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Late Dawns & Early Sunsets [Frerard/COMPLETE/Short Story]

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I had always thought that New Jersey was bad enough. That was until the disease struck out. The one thing that split up thousands of families, killed millions and destroyed the world; completely an...

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A/n: This story was written for my Creative Writing class so I couldn't really include much 'smut' or whatever in it, but I hope you enjoy it anyway and check out my other Frerard stories if you want c:

Late Dawns & Early Sunsets

I had always thought that New Jersey was bad enough. That was until the disease struck out. The one thing that split up thousands of families, killed millions and destroyed the world; completely and truly. It did seem unreal at first – just like the films, like a joke, like someone had ordered for this to happen. However, now that I was living in this imaginary world that I had always thought would be like a fairground ride, it is anything but.

But when the leaders of the world were slowly being wiped out, people started to realize that this was real. Soon enough – the humans turned into savages, fighting for territory. Choosing the most secluded and well-protected areas that they could find.

I had always kept to myself and I guessed that this was one of the best things about this situation – everyone would usually leave me alone, even some of the 'zombies' at the end of the day. I was a ghost then and I was a ghost now - if you could even call them that. What else were you meant to call them?

You may think that I should 'team up with people to make friends and build an army to take out those bastards' but the last time a human approached me, he firstly became my “friend” and then he almost literally, stabbed me in the back.

Yes, so teaming up doesn’t really sound like such a good idea now, does it?

The only reason why I don't just hand myself over to the zombies is because...Well - who wouldn't want to be the last person to survive? I guessed that it was kind of like The Hunger Games in the way that everyone had to kill each other to survive. Another reason, another very important reason is my younger brother, Mikey. He's three years younger than me and everything that happened to him is my fault and save your breath, I don’t want to hear about all of the excuses that you’re going to give me about how it isn’t my fault, save me your pity.

He got taken away horrifically around three months ago by faces that were beginning to fade from my memory – that was the effect of the Earth's newly developed atmosphere. It got inside your head without your consent and made you forget things, luckily though – it effected the zombies more, it made them slow down their pace and stamina. But the one thing that I would never forget would be Mikey.

I would never stop trying to find him – even if it meant that I would die trying. It’s better to go down fighting over dying over something so meaningless.

We had spent every second that we could together at home, at school was another story. He was only fifteen and if he was dead now then...I shook my head, I couldn't even bear to live with the thought. It was my fault and it ate away at me every second of every day. I owed him that.

Hesitantly, I made my way into my “house” as I liked to call it; the family who lived here had died long, long ago so hypothetically, it did belong to me under the circumstances of the fact that they were now deceased.

It only had a few windows which was good and the rooms which did have them were blocked out so no monsters could get in. I spent the majority of my day in the basement anyway, drawing and sketching random things, planning the next day – just hoping that Mikey might be able to find his way back to me eventually.

I went into the kitchen and slung off my bag full of supplies that I had found earlier on that day, I unpacked a few packets of crisps and put them into a cupboard – it may be the end of the world but it wasn't too late for coffee, I made myself a cup and stared absent-mindedly into space. Why had the world become like this?

Why had everything suddenly become to shit and destroyed? The humans on Earth were never a good thing, I knew that much. But did we truly ask for it? We did this to ourselves. It was our fault. Was this going to last forever...Was it going to be everlasting?

I heard banging on the front door and I instantly awoke from my sudden daze of dreams and the dream-like state that I would normally go into at around three in the morning. I would normally stay up until four am, because that was normally when the zombies would die out again and return to their normal habitats in the dark and in the slums.

"Help me!!" I faintly heard as I approached up the stairs from the basement, raising an eyebrow high. I could see arms banging on the door and my first thought was that it was a zombie and out of instinct I grabbed my gun from the corner, raising it up and aiming. "HELP!!" They screamed again, "anybody, please!!!" They sounded so helpless and scared that it instantly made my heart melt and everything inside of me turned to mush. I was a human being, not an emotionless soldier who only killed anything that moved. No one is truly built like that, no matter how much they want to deny it.

I ran to the door and looked through the keyhole, immediately opening the door and dragging the boy inside, practically throwing him down to the floor again before I locked the door up tightly and made sure that nothing was going to come through it. I turned towards the boy on the floor who was quivering away and trying to move away on the ground into the corner. I put my gun to the side and took out a knife from my pocket, pinning his wrists to the wall and leaning in closer to him, immediately showing him who was the more dominant one around here.

"Who are you?" I asked, my voice was much softer than I intended it to be, but the terrified look in his eyes was enough to make my personality switch in a split second. I needed to know who he was and whether or not he was infected, that my first priority.

"Frank!! F-Frank I-Iero!!" He yelped out and I lowered my knife to try and ease him a little. His eyes squeezed tight shut and he cried out in pain, tears started to fall down his face as he shook with fear.

"Are you one of them?" I asked gently and leaned in closer to him, practically touching his ear with my lips as I spoke.

