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Hit me with your best shot

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Axl's sister Amy was in love with Izzy since she was 12. Years later she shows up in LA to meet her brother and all the old feelings for Izzy keep rushing back.

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I remember exactly when I fell in love with her.
Axl made us go to that fucked up trash dump of a bar on Sunset strip to hear her sing.
Amy Rose. Axl’s little sister from Lafayette, Indiana. I could barely remember her. As far as I remembered she was an annoying kid with braces, braids and a really dirty mouth. Maybe she hung out with the guys to often that day. Axl used to take her with him everywhere.
But that impression changed the moment we walked into that bar and I saw her on stage. I just thought Holy shit, she is beautiful!

She was performing Pat Benatar’s “ Hit me with your best shot” and her voice was incredible. No wonder that girl had a huge voice. Like Axl she’d used to sing in church choir, school choir and she played some instruments. The whole family was quite musically. Good genetics had done the rest I guessed. She was Axl’s sister after all. That fact was undeniable and made my stomach knot. They really looked similarly. They had the same cheek bones and the same eyes. I never noticed that before. Back then she used to be that annoying girl which we older guys didn’t really pay attention to. Differently from Axl she had this thick and dark red hair, hanging in loose curls down to her hips. The color of her hair immediately reminded me of Indian summer. I’ve never seen something that beautiful in my whole life. I just wanted to put my hands in these red waves and feel if it was as silky as it looked.
She wore black skinny jeans, chucks and a Ramones shirt. Nothing fancy. I loved it.

I just adored her pink lips touching the mike when I realized that we were moving towards the stage. Axl waved at her and she winked at him. I was done the second she parted these adorable lips and smiled at us.
Then she did her guitar solo and I just realized that she was playing, too. How could I have missed that?
She moved her fingers over her Les Paul and I just stood there in front of the stage staring at her. I mean literally. Not interested and enjoying the music, going with the flow. I stood there staring at her like a total dork. I might’ve had my jaw dropped at some point.
Reality hit me as an elbow hit my ribs. I looked at my right side where Slash was standing. Even though I couldn’t see his eyes I knew he was hooked, too.
‘Man, I’m hard’ he told me and grabbed his crotch.
‘Yeah… ‘ I said absently.
‘Fuck… she’s really hot! Did you just see her working the strings, man? That was fucking perfekt’
‘She’s beautiful’ I just said and immediately felt like a total dork.
‘I’d like to see her fingers work my dick, man. Maybe I fuck that bitch. She’s like a rock ‘n’ roll goddess!’
‘Yeah…’ I snorted ‘I like to see you try. First you’d have to pass Axl, man. Get ready to have your ass kicked.’
‘What’s his problem? He want into her pants himself?’
‘She’s his fucking sister, retard. Did you even have any clue why we came here tonight?’ I was sure that Slash was totally wasted.
‘Nah. Thought free booze and smack or some shit. Didn’t even know he had a sis, dude.’
I chuckled. Yeah, totally wasted.
‘You know he talks about her, right? And he’d been on the phone with her for hours a lot.’
Slash put a cigarette into his mouth and lightened it.
‘Never heard about that chick’ he just shrugged.
I smiled and shook my head. ‘Man, are you even awake talking to me? Sometimes I am surprised you’re able to remember the songs we write’
Slash just smiled with his cigarette attached to his face.

I didn’t want to bother about Slash as long as beautiful Amy Rose was on stage. So I turned back to the stage and saw her playing the last cords. She smiled at her audience, mostly wasted chicks and some old dudes trying to get laid. Except us, nobody bothered to applaud. Fucking shithole. She really was too talented for this dump.
‘Thanks guys.’ She whispered into the mike. Fuck, she really had the sexiest voice, ever.
She set down her guitar and turned around to Axl. After letting out a loud scream ‘Billiiiiiiiiieeeee’, she jumped into Axl’s arms. She hugged him tight and crossed her long and perfect legs around his hips. I accidently let out a groan. Fuck me, I wanted her to cross her legs around my hips. A quick look to Slash told me he’d heard me groan and had possibly the same request.
‘I missed you baby girl’ Axl sniffed into her silky hair. I was totally jealous by now.
‘I missed you too, big bro’ she whispered between the kisses she was placing all over his face. I didn’t think this could get any worse than that.
Axl put her down to her feet and turned to face us, taking her hand.
She smiled walking up to us. I couldn’t help but stand there staring at her.
And then it happened. Her eyes met mine. I saw her gaze warming and her smile widen.
‘Izzy! Haven’t seen you in ages… you grew up nice! Possibly got hair on your chest by now’ She winked at me, gave me a big smile and pulled me into a tight hug.
It felt like someone just fucking killed me and I happened to wake up in heaven by accident.
She smelled like cinnamon and apples. I wanted to hug her forever.
‘You turned out pretty fine yourself, darlin’. I barely didn’t recognized you.’ I managed to say and let her go.
She still smiled and held my gaze for a second as she let go of me. Then she turned to Slash, who was just standing there grinning like a horny and totally wasted doofus.
‘Hey. I’m Amy. You must be Slash! Heard a lot of stories about you. Most of them really weird, dude!’ She raised one of her eyebrows and looked at him curiously.
‘Yeah. Probably all true’ Slash chuckled ‘Especially those including my huge dick.’
Axl tried to stare him down. But before he could intervene Amy grinned and asked him in excitement ‘That big, huh?’
‘Legendary’ Slash said.
Amy just clapped his shoulder and pointed to a couple of girls who were checking Slash out.
‘You should get to work out then to keep it in shape’
Slash frowned. ‘You into pussy, babe?’
She grinned and got really close to his ear. I could barely hear her whisper.
‘No. But ain’t interested into sucking YOUR dick’
Her eyes met mine and I had the feeling they said ‘But I’d love to suck yours’. I was hard in an instant. No way. I was totally delusional.
She grabbed Axl’s hand again and he shove her towards the bar where Duff and Steven were doing shots.

‘She’s feisty’ Slash grinned.
‘You’re being a dick’
‘What? She’s really hot. Maybe we can fuck her both.’ Slash winked at me.
‘Drop it man. Ain’t funny.’
‘What’s your problem? You never mind to share’
‘She’s Axl’s baby sister, dude. He’s very protective over her. You’ll never get into her pants. Even if she agrees. Axl is going to kill you… slowly’
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