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Slipping through chapter 2

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Me and cody rhodes

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Bar talk

Frank is sitting at the bar in San Antonio, Texas, drinking a ginger ale. His hands cuff the cold cup that will hopefully wash out his sorrow. Frank's face says dissapointment but his scream out betrayl. His left hand softly on the bartender's table and his right hand in a fist lined up to be a pillow resting firmly against his right cheek that is hot from anger.

Cody takes one last sip of his pepsi wih lemon and gears up some confidece to go up to some guy that seems to be lonesome.


Frank just glances at Cody than puts his focus on the bubbles of his drink as they flare up on the ice like words taunting at emotions.

"Uhm...Y-you seem down. A little depressed. Are you okay?".

"Why does it matter to you if I'm okay or not?".

"I don't know. I just figured I ask".

"Can you not make my problems my your problem? It's not polite to get into other people's buisness just so you can deposit your two cents for the night".

"Your right. I'm sorry. I'm Cody, by the way".

"Good for you".

Cody stares at Frank with ease and paitence.

Frank rolls his eyes and sighs.

"I'm Frank".

"So....Why are you at this bar alone?".

"Why are YOU so nosy?".


Cody sits down.

"What's troubling you?".

"Can you go away?".

Frank takes another glance at Cody.

"If you'd talk about what's on your mind maybe I can help you".

"Frank looks away from Cody".


Where do i start? My family won't accept me because I'm BI. I always feel alone and want attention. I'm scared no one will love me beacuse I'm over weight, and the guy I wanted to be with is a player zand didn't love me for me.

"Fine. I'm 30 years old. I'm Bi. And I have a fear that no one will love me because I'm....overweight".

"Oh, I'm sorry. Can I tell you something? But promise me you won't tell".

"Whatever, I promise".

"If no man or woman wants you because of your size then the hell with them! Love isn't about what's on he outside. It's all about the size of your heart and who you are on the inside. I walked up to you tonight because here you are at a bar alone and someone as cute as you shouldn't be alone. You deserve better, Frank. So how about I take you out to dinner tomorrow night. Sound good?".

Frank smiles and says"Sure. Here's my address. Pick me up at 7".
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