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Chapter Four

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"but the baby wants cheesy Mexican food..."

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Also, currently listening to Fleetwood Mac at the moment and am contemplating doing a Ryden one shot for the song "Gypsy", just so you know.


Chapter Four

"Baby please... Don't cry..." Brendon pleaded with Ryan as he guided him into his hold, a few stray tears falling from his honey eyes and streaking his cheeks. Even the kitten was nosing his face, confused and trying to comfort. "Tell me what's wrong. Please honey."

"I, I-" Ryan choked, "I miscarried."

"What? Sweetie no. Look." Brendon quickly flipped the light switch on the lamp and gently pulled the comforter back. "See. No blood." He took Ryan's hand in his own and stroked it softly over his lower abdomen. "The baby is fine." He tried his best to kiss away all the tears. He hugged
Ryan tightly who let his head sink to his shoulder as he tried to compose himself. This would never do. He was only about two and a half months in yet already the hormones and stresses were giving him terrible dreams that rendered him unable to think properly.

"You just had a nightmare." Brendon soothed. "Probably from all the stress of yesterday and you know what, I am taking the next few days off-"

"Great." Ryan was appalled by how unattractive the sob he let out was. "Now I'm fucking up your job. Brendon you need to get in as much work as you can before our trip to Antinori-"

"Ryan, honey, we're gonna be going on a two week long cruise over there to celebrate our engagement, you should know that even though I am not as OCD as you are about things, that I have my business needs taken care of already and will just be missing a little bit of paperwork. Jon can handle it. Besides we have too many things to do." He yawned. "We have to get this adorable little angel," He pulled Captain Knots into their snuggling, "to the vet for his vaccinations and microchip today and pick up my dogs so we can get them their checkups along with all the documentation for the airport so they can fly with us. That's just today so let's go back to sleep for a while and please stop worrying about me Ry, I'm more worried over you."


"Now his shoulder area might be a little sore from implanting the chip for a day, two tops but he should be fine to fly with you in a few." The vet handed the somewhat sedated kitten (there were the immunizations involved too when he was taken back) to Brendon in one of those throw down medical towels that were in heavy stock without fail at these facilities.

"Nah, he's chillin'." Brendon laughed softly, cradling Captain Knots. The feline's peridot green eyes were dilated and high. He turned to Ryan, only to pat him on the shoulder. "See, I told you this wasn't going to be some traumatic experience that would scar him for life."

"Shut up and give me my kitten." Ryan ordered. Now he hugged the cat and would continue to until they got all the veterinary paperwork for the customs officials signed, learned the proper order it needed to be in, and got the dogs back on their leashes to take them all back out to the car.

"Bren, we need to get lunch." Ryan stated, his tone not one with which to argue as he secured the cat kennel with the seatbelt, his boyfriend busy with Penny and Bogart.

"Ry, it's been like two hours since breakfast." Brendon giggled ridiculously. Ryan had always been a massive eater, they both were, theorizing it was a trait that came along with being wine producers and connoisseurs, but with their new little third wing inside of him, Brendon was surprised that hadn't hogged all the food in the state of California.

"You can find it funny all you want," Ryan huffed, but good naturedly, resisting the urge to smack him over the head as he finished up and they hit their respective driver and passenger seats, "but the baby wants cheesy Mexican food... And chocolate but I'm trying to hold out for the midnight chocolate buffet on the cruise... Then again, that doesn't mean I can't get churros with extra chocolate..."

Brendon was absolutely dying at his explaining and pondering but nonetheless turned down the route to the little obscure place that they both had come to be regulars at over the years. They would eat outside with the dogs tied to the table and keep the window open for the snoozing kitty.


Things were not as easy at the airport that early Saturday morning after everything, including squaring the wine maker aspects of both their lives away for the last of a hectic week was said and done.

It was good that they heeded the be at the place and check in four hours before your flight rule. The terminal security and the gate officials used up every minute of the allotted spare time to get Bogart and Penny-Lane (who was in fact small enough to fly in cabin with them but Brendon felt it would be better if the two stayed together in the animal section of the cargo hold for the cross country journey to New York City where their ocean liner would be waiting when they arrived) checked over their kennels along with their documentation so they could be boarded.

After the long and tedious process was repeated for Captain Knots, who was feeling much better and was completely sobered up, he laid in his carrier on Ryan's lap while Brendon, who truly was loving Ryan's MUST HAVE SUGAR cravings (because come on, now Ryan couldn't tease/scold him about his usual hyperactivity as he was fueling it), bounced over to the only coffee shop off the gates that was open (most likely for TSA workers) at this ungodly time of the morning.

Ryan ended up have such a potent need for the doughnuts that he stole one of Brendon’s when he was through polishing off his own while he wasn’t looking, then pulled a total Brendon innocent pouting move.

Brendon was force by maybe only cute alone to go rush to buy himself another one and then scarf it down with the rest of his coffee so they didn’t miss very much jarring their peaceful little cat and getting on the plane on time.

Heck, if this trip wasn’t well earned because of the two major but wonderful events in their lives it definitely was now because of all the hassle involved in getting off the ground to commence it.
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