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Chapter Twelve

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Thunder rolled loudly overhead. I ran home, trying to avoid the pelting rain. Maybe this was nature's way of telling me I was a bitch.

I slowed, putting my phone in my bra so it wouldn't get runined. Almost instantly, I was soaked, the driest place my bra.

When I got home, I was almost frozen. Between the cold rain and the cold wind, neadless to say, I was cold.

Like he could feel me, Andy opened the door. His eyes widened and he picked me up, carrying me inside. "What happened?" He asked. "Why didn't you run?"

"I didn't want to." I said through clenched teeth. If I relaxed my jaw, they would chatter. Andy sighed and pulled me into the bathroom.

He locked the door behind us and turned to me. I didn't move as he unzipped my jacket and pulled it off of my shoulders.

Why I was letting him undress me, I don't know why. He put my jacket into the sink and got on one knee so he could take off my shoes.

He sat those by the door and got up. "Totally not weird, okay?" He asked as he lifted my shirt over my head.

I didn't react in any way. This wasn't something that usually happened, but it happened. He would have to undress me after a really bad fight and I was covered in blood.

He turned on the water and set the temperature. Steam rolled over my skin, making goosebumps raise. "Hey, can you do me a favor?" He asked, making me sit down so he could take my pants off.

They joined my clothes in the sink. "What?" I asked, looking at him.

"Next time it starts pouring, run, okay?" He touched my neck, his palm hot against my skin. "You're freezing." I shivered, the heat around me melting me up.

"Turn around." I stood up. He smiled and faced the corner. A bikini is one thing, but he didn't need to see me naked. I took off my bra and underwear, putting them in the sink as well.

I sat my phone on the back of the toilet and climbed into the shower. The water wasn't painfully hot, I know. But it almost hurt when it hit my skin. I bit back the hiss and let the water thaw me out.

"We need to get something for in here." I said, looking out the fogged over window.

"Like what?" He asked. I heard him sit on the toilet.

"I don't know. Maybe..." I thought as I washed my hair. "Maybe we can paint or something."

"That'd be fun." I heard the smile in his voice. "What would we do though?"

"I'm not sure." i said, closing my mouth before shampoo washed into it. "How about an orchard theme?"

"That'd be cool. And we could get a rack to go over the toilet for towels and washclothes. And towel racks."

"Now you're thinking." I smiled. "It should look like people live here, ya know?" I asked, washing my body thoroughly. "And air freshener." I poked my head out of the cutrain to look at him.

"Why do we need that?" He looked at me.

"Cause, human or not, you're guys. And your shit does stink." I stuck my tongue out at him and closed the curtain.

"Okay, I'll give you that." He laughed. "Oh! We could do a beach theme." He said, his voice excited.

"And make the shower into a waterfall! I love it!" I rubbed the conditioner into my hair and let it set for a minute or two. "The wall by the door can have the towel rack. And we can make it the sand."

"We don't have to plan this out right now, you know?" He laughed. I flicked water at him over the curtain. "I'm just saying. We have time."

I wasn't so sure about that. But I wasn't going to say that out loud. Especially not to him. "I guess." I sighed and rinsed out my hair. I turned off the water. "Can you hand me a towel?" I stuck my hand out into the cooler air.

The fluff of the towel touched fingers and I closed them around it. I rapped the towel around my body and opened the curtain.

Andy was sitting on the toilet still, his eyes closed. "I have the towel on, you can open your eyes." I laughed.

"Are you okay?" He asked, standing up. I nodded and opened the door. "I'll take care of your wet clothes. Go get dressed in something warm."

"Okay dad." I rolled my eyes and headed down to my room. The air was a neutral temperature here, not hot, but not cold.

It was nice. I got dressed and started to hang up my boxed clothes. There was a light knock on the door. "Come in." I said, hanging up a short dress and putting it on the rail.

Andy came in, shutting the door behind him. He joined me in hanging up my clothes, his face even. "Are you still cold?" He asked as we hung up the rest of the first box.

I opened another and grabbed hangers. "I'm fine." I said, moving into a rhythm. His hand cupped my face.

"Your face is cold." He moved his hand to my neck. "You're still cold." He took the hanger from my hand and sat it in the box.

"Andy, I'm fine, really." He ignored me, pulling me to my bed. "Andy..." I sighed heavily. He pushed me into bed and laid next to me, throwing the blankets over both of us.

"Your whole body is still freezing. Why didn't you tell me? You're going to get sick." He pulled me against him.

He felt like a heater. It felt amazing. I pressed my face into his neck and snaked my hands under his shirt, making him jump slightly. "You worry too much about me already." I breathed into his shirt.

"It's my job. You don't take care of yourself. You're too busy making sure everyone else is okay." I couldn't argue. He was telling the truth. "I know the others see it too. They just don't know how to take care of you as well as I do."

"You shouldn't have to take care of me." I said, my eyes feeling heavy.

"I don't have to. I want to. I owe you so much." I shook my head. "I do. You might not think of it like this, but you saved my life. I know if you hadn't been there, I would have died. I owe you my life, Izzy."

"I took away any chances you'd have to have a normal life though." I whispered. His arms tightened around me.

"I wouldn't have it any other way. Ever. I love you, Izzy. I always will."

"Why is everyone saying this to me?" I asked, tears in my eyes.

"Because of who you are and the things you do. The others feel the same. All of us love you." He pulled back slightly.

I looked up and into his soft eyes. "I love you guys too." I kissed him lightly on his soft lips and buried my face back in his shoulder.

He seemed stunned at that, because he didn't move. "You're sort of like my mother. But the way I feel is something that wouldn't be okay to feel to my mom." He laughed softly, kissing the top of my head.

"How so?" I asked, closing my eyes.

"The way we see it, we were born into this life through you. So the others are sort of like my brothers." I nodded, not really taking in what he was saying. "So, the fact that we all love you the way we do isn't something that makes sense."

"The way you do?" I asked, my voice thick.

"Well, in all honestly, if you felt the same about me, I would never leave this bed. Neither would you." I felt my cheeks go warm.

"I don't know how I feel. About anything anymore." I sighed. I was half asleep. "I do love you. Maybe the same way. I don't know." I felt so heavy.

"Really?" He asked, shifting to look at me again. I couldn't move. He sighed. "I love you, Izzy." He kissed my cheek and relaxed next to me.

We fell asleep like that. Holding each other. In my bed.
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