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Slipping through chapter 4

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Me and Brock Lesnar. I DO NOT OWN WWE. I won all upcoming plots and my character names.

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Now Or Never

Brock: Hey, watch it!

Chad: I'm sorry?.

Brock: Are you deaf? I said "Hey, watch it" because you bunped into me jerkoff. Pay attention to where you're going will ya?.

Chad: Wow. Okay.

Brock looks at Chad confused.

Chad: Here's a memo for you: Just because your name is Brock Lesnar which doesn't mean shit to me, you think you can boss others around well Let me tell you something. Since I been in the WWE for the past year all you've done is intimidate me with that odd looking stare and why? Because you...want me. But you can't have me.

Brock laughs.

Brock: Yeah, right! In what universe? Crazy land? Well, I have news for you, CHAD.

Chad: Which is?.

Brock: Get real. This isn't one of your stupid stories that you write dumbass. This is real life. And I have never wanted you.

Chad: The last time I recalled you had a thing for me. But do you know what happened? You were too much of a bitch to tell me how you feel.

Chad started to walk away.

Brock: Face it, Chad! I'm the best thing you wish you had! I'm the one that got away!.

Chad turns around.

Chad: No.....I'm the one you could've had AND I'm the one you wish you could be with!.
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