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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Thankfully today was a Friday. But it still didnt make Mikey feel any better. He knew he was going to come across Gerard somewhere. It wasnt a very big school. And he also knew Frank was going to do his best to find him and... Well Mikey didn't want to think about what might happen between them.

"Hey Mikey, you awake yet?" Frank whispered at the boy on the mattress.
Mikey was in fact awake for a while just dreading the rest of the day.

Mikey rolled over
"Yeah" He whispered back, not that there was any need to.

"Do you wanna get some coffee?" Frank realised there was no need to talk quietly again this time.

Mikey nodded.

They got up and walked into the kitchen where Frank flicked on the kettle and got 2 mugs ready.

Frank could see how nervous Mikey already was. He was biting his lip anxiously, his foot was jigging up and down and he was staring into space.

"HELLO Mikey" Frank waved his hand in front of Mikey's face.

"Oh! Sorry..." Mikey said sheepishly.

"Here's your coffee"

"Thanks" Mikey took the cup and sipped at it slowly.

"Mikey, you know, you don't need to worry about your brother. I promise you Im not gonna let him touch you okay?" Frank couldn't help but try reassure the anxious kid beside him.

"But Frank, just please don't do anything stupid. Because I'm the one that has to go home and live with him. And he's gonna hate me even more if you say something to him." Mikey practically begged Frank.

He couldn't bare to face a furious Gerard, never mind when he is the cause of it.

"Okay Mikey. I won't. C'mon, let's get ready, yeah?" Frank smiled at him.

They were on their way to school and as soon as they got through the door they saw Gerard's 'possy' watching them.

"C'mon, just keep walking." Frank said to Mikey.

They went to their lockers to get books and Mikey discarded any 'hate mail' he got that was stuck through the vent in the locker door.

Frank turned to Mikey and immediately spotted Gerard walking towards them from the end of the corridor.

Shit Frank thought.

"Eh, English first, yeah?" Frank decided to try and not let him see his angry looking brother marching their way.

Mikey nodded and closed his locker.
He was pulled around the corner by Frank then and into their classroom. Frank prayed Gerard would not follow them in here.

"What was that about?!" A surprised and breathless Mikey asked.

"Just... excited for English you know..." Frank lied.

"Yesterday, you wrote an essay on everything you hated about English class..." Mikey looked at him with a disbelieving glare.

"Yes, you are right Mikey. I did and I am excited to see what grade I got on it."

Mikey just laughed at him.

Later that day at lunch, Mikey found a bruised Frank at his locker.
"What the hell happened Frank? Oh, please tell me this wasn't Gerard." Mikey prayed in his mind, he really didnt even want to see his brother today.

"It wasn't Gerard..." Frank said sheepishly, with his head bowed.

"Phew! I thought you were go- Wait, if it wasn't Gerard then it was his friends, wasn't it?" Mikey didn't need to be able to read minds to know who was the cause of this.

Frank nodded, knowing he wasnt supposed to go near them today! "Yeah, but Mikey Gerard wasn't there, plus it does even hurt!" Frank said defensively.

Mikey sighed and sat down against the wall. "Frank, I told you not to go near them."

"In my defence, they found me after history and well there were some words and um... some punches. But everything is okay, I promise Mikey!"

"Fine, it better be. I don't want you to get hurt because of me." Mikey relaxed a little again

Gerard saw the two sitting down the deserted corridor.

Frank was talking about some superhero who he strongly disapproved of.

"Sorry, but if your aim in life is to try save all the daisies then you'd want to just re-evaluate everythi-" Frank was cut off by Gerard who suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Hello Mikey, Frank." He sneered.

Frank looked to Mikey who was just staring at his knees.

"Did I not say something about hanging out with Frank here, Mikey?" Gerard crossed his arms.

Mikey just closed his eyes tightly.

"Well, Mikey? Cause if you don't remember, I can easily jog your memory..."

"Gerard, how about you just leave us alone, yeah?" Frank sighed.

