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The End

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Nothing lasts forever, and every tragic thing must come to an end at some point. This is the end of the Winchesters.

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"Plans of what our futures hold, foolish lies of growing old." - So Far Away, Avenged Sevenfold

The Winchester’s world didn’t end in fire or ice. Nor was it an ending so mighty that it would be considered a historic part of hunting history, remembered forever.

There was no sacrifice. No, nothing like that. This wasn’t like time Dean sold his soul to give Sam a second chance at living. It wasn’t even an act of heroism, like the time Sam used his own body to trap Lucifer in the cage forever and save the world. It wasn’t a bullet taken to save a loved one or one last run into the flames to save an innocent little child trapped on the top floor. There was no apocalypse or mighty battle. Not even a cause worth dying for. Not this time, anyway.

It seemed like such an anti-climax to something to special when Sam and Dean Winchester were killed by a single stab wound to the chest.

Of course, when the time came, the both of them knew that this time it was over for them. After hunting together for nearly twenty tears after their dad died, they had saved more lives an either of them could have ever imagined. Thousands of people across America would not be alive if these two boys hadn’t given everything they had to save them. They really had given everything, and now it was time to rest.

The brothers sat together against a wall and held onto each other as they felt the life slowly fading from within them; neither of them wanting to let go because they weren’t ready to see the other die.
“Sam?” Dean coughed. “Sammy? Can you hear me?”
“I hear you, Dean.” Sam whispered.
“It’s going to be okay, Sammy. I know it hurts but it’s going to be okay.” Dean reached across his brother and held onto his shoulder with what little strength he had left. “I promise you, it’s going to be okay.”
“I don’t wanna go to hell, Dean.” Sam choked.
“It will be okay. I’ll be with you. We’ll be okay.”
“Nobody goes to hell and ends up ‘okay’, Dean.”
“But we’ll have each other.” Dean swallowed hard. “We may be in hell but I’ll still get to look out for you.”
“Hells not like that, Dean, you know that.”
Dean closed his eyes for a few seconds and took a painful breath. “I know, Sammy. And I’m sorry.”
“Don’t say sorry.” Sam said slowly. “You were the greatest big brother I could’ve asked for.” He let a tear drop from his chin. He no longer had the strength to wipe it away.
“I feel like I let you down for letting you die this way.” Dean breathed. He let his head drop to his younger brother’s shoulder.
“Cas will save us.” Sam coughed. He felt his body growing cold and the blackness closing it.
“Cas doesn’t know we’re here.” Dean mumbled.

They lay in silence for a few minutes, thinking of everything they didn’t get to do while they were alive; thinking about how it should have ended differently after everything they’d given; thinking desperately of a way to make this ending just a little bit more bearable.
Finally, Sam broke the silence and whispered: “Dean…I don’t wanna go.”
Dean looked up at his brother and watched as his eyes slowly closed. “Sammy…” Dean cried. “Sammy, stay with me.”
“Dean.” He whispered. The sound of his brother saying his name this way hurt him more than any physical pain he’d felt before: every letter was dry and lifeless, desperately escaping from the boy’s numb lips into the dead air between them.
Sam’s heart gave up first, and Dean watched and cried as his baby brother gave into the darkness for good this time. The only thing Dean had left was the few seconds he had to lay in the open feeling over exposed and more vulnerable than ever.
“Cas, if you can hear me, please…please…C-cas? I…Cas..”
Dean let go of his last breath and lay with his brother until the darkness finally consumed him too.

When Castiel heard the news that the Winchester brothers had finally fallen, he made his way to where their bodies lay without a second thought. The sight of his remaining family lying cold and lifeless against the dank wall made him fall to his knees almost instantly. Nobody should have to see their family lying cold on the ground twice. Heaven or human; both were more painful than anyone could imagine. And now Castiel had to go through it all again.

Castiel, the angel with too much heart, wished that in that moment, he’d never been able to feel at all. With slow, heavy movement, the angel reached over and picked up each of the boy’s pale hands and held them tight in his own as he desperately tried to bring them back. It was no use. Since he’d been given his grace back, there were certain things he found he could no longer do. Resurrection was now just another lost ability to add to that list.

When he wiped his eyes and sat back up, he was nearly shocked to see the souls of Sam and Dean standing beside him. Dean placed a hand on his angel’s shoulder and said: “We know you’re part of heaven, but if we’re going to hell then we want you to take us there.”
Castiel stood up and turned to face them. “Why should you be condemned to hell after doing so much for me – an angel of the lord? A warrior of heaven?”
“It’s where we belong.” Sam said quietly. “We’ve killed so many people…we’ve done some things even god could never forgive.”
“I’ve died before, Cas. We’ve both been to hell and it’s where we we’re meant to go, whether we like it or not.” Dean added with a sad smile.
“I will not allow it.” Castiel said quickly. “You’re coming to heaven with me where you can both be happy for eternity.”
“But you can’t upset the order like that, Cas. We were always meant to go to hell after everything we’ve done. We deserve the punishment.” Sam said.
“You’ve suffered enough on Earth. If you’re asking me to walk the two of you to the afterlife, you will go to the afterlife I choose. Besides,” Castiel mumbled with a sad smile, “if you were to spend eternity in hell, I’d never be able to see you two again.”
Castiel reached up and placed a hand on each of the boy’s shoulders.

The three of them were consumed by a bright, numb light that washed every negative feeling out of the brothers. They didn’t feel grief for the world they were leaving behind; regret for the things they didn’t get to experience; or even the pain they’d suffered in hearing each other’s last breaths. The only thing they could feel was a soft warmness radiating throughout their bodies, and Castiel standing close by their sides.

And there, in heaven, the boys stayed for eternity. Happy, together, forever. They had everything they needed here: safety, family, friends, and no pain. No pain – not anymore.

The End.

"A final song, a last request, perfect chapter laid to rest." So Far Away, Avenged Sevenfold
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