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Chapter 4

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A secret is discovered

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I backed away from the dress covered bed and bumped into something sharp. It fell from it's place on the dresser and i almost stepped on it. Looking down, a glimmer of gold in the darkness caught my eye. I reached for it, and held it up in the slivers of moonlight shining through the window. What i held, was a lovely crown with rubies spaced evenly across the gold surface. Why would she have a crown? i thought and carefully put it back where it belonged. Before i could do more exploring, i heard an unmistakeable howl in the distance. I hurried out of her room, back downstairs, and into mine. I closed the door just as the lights flickered on in the hall, subtly announcing her arrival. A heartbeat later, i held my breath as a shadow passed under the door. I barely heard her walk by, but no one else would be walking around the castle at night.
"It seems i've gotten away with it." i said to myself after waiting a few minutes to see if she'd come charging down the stairs to get me.
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