"Why Frank? You want alone time with Mikey...?" Gerard teased. Mikey blushed. He felt his heart racing and he could hear it beating. He began to feel panicky.

"Where did you go last night, Mikes? Run to Frankies arms?" Gerard continued.

"Just fucking stop it, Gerard okay?" Frank yelled at him.

Gerard just stared at him.

Mikey could feel everything freeze for a moment. Then everything sped up again and he couldn't bare to open his eyes.

"What the fuck Frank? I thought you were on my side. We had this joke going. What's gotten into you?!" Gerard outbursted.

Frank froze. He didnt know what to do now. Mikey found out his secret. That , yes, this was just a big joke on Mikey. But for Frank, he became friends with Mikey. And wasnt messing anymore.

Mikey looked up.
"What?" His voice was lost among the panic and tension.

"Y-you mean, this-this was all just a JOKE?!" His voice rose up along with the angst and rage inside him.

"You pretended to be my friend, then just laugh in my face when I believe you!" Mikey shouted.

Gerard was laughing at this point.

"Mikey, no listen to me. Please. I-I DO want to be your friend."

"Awh, how sweet" Gerard interjected, sarcastically.

"At first-"

"You lied to me this whole time. And I even thought that it was a joke and you still lied to me. You said that we were friends. You're sick! I'm not surprised from Gerard but I believed you and you just used me as a joke."

"But Mikey I-" At this point Mikey was sprinting down the hall.

"Ahh..., that was a good one. Good job Frank. I thought you were being serious about being friends for a second there even!" Gerard was hysterical over it. Laughing at Mikey running away.

"FUCK OFF GERARD!" Frank yelled at him. Frank was infuriated at Gerard. Why did he go along with such a thing?

He took off after Mikey.

Frank ran following Where Mikey sprinted past but within a minute Frank had lost him. Completely. Lost him as a friend.

"Mikey?!" Frank shouted out as he past the locker rooms in the gym

He still wasnt going to give up though. He had to try and atleast explain himself.

Frank was searching around a corridor with Gerards locker in it. He found it kicked in and the books inside lying on the floor. Frank took it as a hint. No one would dare do that to Gerard. But Mikey had been revenging alot against Gerard recently and had nothing else to lose so it was safe to say that this mess was created by Mikey. Then Frank heard crashing and loud noises coming from a store room. Frank listened at the door. He could hear someone knocking thing and throwing stuff about.

Frank opened the door slowly and carefully ready to defend himself he something was thrown at him. What he found made him hate himself even more.

There was Mikey in an awful state in the little room with stuff thrown around. Mikey looked so angry. His face was all worked up and his lip was bleeding from where he had bitten down on it.

"Mikey, I am so sorry. Look I didn't mean for it to carry on. In fact it didnt. I really wanted to be friends with you. Gerard just told me to do it so..." Frank explained desperately.

"So you just did it." Mikey finished quietly but in a dangerous tone.

"Yeah, but Mikey, I didn't know how cool or amazing you were. And hate me because I know would but just please believe me that I didn't mean to hurt me." Frank pleaded.

"What did you expect to happen, Frank? Did you expect me to just pretend like it didnt happen or just get over it straight away?!" Mikey was speaking fiercely and Frank was staring at his shoes.

"Because I can't." Suddenly Mikey's voice just broke and it became quieter. Less intimidating. He sounded really really hurt and sad. "Gerard has done stuff like this to me before. I don't even know why I believed you in the first place." Mikey sat down on the floor. Frank closed the door and kneeled down infront of him.

"I usually know when people are makin a joke out of me but you made me believe that we were friends."

"Because we are Mikey!" Frank said.

"It's hard for me to believe that Frank. It's hard to just forget that you agreed to make a fool out of me with Gerard, my brother who hates me so much and would do anything just to see me ridiculed or in pain, and just think that you really did want to be my friend." Mikey said looking Frank straight in the eye.

