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The DownFall

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Why doesn't the sun shine anymore? I don't think happy days exist.

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It doesn't change does it? Of course not. It seems like everyday, all I see is rain. I've never seen the sun. EVER. And even if I did it'd be the most mezmorizing thing my eyes have seen. To me, my stories are not words;They aren't just creations of my imagination; They are words of reflection in my world. And my world has no consistency of this harsh reality we call "Planet earth". In the real world you get your heart broken. Weather it's an ordinary person, or a few relatives....Someone always dismisses you. Someone always gangs up againat you to bring you down and no matter if you try to fight back, or let it go there is always that ring of words inside your head that screams violently....

And when it does scream, it screams that you're worthless. A parasite. Every flaw you carry in your heart and every mishap that applys rough pressure on your mind-anyone and everyone can poke at it with a stick. And when they continue to poke at it, they light it on fire for there words to smash heavily at your self esteem. No one cares. People know but show no compassion, no sympathy. However, if you're lucky you'll get a little bit of empathy. Life is bullshit. People suck ass. That's why I'm a loner.

I'm a leaf going solo while blowing with the wind for any direction going where ever it can take me. I might blend in with the other leafs, but flying alone will keep my mind off the chaotic shit from other leafs. To me, that's what people are. They just mingle with nature. They mingle with the wild, but mingling with other animals is a fucking hazzard. Thatz's why I'm part Tiger, part Bear. I'm an introvert, but at the same time, I mind my own buisness but best believe I do bruise easily. I learned it well before I came across it. I discovered black & blue equals a poverty of scars.
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