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Chapter 9 Meeting The Washington Sister's

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Despicable Me characters are joining the mix next

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Three year old Rachel smiled as she was dropped off at daycare her ponytail swinging with her as she skipped up to her subjects and her subjects which were boys and girls gulped when they saw her skipping up to them.
Rachel(Sneering) Morning subjects now I want the usual breakfast and make it snappy I don't like being kept waiting.
A new boy looked confused as everybody else ran and went to get Rachel her usual breakfast not wanting to anger her.
Rachel(Eyeing the new boy) Hey new meat why aren't you cowering in my prescience like the others?
Boy: Well I'm new here and I haven't had the liberty of running from you before.
Rachel(Grabbing him) Well good I haven't had a good laugh in awhile.
The boy gulped as Rachel's eyes met his and she sneered at him.
Rachel: Well the other's will be happy, because there's a new decree saying that every new boy now has to serve Princess Rachel which just so happens to be me.
Boy(Gulping) Uh- well- what- exactly- does- serve- mean- to- you?
Rachel(Cackling) Doing everything I ask of course, now go get me my usual breakfast of an ice cream sundae loaded with whipped cream, hot fudge heavy on the hot fudge, and strawberry ice cream, a Wild Cherry Pepsi, and a bendy straw pronto.
The boy scurried off as Rachel giggled grabbing a mega phone and yelling into it.
Rachel: Attention all subjects you are hereby not my subjects anymore, a new boy has come along and he must serve me now.
The girl's and boys cheered as Rachel watched the new boy quickly make her sunday, grab her soda and straw and come back with it all.
Rachel(Inspecting the sundae) Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sundae's good, soda's good but this isn't a crazy straw and I want my crazy straw right now.
Boy: But you never said crazy straw you said bendy straw and that's what I gave you.
Rachel(Sighing) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh well what I meant to say was my super crazy swirly bendy straw, now get it and hurry before my sundae turns to ice cream soup.
Boy(Folding his arms across his chest) Make me Mrs. Bossy Pants.
Rachel sneered grabbing the boy and making him face her eyes which were a deep blue and reminded him of pool water.
Rachel: We started off on the wrong foot what's your name but I'll be sure to get us back on the right one, so let's get better acquainted with my feet
Boy(Gulping) Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Your feet?
Rachel(Kicking her high tops off and nodding) Uh huh see you failed to do what I asked, you gave me back talk, and now you have to suffer the consequences of that.
Rachel pushed the boy to her stinky feet and sneered seeing him gag at the smell.
Rachel: Now start rubbing and pedicuring meaning painting and filing my toenails while I eat my ice cream and try to get by without my super, crazy bendy, straw.
Rachel slurped the ice cream as the boy named Jessie Andrews rubbed her feet until she took them back and pointed to her toenails in between bites of ice cream.
Rachel(Licking her spoon) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM you make a mean sundae boy now let's see how good you are at painting my toes multicolor.
Jessie: My name's Jessie get to know it, I won't serve a girl who doesn't know my name.
Rachel: Keep this up and I'll make you watch me try on sundresses until we find one that we both like along with hats to match.
Jessie groaned painting Rachel's toenails as Rachel sneered liking all the attention on her.
Rachel: Good enough now paint my finger nails then you and I have a date with the ABC's, you'll do my schoolwork while I do absolutely nothing.
Jessie looked up at Rachel as she looked at him giggling at how weak he looked.
Rachel: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm do you really want to tell me no?
Jessie nodded as Rachel grinned liking his nod as she grabbed his arm making him paint her finger nails.
Rachel: Tell me no again and I'll make sure that I'm the only girl you dream about, see, and eventually become obsessed with, trust me I have evil ways under my cute personality.
Jessie laughed hysterically and fell over as Rachel sneered down at him a sceptor like Jaffar's from Aladin in her hand and pointed it near his eyes.
Rachel: Cool stick huh?, it's a scepter of wonder and you're about to fall victim to it you little creep.
The scepter swirled colors and Jessie became tranced by the colors and Rachel cackled stepping from her throne and staring into Jessie's tranced eyes.
Rachel(Taking Jessie's hand in hers) Here's the deal Jessie you're my slave and I'm going to make you do things that I hate doing like my ABC's
Jessie(In a trance) Must obey, must obey, must obey, must obey.
Rachel(Sneering) At least we know the stick works don't we?
Jessie bowed to Rachel as she twirled the scepter in the air and kissing it.
Rachel: The best Christmas gift ever and I can't believe it works I got it out of a cereal box.
Jessie: How may I serve you princess Rachel?
