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Lily By The Lake

by JustAGhost 5 reviews

Another Lily story, think I might use this OC more often.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Published: 2013-08-07 - 192 words

Little Lily is sitting by the lake.
She's making chains of daisies
Under the old oak tree.

Her strange eyes,
How bright they shine
And dance under the light.

She places a daisy rope
And a gentle kiss
On each of her dolls.

Lily dances around the tree.
Her dolls sway delicately.
Ropes still bear their weight.

The dolls are pushed by Lily.
She wants them to dance with her.
They swing from their branches.

Out of breath at last.
Lily lays on the grass, staring at the clouds.
Not a single worry in her head.

A/N I quite liked the idea of bring Lily into another piece of writing and so this came up. Also my exam results came today and I am really happy. I know the educational system in Britain is different to most so I'll translate (not translate but you know what I mean.)
Fashion, English and French = A
Art, Biology, Geography, History and Maths = B
I could not be more happy with the results I got. Especially Maths since I left that exam in tears. But anyway bye guys hope I didn't bore you to death.
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