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part 24

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A happy Christmas for all...except the Death Eaters. Amelia uses Snape's interrogaton to make some long awaited arrests. Rita writes an article. Sirius gets a howler. Harry & Co visit the Grange...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Andromeda Tonks,Harry,Hermione,Lupin,Sirius,Tonks - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2013/08/02 - Updated: 2013/08/02 - 7012 words - Complete



    (#) RestAssured 2013-08-02 10:53:46 PM

    The few issues I have have to deal with body size when they were shopping... How can a 5 year old reach across a counter and close his hand around an older woman's?

    Author's response

    Hello, RestAssured.

    He didn’t. She held the change in her upturned hand at just above the top of the counter with the one pound note flat on her palm and the twenty pence lying on that. The average European five year old is four and a quarter feet tall. The average display counter is 37 inches tall. With an arm length, of around twenty inches, he could easily reach up from under her fingers and curl his hand around hers.


    (#) twilliams1797 2013-08-02 11:33:02 PM

    I look forward to this story for several reasons:
    1.I have always liked your writing is an interesting viewpoint, i.e.a 5 yr old 900 yr old boy.

    3.I learn about things I didn't know about i.e. Buddhist practices etc. somehow brings to mind the first kids SF book I recall reading..The Spaceship Under the Apple Tree
    5. other.

    Author's response

    Heya Tim.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts.
    And we’ll take them one at a time.

    1. Gorsh! I’m blushing.

    2. That is actually the hardest part of this particular story. How does one combine the two vastly different aspects of Harry’s personality into one package? He’s five and yet he’s also a thousand years old. He will never actually lose the memories, nor his ability to think like an adult, but here he will also be able to let his ‘inner child’ as it were, out to play.

    3. I like throwing things like that into my stories; it makes things more…immediate. Being a member of the Nichiren sect (SGI USA) made doing so particularly easy in this instance. More, as Britain has one of the largest concentrations of Nichiren households it is also appropriate.

    4. I’ve never read that particular story, but I grew up reading Heinlein, McCaffery Norton, Niven, Blish, Asimov(DRY!) and Appleton, (which I learned much later was not one individual but a bunch of ghost writers paid to write the Tom Swift series. They were also responsible for the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy’s stories.)

    5. Ummmm…thanks again.


    (#) Destroyerdrt 2013-08-02 11:49:18 PM

    Loved the "Can I Keep him" part. Also will they be at Hogwarts and if so will there be a time skip?

    Author's response

    Heya Destroyer!

    That actually popped up at the last minute. I’d forgotten all about Remus and his transformation, and so I had him explain the problem. It just happened that that months’ full moon fell on the morning of the 27th so he wouldn’t be as affected. Still, I needed a form Harry could use to keep Mooney under control when they did go out to play, and a series of forms for Harry (as he’d indicated he had multiple forms in part 15) to use as he saw fit. It’s just Co-inky-dink that little Hermione arrived just as Harry became ‘Shadow’.

    Hoggy’s is well outside this story arc. Don’t’ worry though, I’m hard at work finishing up the first arc of ‘A Boy Called Harry’ which will be a multi-year fic.


    (#) zamia 2013-08-03 01:40:46 AM

    Liked the Been there, Done that T-shirt. Good to see them looking after Remus. Pity Dawlish only got hit by a minor spell. Very enjoyable Christmas. Anything going to happen with all the photos being taken? Cheers.

    Dave, I back up :\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\UProof daily. This contains all Word's custom dictionaries that it uses for checking. Have restored them quite often. Saves having to do it again, specially since I get docs with US/English, Eng/English & Aussie/English.

    Author's response

    Heya Z!

    Been there, Done that. After a thousand years I figure he’d seen everything.

    Remus is family.

    Dawlish: He set that up so he doesn’t have to take his fellow Deez in and at the same time makes the Aurors think he’s a hero.

    Back up: I’ll try that when I can get a regular internet connection again. The thing is, I have the original factory disk for Win2000 and it should provided the automatic spell checker as part if the installation. Maybe it’s must switched off.