Rachel: Well my super, crazy, swirly, bendy, straw is a start, then I have some ABC's to make you do after that.
Jessie wasted no time getting Rachel her favorite, super, crazy, bendy, straw as she snatched it sipping her soda through it.
Rachel(Growing Muscular) Faster than a tike on caffiene, more powerful than any three year old it's Super Tike.
Rachel grew into a Wonder Woman costume as Jessie found it hard to resist her and she knew it.
Rachel(Twirling around) Man it's real great to be super, now let's make these little boys obsessed with me.
Rachel spread her arm's out as a gold light erupted from her body and made all the boys obsessed with her.
Rachel: Now Jessie continue rubbing my feet while I look for a bully to make into my boyfriend forever and ever.
Jessie rubbed Rachel's stinky feet as she giggled seeing a boy petrified of her trying to escape the confines of the pre school.
Rachel(Kicking her feet from Jessie) You stay here Jess I have a boyfriend to torture.
The boy eeped in fear as Rachel's shadow covered him and she sneered looking down at him.
Rachel(Rolling a piece of parchment out) Rule number one there's no escape from Rachel Ariel Mckenzie, for those who do succeed or attempt to leave get Rachel's love surrounding them.
The boy made to run as Super Tike grabbed him and he squealed in fear being led back to Rachel's throne.
Rachel(Chuckling) You and me have business scaredy cat.
The boy's teeth chattered as Rachel giggled evilly and threw him on the throne with her.
Rachel(Eskimo kissing the scared boy) See now was that so bad?
The boy nodded as Rachel cackled pulling the scared boy closer to her.
Rachel: Now Jessie you'll have to serve me and my new boy toy as well, whatever my sweetie wants my sweetie gets.
Rachel sneered kissing the scared boy as he grew purple spots all over him and Rachel belly laughed.
Rachel(Grinning) Hmmmmmmm I guess cooties do exist, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha I gave you my cooties.
The boy squealed in fear as purple spots were sprouting all over him and Rachel just beamed kissing him again.
Boy(Shivering) P-P-P-P-P-P-P-Please Princess R-R-R-R-R-R-Rachel make the purple spots stop a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-appearing.
Rachel: There's only one way to get rid of cooties and your not going to like it.
Boy: Please Princess Rachel tell me I'll do anything.
Rachel: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm anything huh?, well all right I'll tell you but you have to promise to do it.
Boy: I promise I'll do whatever you want just please tell me how to make the purple chicken pox go away.
Rachel(Puckering up) You have to kiss me the kiss of love, once you do that the spots will disaapear.
The boy scared out of his mind and not wanting a body full of purple chicken pox kissed Rachel as he grew love in his eyes and the spots were gone.
Rachel(Raising her arms) I'm the strongest female around now, and this boy will be my boyfriend forever and ever.
The boy who's name was Richie Masterson bowed at Rachel's feet and she giggled kissing him.
Rachel(Looking down at Jessie) As for you well let's just say I have a girl who'll give you cooties and never take them away, she likes seeing boys suffer.
Jessie gulped as Rachel snapped her fingers and Agnes from Despicable Me appeared with happiness flooding her eyes.
Rachel: Meet Agnes Caroline Washington, her favorite past times are hugging fluffy things, eating stuffed crust pizza, and of course spreading her cooties to a very unlucky boy.
Agnes giggled girlishly skipping up to Jessie her ponytail bouncing behind her as she grinned down at Jessie chocolate syrup obviously from ice cream all over her face.
Rachel(Grabbing Richie's hand) I'll allow you two some alone time seeing I just became queen of the pre schoolars and Agnes is princess.
Agnes(Jumping up and down) Really you're making me princess?, honest to goodness and goodness to honest?
Rachel: Honest to goodness and goodness to honest, I mean just look at the fear you strike in Jessie.
Agnes looked down at Jessie as he gulped and she mimiced him giggling at how scared he was of a three year old.
Agnes: All right I'll need a silikest softy robe, a shiny princess crown, a unicorn, and last but not least subjects to serve me candy, cereal with marshmallows, and stuffed crust pizza mmmmmmmmmmmm stuffed crust.
Rachel: I'm sure you can find things for Jessie to do with the threat of infinite cooties.
Agnes giggled girlishly and applied Nerds chapstick and lip gloss on her lips looking down at Jessie.
Agnes(Handing Jessie the phone) Extra cheese and stuffed crust if you please, and Wild Cherry Pepsi also and breadsticks with marinara sauce mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sauce.
Jessie(Handing the phone back to Agnes) And if I refuse?
Rachel: Yes Agnes what if he refuses your tiniest, sweetest wittle wimb?
