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Jack and Jill as you never knew

by Shadow97 0 Reviews

A little bit naughty, about Jack and Jill from Jack's perspective. Enjoy

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I stared deeply into the fire, although small it was raging, just like my lust a raging inferno. I turned my head over to the only other person awake, Jill. She had her gorgues long brown hair out. She was looking at the fire with her blue eyes, and then she turned and fixed those eyes on me I quickly snapped my head back to the fire. "Jack are you ok?" her voice like music to my ears. "Yeah I am fine" I replied so weakly. I turned back to her to see her eyes still set on me. I could see in her eyes that she wanted what I wanted. I pulled my right hand up to her left cheek and pulled it in for a kiss. A slow and passionate kiss, which soon started to become fierce, a passionate duel between our tongues started, we stood up I put my arms around Jill's waist and hoisted her up as she wrapped her legs around mine as we traveled over to our tent. I used one hand to undo the tent skillfully. As we got in I layed her down on the matress breaking the kiss I got up and closed the door. I returned to see Jill lieing there with a very sexy pose with a seductive look on her face. "Oohh Jack come over here we have some un finished business" She whispered seductivily. I jumped on top of her attacking her lips agian in fierce rough kisses as my hands started to strip Jill bare of her clothes as her hands ran through my hair. As I finished stripping her my hands started massaging her bare breasts, which were firm and quite large, she started to moan wanting more she rolled us over so she was on top. She began slowly taking my clothes off revealing my abs and my chest as well as my 8inch long hard Manhood. Her eyes widenned slightly at the sight of it. She brang her slender angelic hands to my manhood and grasped it. I hiss slightly at the feeling of her hand touching me. She started to slowly stroke up and down, slowly at first but starts to quicken the pace after a minute of stroking she let go and brang her head down to my head and wrapped her lucious lips around it and started to suck my manhood her head bobbing up and down. She starts to go further and further down my manhood as she starts deep throating. I pull her off and roll back over. I look down to see her neatly shaven womenparts dripping wet. "A little excited are we?" I asked chuckling. She slightly smiled and blushed. I put my hand back to her cheeck and started kissing her as I started to push my manhood into her dripping wet vagina. She moaned into the kiss shuddering slightly. I groaned ever so lightly. I kept pushing until I couldn't push any further. I then pull back and push foward going a little bit further. "Oooohhhhh Jack, please fuck me wild" I chuckle and grin and continue pushing and pulling slowly teasing her. "Ooohhh Jack stop teasing and please uugghhh start fucking me" She demands. I look at her finished having my fun I give her a slight smile, then I start moving fast and rough pulling and pushing rough and fast. "OOOHHHH JACK FUCK YES!" She starts moaning loudly as I start pounding into her very fast and very rough. "OOHH OOHH JACK IM CLOSE PLEASE MAKE ME COME" "I'm Close too Jill" I speeden up my pace and we are now fuckimg like animals. "AAAHHH JACK IM CUMMING" "I AM CUMMING TO" we moan to each other as we hit our climaxes. I start to fall and slightly lunge to the side. She lays agianst me her head on my chest in my arms asleep. I grab the blanket and through it over us soon following to same motion and falling asleep
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