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Story time

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I hate this world, basically. Here's what it does to people.

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This is the story
Of a girl who lost hope
In a world so ugly
She didn't manage to cope

She tried to see the beauty
In everything she saw
She tried to see the beauty
Like no one else before

She sat and she watched
The colours run
They were fading away
Just like the sun

Trickling down
And leaving a trail
The colours started
To look so pale

Then the light around her faded
Everything turned grey
Her faith will never be restored
No matter what you say

There's no one like her left now
We can't take back this crime
We've wasted all our chances
And we've wasted all our time

Now she lives in the dream
It’s the best place to be
There, her thoughts are in line
And all is beautiful to see

But when reality calls
It hits her like a brick
That her problems aren’t gone
And her mind is now sick

She’s addicted to the pain
The dry blood stain
It is the only thing
That’s keeping her sane

Because no one will help
They just think she’s a fake
But they should believe her
Not throw her on a stake

To burn like a witch
Because it isn’t her fault
It’s ours but we still
Rub her wounds with salt

A/N: I feeling kind of hateful so here's a poem to describe that. I know the endings kind of weird but I just couldn't fix it. Let me know what you think :3
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