Agnes: Then you'll be cootie cursed, and I'll make you fall in love with me.
Jessie(Laughing hysterically) Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Yea right a little shrimpy twerp like you making me fall for you?, where do you get your material you little shrimp?
Agnes put a pouty face on knowing it could make any boy do what she wanted them to do as Jessie stopped laughing and Rachel grinned rubbing Agnes' black hair.
Rachel: Looks like Jessie has a weakness and it's the three year old pout, the oldest trick in the book but then again Agnes pulls out all the stops when it comes to getting what she wants.
Agnes(Twirling around and handing the phone to Jessie) You have my order now order it or these lips will make you wish you were never born a three year old boy.
Jessie laughed again as Agnes chuckled pushing him down and pouncing onto him an evil smile on her face.
Agnes: I warned you, I gave you three chances and you blew it, now get ready for my cooties and an obsession for me, fluffy things, stuffed crust pizza, and did I mention me already?
Jessie(Quickly dialing a pizza parlor) There I'm calling them now you sneaky, crazy, scary shrimp, now get off of me.
Agnes giggled happily jumping off of Jessie and sat on Rachel's old throne with the pre schoolars staring up at their new princess.
Agnes: Whoever doesn't do as I asked get two punishments, the boys get my cooties and the girl's get turned into something fluffy for me. now are there any questions?
All the pre schoolars gulped looking up at this peppy, giggly, altogether bossy little girl taking over.
Jessie: All right you little shrimp lunch should be here soon, then we can talk all about your bossiness as you eat and I watch.
Agnes pulled out her stuffed unicorn and squished it her eyes connecting with Jessie's.
Agnes: Good now I want you to read me and Uni a bedtime story, it's nap time and Uni and I are both cranky if we don't get our nap in.
Jessie: I draw the line at reading nap time stories to a twerp and her stuffed unicorn, and I'd love to see you make me.
Agnes pulled out a compact mirror applying her lip gloss not having any intention on using her lips on Jessie but his friend John was a prime candidate.
Agnes(Standing up) Fine just come get me when my lunch get's here, I have a special mission to tend to.
Jessie made to protest but Edith Agnes's big sister walked up her pink snow hat swinging on her head with a smile on her face.
Agnes(Sneering) Jessie meet Edith, she has cooties too and hers are more powerful than mine, and by the way E lunch is on the way.
Edith(Rubbing her stomach) Stuffed crust and sauce mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Agnes(Smiling) You two have fun John Lincoln is next on my cootie list seeing he picked on me when I was three and he sent me here to nightmare world.
Edith(Applying lipstick) Run along Aggie Jessie and I have business to discuss.
Agnes cackled evilly skipping off as Edith slowly inched her way to Jessie an evil smirk on her face.
Edith(Puckering up) I'll give you two choices new meat, one I kiss you and you gain the liberty of being ten again intact with cooties and thoughts of me.
Jessie(Bored) Next
Edith: I make you a three year old and babysit you as my first paying gig, my sister Margo says it's a good racket for a girl my age.
Jessie: Seeing I wouldn't date any of you girls if you paid me I'd have to go with option 2
Edith(Pulling something from her pocket) I was hoping you'd say that.
Jessie saw a stick of gum as it was handed to him and Edith pulled the foil off of it.
Edith: The perks of being a daughter of a supervillian/inventor so chew it and see what happens.
Jessie shrugged and stuck the gum in his mouth as Edith grinned not mentioning her new babysitting service was for girl babies.
Edith: Now just blow a bubble and the spell should take effect and hurry the gum only lasts ten minutes and no bubble no three year old kid.
Jessie not taking his chances blew a bubble and pink smoke surrounded Jessie and Edith cackled as Jessie shrank and she threw him a little pink nightgown, pink panties, pink slippers, a red skirt, and a pink snow hat.
Edith(Making a face) Awwwwwwwwww aint you the cutest thing you've ever seen, a mini me to be exact and I'll train you to be just like me.
Jessie(Whining) But-but-but-but-but you said I'd be a three year old boy which boy would wear this?
Edith(Cackling and rubbing Jessie's hair) You of course and I never said boy three year old I said three year old and that's what you are three, and I just became your biggest enemy so hah, hah, hah, hah, hah
Jessie started moaning and whining as Edith easily held him down and she took Jessies clothes off a sneer on her face.
Edith: Moaning and whining don't work with me shrimpy poo, you forget I have the cutest three year old ever as my sister.
Jessie(Jumping up at Edith) Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy- give- me- my- clothes- back- right- now- you- big- babysitting- bully.
