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Slipping Through chapter 3

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Me and Roman Reigns. I DO NOT OWN WWE. I won all my plots and my character.

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You're so lame

Frank: C'mon! Let's do something fun!.

Roman: No. And besides I'm tired so, I don't feel like going out tonight.

Frank: Are you gonna be grumpy tonight? Because if so, your nick name will be the grinch. Roman, Let's go out somewhere.

Roman: For once can we not go out? Let's stay in for the night and watch a movie. How bout bloody may?

Frank: I'm not in a mood to watch a scary movie.

Frank puts his hands on Roman's chest. Roman is watching TV.

Frank: Romaaaan! I'm bored!

Roman: Go play some video games.

Frank: I don't wanna!.

Roman: Then I don't know what to tell you.

Frank sits next to Roman on the couch. He moves his finger near him and around his face.

Frank: I'm not touching you.

Roman: Shut up.

Frank: I'm not touching you.

Roman: Shut up.

Frank: I'm not touching you.

Roman: Shut up.

Frank sighs.

Frank: You're so lame!.

Roman: What? No i'm not!.

Frank: Yeah you are. You're the lame and boring Roman grimpy pants reigns.

He nods slowly. Then he gets up and carries me over his shoulder.

Frank: Ah! No! What are you doing? Put me down!".

Roman: I'm not so borin now, huh?.

We both go on the bed and he accidently scratches me.

Frank: Ow!.

Roman: What?.

Frank: You fuckin scratched me with your cat nails bananna head!.

Roman: I'm sorry.

He kisses the scratch on my arm.

Roman: Did you just call me a bananna head?.

Frank winks at him.

Frank: Nope.

Roman smiles.

Roman: I'm yourbananna head. But I have another one for you with a bigger head.

Frank: I like the sound of that.

Frank kisses Roman.
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