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Parts 28, 29 & 30

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Rita writes and Amelia gets an attorney. Harry takes a trip to Brighton with Fenrir and captures some soul pieces.

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    (#) Wonderbee31 2013-08-27 10:36:21 PM

    Awesome section, and was really enjoying Greyback and his demise, as well as something to see just how out of touch or into his own delusions that Tom had ventured there. Really liked the idea of Harry taking out the last little bits, as well as your portrayal of Hammer (Hammertime!) and her teasing of Amelia, and wonder if there is anyone you think of as you wrote her character, as she just seems awful familiar to me, but I can't place her. Again, another great section, and had a guess, but will wait concerning that movie.

    Author's response

    Heya Wonder!

    Greyback: What better way to get rid of someone who gets his jollies from chewing on five year olds? By any definition, he’s someoene who should have been put down long before. (I wonder why he was not?)
    Voldemort has always struck me as a few leaves short of a tree.

    Delusions like that are common in criminals, especially the violent ones. In his case, he’s very much like Dumbledore. Both are convinced they are omniscient.

    Connie: She’s an amalgamation. She was invented by the illustrious Old Crow, who kindly gave me permission to use her, and a few other characters. She’s the friend who will tease you unmercifully, but when the chips are down, is standing right next to you.

    Movie: It’s from ‘The Princess Bride’.


    (#) starwarsfan2296 2013-08-27 11:02:53 PM

    star wars of course :D

    Author's response

    Actually no. The quote came from ‘The Princess Bride’.

    I’m assuming you’re referrign to the green energy blade and yes, that was a Star Wars reference, though I should have made myself more plain.


    (#) mwinter 2013-08-27 11:35:20 PM

    Cool. Awaiting more.

    Author's response

    More’s on the way.

    (#) makarva 2013-08-28 01:41:16 AM

    yeah, damn voldemort dies
    everything is to save berta
    but never understood as someone
    prefer to travel on holiday to Albania
    to spend a vacation in Vegas!

    Author's response

    Heya Makarva.

    Voldemort it’s quite gone, just yet. Bertha hasn’t happeend and now that the time line is disrupted, won’t.

    According to canon, Bertha was a scatterbrained gossip, and while she may have thought Algeria or Australia, she ended up in Albania. It’s one of those huge plotholes Rowling left us.

    As for Albania -v- Lost Wages, I have to agree.


    (#) zamia 2013-08-28 03:14:03 AM

    Where would we be without the legal fraternity (love 'em or hate 'em). Good to see Amelia acting human. Nice way for Fenrir to depart and Voldie is now mouldy (credit to Peeves). Good to see the daughter looking after the cranky old man. Enjoy while you can. Cheers.

    Author's response

    Heya Z!
    Everybody gives a ration of shit to the legists…until we need them. That’s one of the reasons I feature Carolyn in my stories. Without her, the state of Califpornya would have taken my daughter from me simply because I was male.

    On the other hand, there are those like Cheatham and Grabbitt, who give credence to the thought ~First, we must kill all the lawyers! (Macbeth; act 1 scene IV (I think)~

    Amelia: Yeah, I’ve seen too many former cops (and Marines for that matter) Lose their sense of humour after having been on the job too long. Connie is her Jiminy Cricket. She’s also the best bud who will slap the crap out of her if she does somenting stupid.

    Fenrir: Is the closest thing to a pedaphile in canon. According to the books, he’s utterly psychotic, and so the best thing for the rest…for the greater good, as it were, wopuld be to remove him from this mortal coil as painfully as possible.

    Daughter: We made a deal. She leaves me be and I don’t show her boyfriends the sixty second drill.

    And I will.


    (#) ralphmullins 2013-08-28 03:57:01 AM

    Fantastic chapter yet again. I liked how you delt with Grayback he got his just deserts. I wonder if you are going to make this a crossover with any Sci-Fi and/or fantasy book and/or movie and/or Tv show?

    Author's response

    Thanks, ralphmullins.

    Greyback: It just seemed to work. I may be a bit mideival, but I think Harry’s method taught him a little of what he’d done…before having him playing tonsil-hocky with several thousand about-to-be-pan-fried Zombies.

    Crossover: No. Although I do have two or three of those in the (early)works, This story will be done in two or three more chapters.


    (#) goku90504 2013-08-28 06:53:29 AM

    typo that i'd have sent in some sort of private message had i known how to send one to you
    your stories are more you’re your usual sensationalist tripe!
    you're should be than
    goku 90504 at gmail dot com

    Author's response

    Given that I don’t have a spell checker and that chapter was mre than six thousand words, I’d say I done pretty good, muhself.


    (#) Wolfric 2013-08-28 07:17:55 AM

    I enjoyed this segment. Thanks for writing. W.

    Author's response

    Heya Wolf!

    My pleasure.


    (#) goku90504 2013-08-28 07:22:02 AM

    as the needle thin beam flashed between tehm, burning a

    Author's response

    Do I really have to say it?

    (#) BJH 2013-08-28 01:45:47 PM

    As for the movie, I am assuming you refer to your quoting "Princess Bride" and not "Star Wars" although I don't recall who used an emerald blade, unless that calls back to Harry's mother's eyes.

    So I assume we are nearing the end with all the bits and bobs of Vapourmort gathered up. Too bad, I really liked this story and soon I'll have to find something else.


    Author's response

    YES! You got it!

    The emerald blade was from Star Wars, but that was just an addition. (Quite honestly I’d forgotten I’d put it in.)

    Vapourmort! (Snicker!)
    I’m glad you’re enjoying this story. Next chapter will start Snape’s trial, which will be short and more exciting than anything Perry mason could do, and gfo onto the invitations to witness Voldy’s final destruction.

    Since you’re going to be at loose ends soon, might I suggest you reread (and finish) ‘Like Some Old Song You Can’t Unlearn?”

    In case you didn’t get it, that’s a subtle hint.


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