Edith(Grabbing Jessie and tickling his stomach) hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, I know where your ticklish because my little sister is ticklish in the exact same place you are.
Jessie giggled as Edith sneered at him her plan working perfectly.
Edith(Pulling the gum from Jessie's mouth) All right short stuff your small enough, hey I should be a poet.
Jessie(Jumping up) I-said-to-give-me-my-clothes-now-you-big-stinky-babysitting-bully.
Edith(Waving Jessie's old clothes in the air) Make me you small fry.
Jessie whined and whimpered reaching his hands up as Edith chuckled throwing him her old clothes folded nicely in front of him.
Edith: Now am I going to have to dress you too or are you going to be a big girl and dress yourself?
Jessie(Kicking the clothes) Meet your first tantrum meanie, big, stinky, babysitting, bully.
Edith grinned grabbing the messed up clothes and tisking Jessie.
Edith: My, my, my Jessie we have some serious work to do, we have to get you to tea parties that's Agnes' department, you already met her, you have to have wardrobe that's Margo the oldest sister's department, then you need a mean right handed curve ball and that's where the babysitter comes in.
Jessie gulped as he was lifted from the ground by Edith and she led him to the girl's room.
Edith(Poking Jessie's little nose) Now no screaming Jess, that'll attract a commotion and we don't want one of those, we're going to be nice and quiet aren't we?
Jessie screamed his head off and Edith heard footsteps knowing Jessie wasn't going to make this easy for her.
Boy #1: Hey leave him alone Eedie, what did he ever do to you.
Edith threw a gummi worm extra gummy onto the boys mouth and giggled.
Edith: My big sister Margo who happens to also be here looking for clients always told me that if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all, also words of wisdom from Thumper the rabbit from Bambi.
The boy struggled against the gummi worm as a gum substance spread under his feet and a girl in a plaid skirt, red sneakers, a green jacket, a black shirt with Dr. Seuse's the Lorax on it, brown hair, and glasses walked up to him.
Edith: Jessie meet Margo the wardrobe consultant, and for the hissie fit I'm going to punish you by making you a babysitters pet, see it's like a teachers pet but you'll be mine instead of a teachers.
Jessie struggled as he was led back to the girl's room and Edith's hand quickly snatched Jessie's lips.
Edith: You'll find that a woman supervillian/inventor is a lot more on the angry side, now you had your chance to hush up now I'll make you hush that big, fat, boy, mouth of yours forever.
Edith pulled ballet clothes out sneering down at Jessie who's eyes became full of fear.
Edith(Stretching the tights out) Did I forget to mention we have ballet after school?, he he he he he he he he he he he he heeeeeeee.
Jessie didn't like where this ten year old babysitter was taking him as Edith put one of her arms on his legs to straighten them and she slipped the underwear on his butt first.
Edith: Good they fit perfectly now let's get these tights on and then we'll see how the leotard, tutu, slippers, and tiara fit.
Jessie's butt grew smaller and Edith giggled stretching the tights out and slipped them on over his legs and underwear as his legs grew smaller.
Edith: And veola the tights are slipped on now let's get the leotard on next and trust me when I say it's going to be the best edition to your outfit.
Edith pulled out a bright pink leotard and forced his arms up and threw the leotard over his whole body Jessie's stomach shrinking smaller.
Edith: Ha, ha, ha now let's try the tutu, AFFR I hope you like ruffles because I didn't.
Jessie struggled as Edith grinned winning the fight holding him down and forcing the tutu on him.
Edith(Raising her arms) Taduhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now let's get you into ballet slippers and they'll hurt like heck too seeing mine were way too small and seeing you have the same feet as me well you do the math.
Jessie saw small ballet slippers pulled out of a pink gym bag and Edith forced the way too small slippers on Jessie's feet his feet growing smaller along with his waist due to the tutu.
Edith: Right now the piece la reistiance, the tiara and then I'll have the second cutest little girl as my babysitting client.
Before Jessie could blink Edith placed the tiara on his head and his hair turned blonde with Edith cackling evilly.
Edith: Now meet your role model Edith Lorri Washington, and also welcome to the big sister little sister club, I'll be your big sis and that makes you the little sis.
Jessie made his final transformation as he grew a bit smaller and Edith's shadow towered over him.
Edith(Lifting her pink sweater) Now to make you more ladylike sweets, then I've got to get you to ballet seeing your other big sister and same aged sister is waiting to consult you on tea parties and wardobe.
Jessie(In a little girl's voice) Well if you can't beat em join em I guess.
What happens when Agnes meets her bully read part 11 It's Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Fluffy and reply to part 10
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