she took as much as she could into her mouth. Delighting in his taste, she pulled back so that she could run her tongue around his head causing him to groan before plunging forward and applying suction.

Slurping on his cock, she imagined she would make quite a sight with her hair intricately done up and wearing an expensive kimono if any of her friends or family could see her. Still looking up at her lover’s face, she admitted to herself that the only reason she had put in so much effort in her appearance had been for his enjoyment. As she continued to suck him, she busied her hands with opening his jeans the rest of the way so she could pull them down.

She let him slip out of her mouth as he busied himself freeing himself of his shinobi sandals and jeans as she stood and began to back up to the bed. Sitting down on it, Ino raised one of her legs and rested her foot on the mattress’s edge to show that beneath her kimono she had forgone panties. Rubbing her freshly shaven snatch she smiled at him, and moved her hand as Naruto closed the distance. Kneeling before her, he buried his face into her pussy causing Ino the moan in pleasure as his talented tongue drove her wild.

Under Naruto’s oral ministrations Ino wasn’t surprised as she felt a buildup in her core which had sorely been missed in the months they had been apart. Yet, Ino refused to indulge in it as she wanted to give her lover something special so pulled his face away from her honeypot. Finding his lips coated in her essence too tempting to resist. She leaned down and kissed Naruto tasting herself due to his efforts at pleasing her. Ending the kiss, she said, “Let’s not get too carried away with the appetizers, lover. There’s still the main course.”

Naruto nodded his agreement as he stood and began to remove the rest of his clothes. Ino followed suit and turned her back towards him as she opened her kimono. Letting it fall to the ground, she felt more elegant and beautiful naked then she had while wearing the finery due to Naruto’s gaze which devoured and appreciated her unclothed figure. Feeling him approach to claim her, she climbed onto the bed as she said, “Naruto, tonight I want you to claim my last virginity.”

Naruto paused as he realized what his lover was telling him. Climbing on the bed, he rubbed his hands reverently over his lover’s beautiful backside as she kneeled face down in the bed to present her ass to him. Leaning down he gave her dripping snatch a lick before he began to finger her to get his digits well lubricated. He then pressed the slickened digit against her rosebud as he asked, “Are you sure?”

Ino looked up at him and nodded. Naruto grinned as he pushed his finger into his lover’s ass causing her to moan slightly in both discomfort and the thrill of something new. As Naruto worked his finger inside her anal passage, Ino felt the discomfort fade as she relaxed to enjoy the new sensation. She closed her eyes as she grew to enjoy the feeling as she sensed the return of her previously denied orgasm. Her eyes shot open though a minute later as Naruto surprised her by pushing his cock into the hole just below the one his finger was exploring. Ino moaned loudly as he began to slam his hips into her, but regardless of the pleasure coursing through her body groaned out, “N-naruto…lover….I…I want you to…”

Aware of what his lover was trying to convey as she trailed off due to her attempting to stave off the orgasm he could feel approaching through the tightening of her gripping snatch, he said, “Go ahead, my beautiful flower cum. It’ll make the next part easier.”

Trusting her lover, Ino let herself go. Cumming hard she raised herself up as she cried out in orgasmic release before collapsing forward onto the bed. She whimpered as Naruto’s cock slipped from her still spasming snatch in part due to the loss of his manly appendage, but also since he hadn’t deposited the warm seed her body usually associated with her cumming.

Ino turned her head as Naruto collapsed onto his back next to her. Looking down his fit and toned body she could see his dick standing proudly erect as it glistened from her release. Understanding what her lover had meant, she got to her feet and squatted over his naturally and well lubed cock. Facing away from him, she first pulled the senbon from her hair causing it to cascade over her back as she tossed the hairpins onto the pile with the rest of her clothes. Pulling her hair over her shoulder so Naruto could watch as she lowered herself onto his dick, she reached down to guide him towards her rosebud. As he made contact she had to fight against tensing up, but after a moment of her pushing back he slipped past the ring of her anus.

Ino slowly began to sink down his length as it spread her ass apart she cooed, “Naruto…you’re so big…”

Naruto chuckled at her proclamation as he responded as she finished her slide down his manhood, “You sound so surprised. You make it sound like you haven’t had it inside you before.”

Ino squeezed her anus causing her man to groan in pleasure. Deciding to tease her lover as well she looked over her shoulder to counter, “Oh my Naruto. You moaned so cutely there. Don’t tell me my ass is a little tighter than you’re used too?”

Naruto smiled at his lover’s back before answering, “Oh I wouldn’t go that far. I am finding however that much like my precious flower’s other intimate spots, her cute little butt feels amazing.”

