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He even poked the holes so I can breathe.

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I was jolted awake once again. I stare at the ceiling trying to retrieve my breath. Letting the oxygen sink into my brain. My thoughts weren't coherent. My heart beating loudly against my ribs. Confusion washed over me, I tried to bring my mind back to reality. I looked all over my room trying to recognize every item in here.

The fog of anxiety was clearing. My conscious mind was finally grasping on to reality. The air returning into my lungs. I propped myself onto my elbows and look towards my darkened window. I pulled the blanket out of my way and got out of bed. For once, I actually felt like I wanted sunlight. This thought scared me.

I pulled a corner of the blanket to reveal some overcast sunlight on my face. I closed my eyes and breathed in the peace and quiet. Then I thought back to my dream.

What was that all about? Never had I experienced a dream like that. But why?

Why Gerard? I couldn't be gay... I mean I never took a sexual in guys. EVER. Girls, at times yes. But their all the same.

Why do I feel the way that I do? Why was he in my dreams? Most importantly, why the FUCK WAS IT SEXUAL?!

I thought back to all of the things he did to me. As much as I wanted to stay in denial, I couldn't force away the boner that was rising between my legs. I laid back onto my bed, my hands resting onto my abdomen.

Okay think Frank.

Did ALL guys turn me on? I thought back to thinking about Justin Beiber... Uh that actually made my boner disappear. SO umm yeah...

I looked at my clock on the nightstand.

7:30 a.m.

Fuck, I'm late. Oh well, Mikey and I were going to ditch anyway. Pushing myself off the bed, I made my way to the closet, desperately trying to suppress my thoughts.. and that dream.


Some kids might complain about having to walk to school every day. I appreciate it actually. It helps me to clear mind. To prepare myself for how the day might be. Today really isn't that bad weather wise. Sure I do love the rain, but I love the neutral feeling of overcast. You won't get soaked and neither will you get burned. Just neutral.

I keep walking until I reach the gates. Walking my way towards my English class. I keep my head down as walk down the hall.

"Frank!" I hear someone shout. I turned my head around to see nothing but people walking in all different directions. I look forward and keep walking.

"Frank hold the fuck on!" I turn and see Mikey with his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. Fucktard. I giggle at his retardness.

"You.. think-" he takes in a big inhale." this is funny?" he says standing up straight.

"Duh? What the fuck were you doing?" I asked.

"I kept fucking calling you, but all you did was look around like a retarded pigeon." I giggled harder. Mikey's response; thumping me on the forehead.

"Ah you shithead!" I replied loudly rubbing my forehead. I just giggled even more.

"You laugh even when I hurt you? Masochist much?" he said laughing.

"Mikey shut up already and let's ditch this fuckin' place."


Mikey and I sat on his couch eating chips and as we watched Saw. I always found an interest in horror movies. How they play on the fake blood and the tearing of bodies and make it look real.

"So.." Mikey started. I looked at him in wonderment.

"Yes." I dragged out, confused.

"Did you think about what I said yesterday?" he asked nonchalantly while eating the chips. I flinched slightly, remembering about the dreams.


"Come on dude. I know that you something for my brother.. Just talk to me dude." He said sounding caring. I thought about for a few as I was playing with a loose string on my shirt.

"Honestly Mikey, I don't even know..." I inhale a breath." I never really ahd a reaction like that towards anyone... Let alone a GUY!"

"I get you. I mean I would be too." Mikey shrugged.

"Thanks." I said rolling my eyes.

"Okay, my bad, my bad.. but I think the only way to figure it all out is to be around him. See what you feel just being around him more. Ya' know?" Mikey suggested.

"Yeah, I guess." I shurgged.

We both jumped when we heard the front door slam. That's when Gerard walked into the living room.

"Oh, hey guys." Gerard said smiling slightly. He then sat on the other side of Mikey looking at us. I felt my cheeks burn.

"Nothing much Gee. Frank here was just talking about art." Mikey said looking at me, mouthing out 'Just go with it!'

"Wow really?" Gerard asked me interested.

"Oh yeah... I just a- Just.." I looked at Mikey.

"Yeah he was talking about how he wished he had someone to teach him how to paint, draw, you know all that artsy shit." Mikey sniggered. He then received a punch in the arm from his older brother.

"Bitch." Mikey muttered. Gerard ignored him and kept his eyes on me.

"I could teach you a bit about art, if you want?" Gerard proposed.

"Uh, yeah, sure. That'd be great." I said trying to muster all the confidence I could get.

"Cool." Gerard nodded."I was gonna head downstairs to my room and you could come. We could starts on your first lesson?" he suggested.

"Yeah, if you don't mind?" I asked nervously.

"Of course not!" Gerard snorted. "I'm the one who suggested it." he stood up off the couch. I stood up also.

"Follow me." Gerard motioned. I did what I what I was told, trying to keep myself breathing.

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