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It's not the fucking 60s

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Amy is pissed at Axl and has a morning chat with Slash.

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It was a little embarrassing that Izzy and Slash happened to see my Billy Idol performance in the kitchen. Sometimes I just let it go like that and act crazy. Man, I hope they did not notice the weird ass shaking. And then I realized they probably saw my pink panties. Jesus! Now that’s embarrassing. Much. Who on earth wore pink panties? Great. Classy Amy. Rock stars and even groupies were wearing black lace and not pink. I suddenly felt like 10 again.
A throbbing sound fetched me out of my thoughts and I saw Izzy slamming his head into the wall. I frowned. What was his problem now? My stomach twisted when I noticed Izzy was only wearing black boxers. He looked yummy. His hair was all messed up and he was still wearing all of his jewellery. Even he looked a little hung over, he was dead sexy. I wanted to put my hands in his hair and lick his abs.
Whooo, Amy. You’re totally screwed. Are we really going back to this?
He mumbled something to Slash and turned to the bathroom. That’s when I noticed that Billy was talking to me.
‘Huh?’ I blinked and turned to him.
‘I said: go and put on some pants? I don’t want you running around the house naked.’
‘I’m not running around naked. I think…’ I tried to explain when Billy interrupted me harshly.
‘I don’t care, Amy. You are living with 5 dudes here. So go and get dressed properly. Maybe put on a bra, too.’
What? Where was this coming from? I surely wasn’t running around naked. And I didn’t thought that it was a big deal. Especially with Izzy walking around in boxers or Slash just in pants.
‘But…’ I started as Billy right jumped back and shoved a finger into my face.
‘My house, my rules Amy!’ Was he really serious? Tears began to rallying in my eyes.
‘Thanks for making this clear, STEPHEN!’ I yelled to his face and turned to leave. I knew he would be pissed about me comparing him to the reverent. But I didn’t care.
He came after me and held me back.
‘Look, I’m sorry. But…’ He gave me a little smile. ‘There are 4 other dudes living here which are not related to you, you know?’
‘I’m sure they have seen a lot of women’s asses, billy. I don’t think mine is that special.’
‘Yeah, but they’ve fucked every ass around here. So yeah. Yours IS special. I want it to stay that way.’ He looked at me seriously.
‘Billy, I am not 12 anymore. I can have sex if I want to.’
‘Don’t go there, Amy.’ He glared at me.
I didn’t want to let this go. I didn’t leave the crazy reverend’s house just to be back in an abstentious life while the guys around me were having a lot of sex. My brother included.
‘Just don’t. Now go and get dressed.’ He said and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

I couldn’t believe it. I was pissed. Fucking hypocrite.
He couldn’t be serious about this. It wasn’t like was going to fuck his whole band, right? I wasn’t even thinking about screwing one of them.
Well, okay. I totally would screw Izzy.
I sighed. Not that path again, Amy. I rolled my eyes.
Anyway, it’s just that I wanted to if I liked. And I was pissed that he was making all the rules here.
I slipped on my black jeans and put on my chucks.
Not caring to pick a new shirt, because the Aerosmith shirt was my favourite, I lighted a cigarette. I chuckled as memories came rushing back.
Someday I found the T-shirt lying on the floor in Billy’s room. I knew it was Izzy’s because I had seen him wear it a lot. So I figured he lent it to Billy somehow.
I just took it. And I wore it for weeks. Didn’t even wash it. It was really gross and I was totally out of my mind. But I was sure I could smell Izzy on this. Like I said: totally gross, stupid and childish.

Making my way back to the kitchen, I realized that I hadn’t put on a bra.
Oh fuck you, Billy. This were the 80’s and not the fucking 60’s. It was my damn right to free the twins. Like it or not, I was feeling rebellious.

As I reached the kitchen, Slash was enjoying his pancakes. Without minding his full mouth, he turned to me and smiled.
‘Man, these are fucking awesome.’ He shove another one into his mouth and mumbled ‘If everything you do is that good, I’m gonna marry you girl.’ He raised his eyebrows twice.
‘Yeah, thanks. I guess.’ I chuckled. ‘But you’re going to give you away too easy, man. Wait for my mac ‘n’ cheese first.’ I winked at him.
I was thinking about making more pancakes because it seemed like the guys were starving. Everyone was fucking skinny. I nearly felt fat comparing myself to them.
‘So, how are you doing Slash? Got extremely wasted yesterday. I wonder you’re able to speak again.’
‘Nah, no worries. Get trashed a lot. Got a routine on avoiding a hangover.’ Slash shrugged.
‘And what would that be?’ I asked him.
‘Not to get sober, babe.’ He winked at me and raised his mug which was containing Vodka or Whiskey I guessed.
‘Gross.’ I said looking at my watch. ‘It’s just 12.30, dude.’
‘That’s past midday. And it’s probably after 5 pm somewhere else.’ He laughed and I was wondering what I signed up to moving in with the guys.
‘You should worry more about Iz. He had a huge hangover. Told me he was wondering what happened last night.’ He interrupted my thoughts. ‘I was out. So what were you two up to that he got so trashed?’
I blinked. ‘I have no idea. He wasn’t that drunk when we came home. Talked to him while changing the sheets on Billy’s bed.’
‘Why that?’ Slash asked.
‘Why what?’
‘Bother to change the sheets.’
‘Smelled like pussy, dude’ I gave him a serious look. ‘I may be his sister but I am still a woman. Sleeping in sheets smelling like bimbo is really gross.’
Slash chuckled. ‘Believe me, babe. None of us is going to forget you’re still a woman.’
I smiled at him.
‘You think Izzy went out again after we came back here?’
‘Nah, probably drowned his sorrow with a bottle of jack here and wrote a fucking song.’
‘His sorrow? He seemed okay yesterday.’ I was wondering what he was talking about.
‘Probably he was just pissed he didn’t get laid.’ Slash shrugged and shove the last bit of the pancake into his mouth.
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