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Slipping through chapter 10

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Me, the Miz, and Daniel Bryan.

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The new years kiss exchange

Daniel: Should I go for it?.

Natalya: Yeah hun. There he is over there go talk to him.

Daniel: I'm not sure. What if he pulls away?.

Natalya: I doubt he'll pull away. Last night he told me he likes you so why not tell him how you feel.

Daniel: He likes me?.

Natalya: Yes. And if he pulls away he will be the stupidest person to ever walk this planet. Now go. Go talk to him.

Daniel: Okay. Thanks Nattie.

Natalya: Sure.

Daniel walks over and sees me arguing with the Miz, aka Mike Mizanin.

Frank: When are you gonna finally get over me and move on? We had our time, so do yourself a favor and let me go. Okay?.

Mike: And what if I can't move on?.

Frank: You will don't worry.

Mike: I can change okay? I can try. I promise, I'll be around more. I'll treat you better just please, please believe me. Trust me.

Frank: I'm sorry. I can't. I, I can't go through this again.

The time for new years was counting down.

Daniel walks over to tell Frank how he feels.
Mike tries to kiss Frank, but he pulls away. He looks at Daniel and mouths "I love you". He smiles.
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