"I understand that Mikey. It was such a horrible thing that I did. I was just stupid and I didn't know you."

"That doesn't make a difference. It doesn't mean anything whether you knew me or not."

"I know that Mikey, I do. I just want you to know that Im sorry and that if you never even look at me again I won't blame you okay?" Frank sighed.

"You know what Frank? I think I do believe you. No one ever came to apologise to me after they did something to me. No one ever explained why they did it except you. You are the first person to talk to me without saying what they or Gerard hate about me. Actually I think you the first person in school that has said more than 10 sentences to me." Mikey gave a little smile. "I forgive you Frank. And I might be totally stupid for that but you seem like a nice guy."

"Thank you Mikey, You aren't TOTALLY stupid for forgiving me. Trust me, I just want to be friends with you Mikey Way. But uh, what are you gonna do about Gerard's when he finds his locker?" Frank asked

"I don't know. He'll probably kill me." The question triggered nervousness in Mikeys voice.

"Not without killing me first anyway." Frank stood up and put his hand out to Mikey. Mikey grabbed it and stood up.

"The janitor is probably gonna kill me aswell for this." Mikey sighed and looked around.

"Think we should make a run for it before anyone finds us." Frank suggested.

They ran down the hallway away from Gerard's locker and the store room. They entered an empty classroom and sat down to relax. When they didnt hear the door close behind them they turned around and found Gerard standing in the door way keeping the door open.

"Shit" Mikey whispered.

"Look Gerard, fuck off okay? We don't want to listen to you." Frank tried to get rid of him but it wasnt that easy.

"I just want to know which one of you was it who wrecked my locker?" Gerard said in a low tone.
Mikey looked to Frank nervously and Frank looked back.

"It was me." Frank stood up.

"Fuck off Frankieboy, I'm not stupid. I know it was Mikey. I just wanted to see if the pathetic little shit would own up." Gerard sneered and Mikey was looking anywhere but At Gerard.

"He can't even look at me." Gerard edged closer to the now shaking boy.

"Stop it Gerard." Frank said.

"A few days back you were on my side! Agreeing to fool this little twat of a brother. What made you change your mind? Was he too much of an easy target for you?"

"Leave him alone Gerard, please!" Frank said sternly but Gerard wanted more.

"What? My baby brother can't defend himself? Oh yeah, that's why you get beaten up everyday." Gerard laughed.

"No Gerard it's because you send your douchebags of friends to go and beat him up. And no one tries to help him. And you, you just sit back let them. Not even brave enough to face him during it. Your pathetic. No wonder Mikey hates you so much."


"Fuck!" Frank exclaimed.

"You don't say a word about me, okay? I'm stronger than you. I can kill you in an instant." Gerard threatened Frank who's cheekbone was throbbing.

Mikey at this stage was hyperventilating in his seat. He was sweating and trembling with his eyes shut.

"C'mon Mikey, aren't you gonna stand up for yourself? No? Can't even say a word to me!" Gerard teased.

Mikey felt sick and dizzy. His mind was blurred and he felt like he was going to collapse off the chair.

"Shut up!" Frank yelled and tried to pull Gerard away.

"You think mom is going to help you now. Haha! Mom barely even notices you!"

Mikey bit his still bloodied lip.

"Why are you even here Mikey? Your just a waste of space." Gerard grabbed Mikey by the collar and pulled him up against the wall.

Mikey whimpered when his head hit the brick wall and a tear fell from his eye. Frank felt helpless. He couldn't beat Gerard. He didnt know what to do.

"C'mon Mikey hit me. See if you have the nerve." Mikey kept his eyes shut and he was panicking.
"I'm giving you an opportunity!" Mikeys breathing was speeding up and his head was dizzy.
"Right here in the ribs go on!" Gerard let go Mikey to point to his rib cage and the boy collapsed to the ground.


There is number 3! Hope it was okay! Thank you for reading and if you have even more time please do leave a review! Thank you! :)
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