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the end of the rant

by RedsWolf 1 review

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Lastly, why write about a "bad boy"? Why not write about the nice guy who isn't treating you like you're worth less than dirt? Or the boy who plans on marrying you? Or the boy who actually CARES about your feelings? Why even keep the "bad boy" image around?? Simply, because of our warped society the guy who treats you like you should be treated isn't as hot as the boy who clearly doesn't give a damn. A real bad boy isn't so infuriating it's hot, he doesn't eventually realize your feelings, and if he dates'll regret it. Dont write about bad boys. Give your female characters a boy they deserve. Write about the nice guy who cares, because if you were a character in a story, you'd want to be given the happy ending you deserve instead of being stuck with a "bad boy" who isn't even bad. He isn't a bad boy, he's a hot boy with an attitude problem.
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