Ino flushed at the compliment as she briefly wondered how knowing what she did about his many other lovers his praises still made her unique and gorgeous. Looking over her shoulder to meet his eyes and seeing the sincerity that shown there knew it was because he meant what he said. Furthermore, it was a result of her truly not being bothered by the other women in his life and as a result understood a compliment paid to one of them in no way diminished the one she received. Giving him her dazzling smile as a result of his reply she said, “Good answer.”

He grunted in response as Ino slowly raised her backside from his hips as she slid up the rigid pole. It was her turn to moan as she fought gravity but allowed it to win as she stuffed herself with his man meat again. Ino’s feet remained planted on Naruto’s sides as she began to establish a rhythm as her lover simply laid back and watched his dick appear and disappear from her backside. As the slightly strange but not unpleasant sensation made the switch to become a purely pleasurable one, Ino was surprised to find that despite her refraining from touching her pussy she could feel another orgasm approaching. She tried to fight it off, causing her rhythm to falter, but her lover had other ideas as he suddenly pumped his hips to meet one of her downward thrust.

Ino’s eyes shot open as she began to cum after she fully impaled herself on Naruto’s stiff cock. She fell backwards onto his chest with his length fully embedded in her ass. Whispering softly in her post orgasmic haze she said, “N-naruto…I want you to feel good too.”

Naruto chided her softly as he replied, “Ino, seeing you writhe in pleasure is a great joy of mine. You don’t ever need to worry about making me feel good so long as I can witness that.” He sealed his words with a kiss, before stating, “Now if what you’re talking about is me flooding your amazing ass with my cum, that’s another matter entirely and quite easily done. You have no idea how hard it’s been to resist doing so already.”

Ino smiled as she went in for another kiss placing it on his cheek before saying, “Don’t tell me. Show me.”

Naruto immediately followed Ino’s command as he began to pump his hips into Ino’s delectable ass. Ino felt him swell inside her, but as no immediate outpouring of his liquid heat followed felt a frown threaten to appear. But it disappeared as one of his hands reached to grope her breast as the other reached between her legs where he plunged two fingers into her gripping quim. Realizing that Naruto didn’t want to build her up only to leave her hanging she began to move her hips in time with his as she worked towards their shared release.

To Ino’s further amazement, she felt Naruto swell inside her again and nearing her own end gave voice to what she was feeling to encourage him to shoot his load as she felt it was the last piece of the puzzle. “Come on Lover, cum for me. You’re driving me crazy…please…cum deep inside me…mark this last part of me as yours.”

“Fuck…” Naruto half moaned, half shouted as his lover’s words inspired him towards a manic pace. “Ino!”

“Yes,” Ino shouted as she felt her bowels flood with her lover’s thick and creamy seed. Reaching over her shoulder she pulled him into a kiss as she came hard, causing her ass to clench around his swollen tool even as her pussy did the same to the fingers exploring it.

After riding out their shared orgasm Ino listened to Naruto’s breathing and was pleased to hear it was as ragged as hers. She moaned in loss as Naruto removed the fingers he had used to stimulate her pussy. She grabbed it as he brought it up to her chest where he had intended to let it rest, but Ino brought it up to her mouth where she made a show of licking her juices from the drenched digits. Quite aware of Naruto’s enjoyment of such a sight, she smiled internally as she felt the rod buried in her ass return to life. Swirling her tongue around his middle finger she then sucked it like a little cock before ending her actions to give Naruto a hungry gaze as she said, “Don’t tell me that’s it lover. When did you become a one and done man?”

Naruto didn’t reply with words as he simply rolled her over so that she was lying flat on the bed all without pulling himself free of her ass. Once he was crouching over her, he proceeded to fuck her into the mattress much to Ino’s delight. Beginning to meet his thrusts as best she could due to the overwhelming force Naruto was using, Ino briefly wondered why people with poor attitudes were said to have a stick up their ass, especially since if she could have Naruto’s buried there all day she was positive she’d be the happiest person there was.

Ino stepped into the Clan Council chamber to see that she was the last to arrive. Receiving knowing looks from the women that knew she had been up a majority of the night with the man they shared, she quickly made her way to her seat. Although not late, she had wanted to make a good impression by showing up early, not with only a handful of seconds to spare as she just had. Taking her seat, she quickly shot up as her ass reminded her how she had spent a majority of that night. The action caused a very un-elder like giggle to escape from Koharu, who had known of Ino’s desire to give Naruto her anal virginity since the younger woman had come to her to find out what it would be like.

Koharu’s cheeks colored as she quickly said, “Excuse the outburst.”

