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Chapter 2.9

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The first day continues and Luna worries over how much time has passed since Deliah first given her the crescent shaped scars.

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One of the scars looked like it just barely started to fade. Though it may seem like i have alot of time to find true love, in reality i dont. Four more scars are left and i have a feeling that each will fade faster than the one before it. If it took ten years for the first scar to fade from my ageless body, how long will it take the next? I dont socialize with humans because it is too dangerous and i might eat them, but how else will i be able to break my curse?
On more than one occasion over the course of these long ten years i've found myself face to face with Deliah again and each time i beg her to free me from the curse. She always says the same thing..Me, and everyone in the castle and everyone i care about will be cured of the curse the moment i free myself from it? But who could love a beast like me..? It's far too dangerous to go looking for someone who'll love me, so i always thought that this is the way the rest of my life will be. Hiding my existince from humans by staying in this castle.
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