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More updates:)

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  • Ficwad Secret Santa

    (#) Poppana 2013-09-12 05:03:49 PM

    I am fine with OC's, and I'm also fine with it just being the fandom (for example, just MCR), but I should mention that I don't write Frerard or Waycest or whatever other pairings there are for the MCR gents :D Limiting as hell, I know.
  • Ficwad Secret Santa

    (#) lolhai 2013-09-12 06:04:58 PM

    I'm ok with whatever.
  • Ficwad Secret Santa

    (#) franksfurter 2013-09-12 06:14:12 PM

    I'm completely good with writing for any fandom with any characters of choice. Though I prefer MCR, I can work with everything! Hell I wrote my best friend an SPN fic before and I had only seen 4 episodes

  • Ficwad Secret Santa

    (#) obsessed_killjoy 2013-09-12 07:08:06 PM

    I can work with both :)
  • Ficwad Secret Santa

    (#) Suicide_Room 2013-09-12 07:33:09 PM

    I have a few questions:

    If its about a band, can it be more than one?

    Is there a specific rating they want? (I tend to get a bit graphic)

    I'm kinda nee to the secret santa thing so, do you post the story here or what?

    Author's response

    1. If the person you're writing for has said they like more than one band then you can write in several bands - If you want more than one band in your fic then just say so when I post the form in October :)

    2. Good question - I'll add to the form like the maximum rating they'd like for the fic :)

    3. On Christmas Day you post the story on Ficwad and title it 'Secret Santa' and don't write in the description who it's far. That way it's like opening a present and you have to read each others to find your own :)

    Love Hozzie
  • Ficwad Secret Santa

    (#) Suicide_Room 2013-09-12 08:02:11 PM

    Oooooooooh.....thanks and that was only some of of the questions bothering me, I actually have more.

    Author's response

    Feel free to ask them :D

    Love Hozzie
  • Ficwad Secret Santa

    (#) Obsessive-Fangirl 2013-09-12 08:23:35 PM

    I would be okay with both.
  • Ficwad Secret Santa

    (#) CrimsonRevenge 2013-09-12 09:20:33 PM

    I only write for the MCR fandom with OCs. That's fine. I just don't know enough about other fandoms to write anything for them. Last year I wrote an MCR secret santa with my secret santa's oc.
  • Ficwad Secret Santa

    (#) Alexandra_Day 2013-09-12 11:22:26 PM

    I am pretty much down with most fandoms. OC's annoy me a bit but I am okay with writing it.

  • Ficwad Secret Santa

    (#) AmericanHorrorStory 2013-09-13 02:45:57 AM

    I'll be happy to write an OC thing, I'd just prefer slash. OC x band member is a big no, unless it is an actual Original Character. I'm being tough about that again, so sorry. :/

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