Tsunade nodded as Ino retook her seat although more gingerly then she had before. The Hokage called the meeting to order and asked if any of the Clan Heads had any new business they wanted to bring before the council before they discussed how best to prepare for any potential threats that might decide to test the Village’s strength in the aftermath of Pain’s attack. Ino was a little surprised to see that Konohamaru did.

The young Sarutobi after receiving permission to speak proposed. “With Sasuke being marked as a traitor and missing-nin the Uchiha clan should no longer be considered a clan of the village. I think it’s only right that a clan be selected to replace them and I believe we should promote the Uzumaki to the position in their stead.”

Ino smiled at the idea, as well as the thought behind the gesture as it showed Konohamaru for the true friend to Naruto that he was. As if there was one thing the young Sarutobi had over his rival in the position that they both sought it would have been the political power he would have due to his status as a Clan Head. Ino believed that if Konohamaru did become Hokage over her lover, then he wanted it to be achieved on equal footing.

To Ino’s surprise the motion was seconded by Yoshino. Ino frowned as with a backer the motion could be voted on and become a reality. Sighing since it put her in an awkward position since she believed she knew where her lover stood on his clan joining the other major powers of the village she said, “I think we can all agree that no Clan is greater deserving of what Konohamaru is proposing. But if it does come to a vote, I’ll have to count myself in the nah category.”

Ino could see that while Konohamaru and Yoshino were surprised by her statement, the women that shared Naruto held the same opinion that she did. Tsunade deciding to make Ino the voice of that opinion said, “Perhaps you’d care to tell us why.”

Ino licked her lips wishing her first act as councilor wasn’t to deny her lover something he more than deserved, but nonetheless said, “I’d love too. Naruto as I think everyone her can attest is caring to a fault and dare I say special. And by special I mean not just to Konoha, but to the people of Suna as well due to his actions to save Lord Kazekage. I believe that it is a feeling that is spreading among the people of Kumo as a result of his efforts to save their prized jinchuriki.” Ino paused as a small smile appeared on her face as she thought how warm feelings towards her lover wasn’t the only thing being spread for the blond jinchuriki, but very often the legs of kunoichi. Picking up where she left off lest she drift off into a perverted fantasy she said, “While what Lord Sarutobi said is true and no one is more deserving of having his clan promoted to the Council. I think by doing so we’d be taking away a little of what makes him special to those other villages and ultimately hurt his stated ambition of bringing the village’s together.”

“Why do you say that?” Konohamaru asked surprised to find she of all people was pushing back against his proposal as he was well aware that Ino was one of Naruto’s lovers. “With a place on the council he’d have the power to actually make some of his goals a reality.”

“Perhaps,” Ino said with a nod, “But if he became a Clan Head, while his political standing might rise in the village. I think it would lead the other villages to trust him a little less. The reason people in Suna and Kumo respect him is because they see how earnestly he works not just for the benefit of Konoha, but at times to their wellbeing as well. By saving Lord Gaara, the people of Suna saw a Leaf Shinobi striving to save one of their own. In the past we would have likely left the Kazekage to his fate, partly because it wasn’t our problem, but also because it would have weakened the village of Suna. The same can be said about Lord Bee, although he had managed to save himself, we and they didn’t know that at the time and the Kumo-nin saw Naruto doing all in his power to rescue one of their own. He does this because that is just the type of person he is, and while his becoming a Clan Head wouldn’t change this. I do think it would cause people to view his actions with more suspicion. Much like you saw with those councilors hounding your shadow clone last night, people might start to wonder what Naruto’s angle is. It would undoubtedly make Naruto more of a person of interest for the village. But if the people outside the village begin to see him as just another power broker of Konoha, they may begin to see his good works in a differently light.”

Ino smiled at Konohamaru as she summarized her position as well as how she viewed her own relationship with the man she loved, “As I said, Naruto is special and I believe he will make his dream a reality. Therefore for the good of that dream, I think its best that we allow him the freedom to be the earnest hearted knucklehead we all know and l…care a great deal for. I believe it would be best for him and his dream if we share him with the shinobi world rather than try to tie him to our own political dealings.”

Ino felt better about arguing against Konohamaru’s proposal when the young man nodded his head in understanding as he withdrew his proposal. Mentally she thought, “Besides that’s what he has me for.” Looking around the room, she knew that she wasn’t the only woman present with that thought coursing through her head. Yet looking at those women she knew that much like her, Naruto’s love had caused each of them to blossom or in some cases to bloom twice. Which was all the proof that she needed that on the day she had decided to answer a mysterious mission request to help with some training she had actually just made the best decision of her life.

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