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this city

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when Emily is stuck in a big city with a broken heart Patrick Comes to her rescue

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I was really shocked my boyfriend,Mike, decided to take me out to a nice place for dinner tonight,it was something he had never done in the two and a half years we were together. To be honest he is kind of a douche. Were both from a small town in Indiana I came here to Chicago to open up my own record store, and he came here to "support me" but I know he just here for the parties. So what were we doing at this fancy restaurant?
"Emily? Em?!" I snapped back into reality and looked at my big tattooed boyfriend,Mike, rolling his eyes.
"Are you even listening to me?"
"yeah" I said back with weakness in my voice.
"then why arn't you upset? I know how you love to be a drama queen"
"upset about what?" I said carefully
"okayyy, well I guess I'm going to have to repeat it again, so here goes, I cheated on you" he said non nonchalantly
"WHAT?!" I shouted not even caring that people were now starting to look at us
"don't worry babe, shes not as bangin as you though" he said as he gave me a wink
"Then why the HELL did you bring me here to this nice place?!"
"What? did you think I was going to propose or something stupid like that? I was thinking if I took you out to some fancy dinner maybe you wouldn't over react like you obviously are doing now" he said rolling his eyes again. I stood up from the table grabbing my bag
"over reacting?! I didn't over react the first second or third time you did this, but this is it Michael! Don't EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!" I said and stormed out of the restaurant into the rainy night outside.
I just began walking he had the keys to the car (which I paid for) and the key card to the hotel (which i also paid for) we were staying in until we found an apartment somewhere. I didn't know where I was going I just walked. It was getting cold and I was walking by a park when a nice new blue car with tented windows slows down on the road beside me and rolls the window down.
"hey are you ok? do you need a ride somewhere?" a male voice called out to me. "oh great a murder, just what I need" I thought to myself
"No thanks" I called back speeding up my walk a little bit with my hands hugging myself from the cold. the car still kept pace with me the
"hey I saw what happened back at the restaurant, and I... look, cant I just take you home or something? You look really cold." he shouted over the rain which was coming down pretty hard and steady now
"okay" I finally said walking over to him and getting in the car. So? What if he was a killer, the way my nights went, I don't even care anymore.
I got in the car and he just looked at me and smiled. He started reaching in the back seat for something. "oh man hes gong to kill me now, why did i get in the car?!" i thought to myself terrified. he pulled out a jacket and handed it to me and smiled awkwardly
"thanks" I said letting go of my fears
"no problem, so where do you live?"
"well I'm staying at a hotel about 6 blocks away, at least I think its 6 blocks... or so. I don't even have the key card, my boyfri... I mean my ex boyfriend has it" I said double checking my soaked bag.
"oh, I see. Well you can come to my hotel if you want so you can get you dry off and we'll find you a new hotel or something"
"okay" I agreed. Something about his voice was so kind and reassuring it just made me feel at ease it made me trust him. He drove past some lights and I looked at him he had blond hair, kind of messy, thick black rimmed glasses and he was wearing a dressy shirt with black pants. He had very nice taste in fashion and his face was pale and he had a straight nose and what looked to be green eyes.
He caught me staring and glanced at me then back to the road
"So you don't know who I am? he said quizzically.
"no, am I supposed to?" I said trying to mask my embarrassment crossing my face from him catching me staring.
"no,no..I mean some people do, so I was just wondering" he was asking now embarrassed too. "so,who are you?"
"well, my names Patrick...Stump and I'm in this band, Fall Out Boy" he said tripping over his words a little and rubbing the back of his neck.
"Oh yeah! really?" I said, taking a closer look at him. He laughed with an embarrassed tone "yeah. So whats your name?" he said glancing over to me
"Emily Law"
"Well Emily, were here" he looked to me and gave me a smile as he took something else from the back seat and disappeared from the car only to come around to my side and open the door for me and open and umbrella
"Thank you Patrick, although I don't think the umbrella will do much good, I'm already soaked" we both chucked
"Well were going to fix that" he said as he shot me a smile. we walked into the hotel and I saw him in the light for the first time. It was really him, Patrick Stump.
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