"N-no! I was trying to run a-away from t-them!" He said loudly, still looking away in the other direction so that he didn't have to look at me, still terrified. I let go of his wrists and he instantly clutched them to his chest and rubbed them gently, coughing a little and running a hand through his black hair that was far too long and looked like it needed cutting desperately.

His ragged black jeans had multiple holes and cuts in them and the same went for his dark denim jacket, almost black. I frowned and he placed a hand to his knee, pulling it away again and wincing slightly when he saw blood. I noticed it too and shook my head. God he really needed sorting out.

"How old are you?" I asked, looking him up and down again, he looked about my age, maybe younger.

"17," he answered quietly, mumbling it more to himself, but it did sound like a question, instantly making me wonder how severe the effects of the apocalypse had on him. “What’s your name?”

I nodded slowly and held my hand out to him, more as a peace-offering than a helping hand. "Gerard Way, how long have you been out there?" I asked, helping him to stand up, he was slightly shorter than me, probably around 5"4, something like that.

"Ever since the beginning of this bullshit, pretty much," he spoke with more confidence now. Probably because he knew that I wasn't going to kill him. I let go of his hand and lead him upstairs, leading him to the bathroom.

"Ah, well...I'm not going to make any promises to you, bad things have happened to me in the past the last time I made them." I said sadly and switched on the light, switching on the shower for him. "But I can offer you a place to stay for a few days, food and a shower." I explained and gestured to the shower and the towels.

Frank practically attacked me with a hug and held me tightly to his chest, really tightly but I didn't care. It had been a while since I had been through any sort of human contact and even a mere hug from a stranger who wasn't dead was good enough for me right now.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" He squealed and pulled away and beamed at me, I nodded and held a hand up to him, letting him know to wait. I went and got out a pair of black jeans and a black long sleeved tee.

"These may fit, they make not...Er, we can make do." I explained awkwardly and handed him them and smiled before shutting the door. I went and sat down against the wall, checking the time again and leaning my head back against the wall, taking deep breaths. How could I let myself be so weak again? What if he treats me like the same guy had before? What if everything goes wrong...Just like before...Oh God...New Jersey was bad enough!

Frank came out the shower around ten minutes later, and...I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder, instantly looking him up and down. What can I say? It’s been a while since I’ve seen human company; don’t I get to admire things every now and again?

The trousers needed a trim at the bottoms, but other than that he was perfect, everything about him was perfect. He pulled the sleeves over his hands and shuffled nervously as I stared at him like a completely dumbstruck-teenage-idiot.

“Sorry, I er...Yeah, sorry...” I muttered, running a hand over my hair, stepping out of the way so that he could get past. He beamed at me and made is way into my temporary bedroom, sitting down on the bed. After I followed him, I grabbed scissors from the bookcase and crouched down on the floor, snipping the bottoms of his jeans to his ankles. He grinned and crossed his legs when I was finished, holding his ankles close to his lap.

“So are we going to team up like all those other bastards do out there, even the dead ones?” Frank asked, attempting, but failing at drying his hair with his hands.

“Maybe,” I shrugged, putting the scissors back down. “I need to find my brother, that’s all I really care about,” I frowned instantly, even when I mentioned his name I got deeply upset and uptight like this. It really was not healthy.

“Your brother?” Frank asked, pausing. “How old is he? I may have seen him,” Frank suggested, laying down on the bed and starting to cuddle up in the sheets and blankets. He honestly did look like he needed a good night’s sleep, and it seemed like now that he was in my company, he would get all the sleep he needed.

“Um...Fifteen, but he looks much older. Mousy brown hair, a little bit taller than me, skinny as a rake, y’know the type?” I shrugged and made sure that the window was shut before I closed the bedroom door too and climbed into the same bed that Frank as in. I guessed that if I was going to get stabbed in the back in my sleep then I should at least be comfortable when it happened, it would save me the horror of having to know that Mikey could be dead. If he was then I really didn’t think that I could handle it.

“Hm, where do you think he’d be?” Frank whispered, leaning up on one of his elbows so that he could look me in the eyes. I sighed, clasping my hands within each other and folding them behind my head, staring up at the ceiling.

“Probably at our old house in Queens, a few miles away, I was planning on visiting there tomorrow because everything normally dies down on Sundays with the zombies for some reason. Maybe it’s something to do with whatever God is up there, maybe he actually gives a damn now.” I explained harshly, Frank placed a hand on my cheek and hushed me, shaking his head.

“We’ll find him, Gerard, I promise. But now you’ve got to sleep, okay?” Frank nodded and he hugged me awkwardly before turning to face the wall and falling asleep pretty quickly by the look of things. I just continued to stare up at the ceiling for a good few hours. I hated sleep, I really did – it was a waste of time and a waste of energy, I could be using that energy in a much more useful way. I could be finding Mikey, my poor little brother...He could be lost...Alone. Just like how I felt.

Time; that was everything to me, after every second that goes by he could be dead. He could not be here anymore. Non-existent, along with my sanity of course, at least then he had familiar company.
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