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Chapter 4-Part 2

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Okay, I had this part written out too so I've decided to post it along with the first part seeing as the last chapter wasnt very long. Here you are!

Chapter 4, Part 2

"Okay Michael I don't think anything is majorly wrong, you might have a slight concussion, I'll send you for a test soon. So what happened, do you remember?" The doctor asked him.

Mikey immediately felt his heart pick up some speed. He looked from the doctor to Gerard to Frank to his feet and to the doctor again.

"Uh, I think it was just a panic attack. And I hit my head on the wall." Mikey said still afraid to come out with the truth that Gerard caused.

"Yes but what caused the attack?" The doctor asked

"I... I-Uh.." He looked at Gerard who had a begging look written all over his face.

"I was just... Uh nervous about my... History test after lunch." Mikey lied to save his brother. It was force of habit that he would make excuses for him but he thought to himself this time that he should have finally told the truth

"Is that all? Nothing else?"The doctor pushed further on.

"No. That's all" Mikey said wishing that the truth would just accidentally flow from his mouth but that never happened when his brother was involved.

"Okay, just stay here in this room and I'll be back shortly."

Mikey breathed with relief, he thought the doctor was going to continue with the questions.

"Thanks Mikey." Gerard said

Mikey just stared at his sorrowful looking brother.

"You know what, Gerard? I keep lying for you. I don't know why. It's just the way things go I guess. But from now on anything you do, I'm not going to cover for you and I'm not going to let mom think that I had another panic attack because of school. I'm going to tell her it was you. She won't believe me, sure but it's a start, Gerard and eventually she might realise that Im not the stupid, little servant everyone thinks and uses me as. I'm sick of it. You've made my life hell and I put up with it but not now." Mikey told Gerard very clearly what he meant and Gerard was actually lost for words. He too had enough of the teasing (or well for the time being) and he didnt know how to reply. Mikey was angry with him and for the first time ever he actually cared that his brother was upset. He had never had to deal with this. It was usually Mikey having to deal with a dramatic or raging Gerard.

Gerard just nodded in the end.

"I hope you know that you are the one that's pathetic and cowardly. You can't even give your brother an answer. You actually looked scared And it suits you a lot better than before." Franks tone was even and stern.

He was disgusted with Gerard. He couldn't even begin to understand how he could still let Mikey lie for him to the teachers and doctor and not even apologise for anything that he has done. In fact he couldn't even give an answer after Mikeys warning.


Okay that's it tonight! Expect more hopefully tomorrow! Thanks for reading :)
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