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Slipping through chapter 14

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Layla & AJ Lee. Layla comforts AJ.

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You, and only you

AJ is sitting, leaning against the wall crying. Natalya doesn't want to be with her anymore because AJ is too different from the other Divas and Eve Marie isn't interested in AJ because all Eve wanted was attention. Plus, she thought AJ was too crazy and needy for her own good. Layla walks by after showering and winning her match against Tamina. Her eyes couldn'tgelp but notice the state that AJ was in. She felt bad so she asked in a concernin voice"AJ...Sweety, what's wrong?".

She rubbed hey eyes and put her palms against her eyes so Layla doesn't see her this upset and vulnerable. "Nothing. I'm fine".

Layla reaches out her hands to help AJ up. She gets off the floor and hugs layla tightly. Layla says"Honey, tell me. Who upset you? Why are you crying?". She pulls her face after digging it in Layla's stomach and says"Take a look around, Layla. No one wants me. No one loves me".

"Who told you that?".

"You hear it around the Divas locker room don't you. I can hear them say I'm too crazy, and needy. That I'm too much of a tom boy".

"I'm sorry, sweety. Those Divas that talk all that shit, don't know how wonderful you are. They only hate you because you're not just looks, you also have talent. Your Divas champion for pee sakes! That's way more than they will ever have".

"Yeah,i guess your right".

Layla saw a look on AJ's eyes-passion. She heard her heartbeat when Layla held her. And she felt a soft kiss on her stomach, but didn't want to say anything about it. So she breaths and says"AJ...Will you be my girlfriend?".


"Will you be my-"

"I heard you. I, I'm just shocked.Why, me?".

"Because, thinking about you drove my mind crazy. And it's time for you to have someone that will treat you the way you deserve, not like some wet rag. Plus I felt the koss on my stomach".


"You missed. I think it should go like this".

Layla kisses AJ and whispers"I love you".
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