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Slipping Through chapter 9

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Me and Kofi Kingston

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Karoke night

Me, Kofi, Aj Lee, Kaitlyn, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, the Bella twins, Dolph Ziggler, Natalya, Zach Ryder, Summer Rae, Naomi, Cameron, the Usos, Ricardo Rodriguez, Lita, CM punk, Alicia Fox, and Fanfango go to a karoke bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The DJ says" Next up;Frank, singing his own lyrics to the song 'Everywhere' by Michelle Branch". I go up asthe DJ plays the beat.

I love when you smile at.
I lose breath when you put your hands on me.
The rain in my world goes away when you lay next to me.
And I can't sleep unless your arms are around me.
And when tears are in my eyes, you help me see.

Chorus: Your every where to me,
when I close my eyes your all I see,
It's everything I believe that I'm not alone....
That I'm not alone.

The crowd cheers and I say"I love you, Kofi".

He says" I love you too!" then blows a kiss at me.
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