    (#) makarva 2013-08-03 02:47:15 AM

    will happen to Dobby and winky?

    Author's response

    Heya makarva.

    Dobby will be coming round in a chapter or three, and as for Winky, I think I’ll have Harry play a prank on Andromeda and send her there.

    Thanks for the idear! (Chuckels evilly!)


    (#) Teresa 2013-08-03 03:00:27 AM

    Awwwww...Harry and Hermione were so cute during the holidays! I'm glad that Tonks got Sirius to contact his Andromeda! If Charlie and Tonks do work out I hope Remus finds someone just as nice! (crossing fingers) He and Sirius both need to find someone special! As for the DE's.... it's so nice that they had such miserable holidays! Here's hoping that the trend continues throughout the new year! Perhaps Draco will improve, but methinks Andromeda will have to keep a firm eye on him. As always, many thanks for another excellent chapter! :)

    Author's response

    Hello, Teresa!

    Awww!: Yeah. I just love watching children. They are so much fun. They’re the most perfect people on Earth…and then we gotta make adults out of them. What a horrible crime!
    Sirius: Much like Remus’ furry little problem, that one hit me from the side. This manner was interesting, to say the very least, as it spawned two baby bunnies.
    I don’t know if Tonks and Charlie will work out, as that’s far beyond this story arc, but I can see your point.

    Remus and Sirius: I agree. Those two are far too dangerous to let out without a chaperone.

    DE’s: I’m sure they appreciate that you’re thinking of them on this holiday. And they will. The new year will bring a whole lot of court time…most of which will be focused on our ‘Pillar of Society’ ‘Lucy the Lucky’.

    ~Perhaps Draco will improve, but methinks Andromeda will have to keep a firm eye on him.~

    Actually, that’s why Draco will improve. Andi is close enough to her sister to understand her thinking, and smart enough to show Draco how wrong that thinking was. I believe he can be deprogrammed.

    Thanks for the kudos.


    (#) Wolfric 2013-08-03 10:59:21 AM

    Good chapter. Good luck with the pizzas, hmm that sounds good right about now. Thanks for writing. W.

    Author's response

    We have about ten days of rolling between twenty and thirty packages of six, 16” crusts every day. It can get wearing.



    (#) ralphmullins 2013-08-03 01:41:15 PM

    Sweet chapter. I was wondering if you are going to make this a crossover fic?

    Author's response

    Hey ralphmullins.

    No. This is strictly a go-back-and-do-it-right!, fic. JEDI was a combination and that took two years to write.


    (#) COLD1 2013-08-03 02:50:00 PM

    My major issue is your use of Japanese. I live in Japan, I work in Japan and I speak the language and know all the usages thanks to having a Japanese wife.

    That being said, remove all usages of the language in the future as Google Translate sucks donkey dick. As do all other non-human translators. Just put the English in Italics or something because nothing pisses me off faster than a language used the wrong way.

    Author's response

    Hello COLD1

    I learned the few expressions in Japanese that I do know, from fellow members of the SGI over the past twenty one years. Gomennasai, Gozaimasu, Arigatu, Domo Arigatu and Dou itashimaste are commenly used and easily understood expressions in Japanese, and their usage in such a venue was entirely appropriate. As for their Anglified spelling, I checked three independent sources before using them, none of which was Google Translate.


    (#) Cateagle 2013-08-04 01:48:20 AM

    A cute and enjoyable chapter. I suspect his adoption by Andi may be the saving of Draco. It should be rather interesting to see how he and Harry get along in this altered universe. I applaud Amelia for her efforts to ruin the holidays for the Deez; it makes a nice Christmas present for her, too.

    Author's response

    Thanks Cat!

    As I see it, the only way Draco will reform is through immersion. He's young enough to be reprogrammed. It could have been worse, you know, I originally intended to have Molly do the honors. (BWAHAHAHAHAHA!)

    Any future interaction wold be outside this story line. Sorry.

    Amelia: One must include all your friends for Christmas, you know. It wouldn't be right to get presents for just one, After all.

    And giving s receiving, you know.


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