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The talk part 4

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Before the night rises, all is taken.

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It's been a full week since I slept. The videos. The diary. Something is missing. Something drastic has to give me the conclusion of why Angel killed herself. As I'm looking through old photos of us being silly, I feel the need to faint. My eyes close slowly. My body feels the need to shut down permanately. All I want to do is sleep. But sleep is not good enough. Not for me. My head sloppily falls on the pillow in my bed. My a TV turns on. About a few minutes later, it goes from pure static to showing me in my room. The lights flicker on an off. "What do you want?! Hello? What do you want?!". I yell.

Blood starts pouring down my nose slowly. I run to get out of my room. There is no door knob. I'm trapped from the inside. Angel pops up on the screen. The lights shut off completely. Looking around with the light coming from my cell phone I get a text message. It has no words, but a picture of me.

The TV turns on. Angel is eating away at my parents bodies;licking and drinking there skin and blood. While slapping myself in the face I hoped this would be a dream. And it wasn't.She takes my little brother, Burt and eats through his body. Hearing them scream intensively and out of mercy startled me to death. I cry silently. Hearing a small sound behind me, I turn around. Angel is right behind me. Behind her are Burt and my parents. They walk towards me and I step back cautiously. I scream"What do you want you crazy bitch?!". They all gave me a cold, hard stare into my eyes;my eyes bleed and my mouth coughs out blod abundantely. I feel my body shake a bit, shivering out of fear, as best as I can I yell"I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I made you do all those sexual acts with Chase and your brother, Kennedy. Please! Please!".

They all rush to rip my body apart. She cuffs both my cheeks, and in a soft voice she says"I love you. And now I have to let you go". Before she could kill me, I wake up. And I said"That's how my dream went". A man says" Wow. That's ironic". Quincey says"How so?". The man pulls out a newspaper and says"Because, it was in the Chicago-gazette just a couple days ago".
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