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The Talk part 3

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If it means anything, then I'm sorry. But i cant apologize for what you put me through.

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After half way through the diarya couple days later eveyword thats a clue, Quincey puts all the words together. After writng them down on paper it reads: "Life. Life got the best of me". 'Life got the best of me?'. He thinks to himself. Near his feet is a shoe box. He opens it finding a small batch of video tapes. Segment #1. He puts the first video in his VHS/DVD player. There she is-Angel. She looks hideously beautiful. Her hair is a mess and it's frizzy. Her skin used to be pale and warm; now it's looks to be white and cold. With, or without makeup she neved looked so.....Different. I turn the volume up and take a few sips of cherry coca-cola.

"Hey! I'm Angel. So, this is crazy, huh? I bet it is. I don't know anymore, My life just.....Sank. Down the drain. I don't think it's all bad. No. No it's not". She takes a small thing of cocaine-then takes a straw and sniffs carefully. "Hey! Come here!". She says. "Is that her cusin, Chase?". I ask myself outloud. She puts one hand through hair and says"You see, me and Chase, wanna have us some sex". Chase coughs and says"Yes! Good, old fashion sex". Angel giggles then starts to kiss him. They begin to undress eachother. She says" I've been wanting to do this". He says"Me too". As they begin to have sex, my mind is telling my heart to turn it off and go for a wal to clear my mind. But my mind is telling my eyes to see her for who she truely was. The woman who once had my heart admittedly is portraying someone who I thought I'd never see this loose, edgy side of her.

It's killing me inside to see her this way. How come she didn't tell me about her double life? How come dhe didn't be honest with me when she told me she never cut herself in her life? It shows it on both her arms. It's described in her diary. I'm not stupid, Angel. I would've understood, babe. I would've understood.

Zoning out from who she was my full, undivided attention was on the VHs screen. She was giving him head while she was stroking his dick. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. "Are you proud of how sick I am, Angel? Are you?!". I yell. My head rests on my hands where they lay flat on the toilet. Walking back to my room at :00 in themorning I take out the VHS and put in the second one out of three. It shows her doing meth while Chase is taking her from behind. I cry my eyes out, but I can't sleep. This is my 5th day without sleep. And I'm on page 70/100 in her diary. I don't know if I can take much more of what I've been reading and watching.
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