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& so the trouble begins.

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It was well past midnight and Kate Wentz lay in bed, not asleep of course, she could never sleep comfortably until she knew both her brother and her boyfriend were home safe (she cared about the others as well but if she seriously waited up for Joe and Andy, she would never sleep). Usually she would be at the show they were playing, but tonight her band had a surprise meeting to discuss their future plans and the musical directions they wanted to go in. Kate was the lead singer, rhythm guitarist, as well as the only girl in a band named Delilah that she and her best friends from high school formed basically just to pass the time.
It was then that her phone started vibrating and bellowing out Marvin Gaye's all too familiar tune "Lets Get it On." She sat up quickly looking for her phone, only one person had that ring tone. She found it and the caller ID flashed /Stumph Cell/. She sighed in relief, she was getting kind of worried.
"Patrick Jeeze" she said as she answered the phone only to hear giggles as a reply.
"Uhm Pete?" she questioned again slightly confused and silently praying that it was her older brother being a dumb ass and not some girl macking with her boyfriend. Giggles was her reply again followed by moaning and a female voice:
"Patrick you're lips feel so good."
Which was followed by a laugh from Patrick, and then
"What are you doing with my phone?"
Giggles, "Oh nothing." Was her reply.
"Seriously Chelsea, what are you doing with my phone?"
"'Trick who's Kate?" the laughter in Chelsea's voice let Kate know that she knew very well who she was, and knew exactly what she was doing. BITCH.
"Oh Shit" was his reply before she hung up.
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