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"Thanks."He says, a slow, sly smile stretching his lips as he hands me my lighter back.Highschool is ridiculous:FRERARD:

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Humor,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2013/10/06 - Updated: 2013/10/06 - 960 words

Hello, this is gonna be a chapter story, nothing too complicated, it's more like how I feel a lot during highschool and stuff. More of my oppinions and thoughts of it used through Frank's point of view. Rhis is a prologue just to see if you guys will actually like it

Silence. That's all that's heard...of course, that's only if it's actually something one can physically hear. The room is cold. I'm starting to get goosebumps. Everything is still, everything feels empty. Silence, cold, and stillness, Oh how frightening. Yet, I feel (happily) numb. I look at the clock...wait, the second hand isn't moving. Why? I sigh, or at least I think I do, for I don't feel nor hear any breath emit from my lips. Bored...oh god, I am so bored. I look at the cold, hard desk in front of me. -Wait, desk? Where am I again?
-"Mr. Iero! I said: PAY ATTENTION!"
Ah, there. The silence is broken, cracked to pieces on the floor, I whip my head up towards the person who broke the sacred glass.
Oh, now I remember where I am. I look at my history teacher with faux curiousity. I feel as if I had seeped back into the reality, like a stain of water on a flimsy paper towel, seeping through, slowly. Everything is a little bit hazy around the edges of my sight, of my mind. I feel a little bit put off, thrown of course like a car swerving through ice. Wait, I haven't stopped staring at my teacher, I hear giggling around me and I glance my eyes warily around the room to see my peers holding in their laughter of amusement, as my teacher keeps glaring at me, with her deathly eyes of radiation (ha). Are they laughing at her face or mine? I look back at my teacher. Oh shit! I don't think I've responded...
"Yes?" I cough " I mean: Sorry."
She stares at me with her dark beady eyes. I feel as if I am being analyzed..Shit! Can she tell? Does she know? I ceartainly hope not. I feel panic rise in me as she starts walking towards my desk. I feel myself gulp as she comes closer. Finally reaching my desk, she leans towards my desk, towards me, and hands me a white slip of paper. I stare at her as she makes her way towards the front of the class, towards her desk, and when she finally takes her seat I read the paper: DETENTION, it says, in big bold letters that foretell doom.I let relief flood through me like a warm shower, and smile smugly to myself, grateful that she had not noticed my state of being.
"Iero!! You find this amusing!?" My teacher yells fuiriously. She swiftly gets up from her seat and rushes towards me, handing me yet, another paper this time reading: Three weeks DETENTION, this time I watch her as she gets back to her seat with a bewildered expression. I feel despair quelle through my stomach sinking like a stone at the bottom of a sea, and I thump my head on the desk in resignation. Well, shit.
The bell rings and I rush out the door in anger. Bitch! I think as I make my way through the crowded hallways, rushed with fury. I get lost in the endless fields of bodies, catching whiffs of cheap cologne and too-sweet perfumes. I walk faster towards my destination, the conditioned air and pale green flourescent lights stinging my eyes. My breath increases as I walk nearer to the doors, I'm almost out, almost out. I finally make it out, pushing the blue metal doors open with excitement. I walk outside, against the school's dirty wall of bricks, and hide among a patch of trees and stairs on the side of the school.
I lean against the brick walls, slowly sliding to the floor next to the corner of the stairs as I pull out my joint and lighter, looking around to make sure I'm alone. Just as I'm about to light my joy stick, I hear footsteps descending around the corner and I clutch my lighter to my chest protectively. I listen intently as the footsteps draw nearer, holding my breath to hear more: heavy footsteps, calm pacing, soft stomping, sound of leather scraping cement: boots. I let some tension leave my shoulders, knowing that the school's faculty and security don't wear boots. Still, I hide in my litte quiet, peaceful corner waiting, hoping the sound of footsteps retrieve, except my hope has seemed to fail me as I hear them near me. Before I have time to react, less much hide my things, the footsteps stop in my line of sight: revealing a pair of boot clad feet. I slowly raise my eyes up, turning my head as I stare at the person in front of me, my breath exhales in relief as I stare at a guy in a worn out leather jacket. The guy looks down at me with intense yet harmless golden hazel eyes.
" Got a light?" He asks, his voice rough, smooth, like scraped velvet.
I hand him my lighter wordlessly with out taking my eyes off him, staring at him warily, curiously, as he lights his cigarette.
"Thanks." He says, a slow, sly smile stretching his lips as he hands me my lighter back. " See you around." he states mysteriously, turning his back and heading back towards around the corner where he came from. I watch his figure descend for no more than three seconds, then quickly light my joint with pleasure.

I hope you guys liked it or look forward to reading more please R & R
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