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Chapter 9

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Gerard stirred awake on the Friday morning with someone’s arms around his waist. At first he thought it was Frank, but then the smile fell from his face as he remembered who it was. He groaned as he sat up, rubbing his eyes, his heart dropping into the pit of his stomach when he saw Adam’s face...and bare chest...and bare body. He clapped a hand over his eyes and took a moment to breathe. He needed to get Adam out of his apartment and out of his life. This was definitely a mistake.

He stepped into some sweatpants after getting out of bed and began to make some coffee. He could see the trail of clothes leading to his room last night and felt like throwing up. He should have just shut the door on Adam yesterday.

He was sitting on his couch, drinking coffee, when Adam appeared in his bedroom doorway, his hair messy and his eyes red and bloodshot.

“G? What?” He asked blearily.

“You came here last night begging me to take you back.” Gerard said grimly. “Just get dressed and leave and we can pretend it never happened.”

“What? No...I don’t....I meant it, Baby, I swear.” Adam said, massaging his temples.

Gerard sighed. “It was a mistake, Adam. I shouldn’t have let you in. Just get dressed and go.”

“No, I’m not walking away this time.” Adam said, sitting down next to Gerard on the couch.

“How big of you.” Gerard said scathingly. “Go, please.”

“No, I want to make it up to you...I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you, I swear.” Adam said, taking Gerard’s hand. “You were the first person I fell in love with...and you’re the only person I’ve ever truly loved. Just let me stay and we can talk.”

Gerard stared into Adam’s eyes and felt his resolve crumble. “Fine. Fine. For closure.”

“You have any coffee spare?” Adam asked. Gerard sighed and got up, ready to spend the rest of the morning with the ex he thought he’d never see again.


They ended up lying on their backs in the living room talking, like they used to when they first moved in. They began drinking some of Adam’s vodka just after midday, and started sharing a joint a few hours before Gerard’s shift, and then took a few pills Adam found in his jacket pocket. The wound up anxiety and anger in Gerard’s chest unravelled during the day and he actually found himself enjoying Adam’s company.

They began making out just before Gerard had to leave to go to the club.

“Adam!” He laughed, trying to push him off. “I have to go- Adam!” He shrieked as Adam bit down on his neck.

“Let’s go out afterwards.” Adam insisted. “Let’s go to a club...let’s go dancing!”

Gerard giggled and straddled Adam, his legs bracketing Adam’s waist and placing his palms flat on Adam’s chest.

“Sure.” He breathed, leaning down to kiss him once more, sloppily, before pulling back up again. “I have to go...I’ll meet you back here in a few hours.”

“Or I could come with you?” Adam said, sitting up as Gerard gathered up his stuff, losing his balance every so often due to how high he was.

“Yeah, why the fuck not. Let’s go!” Gerard said, laughing and pulling Adam out of the apartment with him.

When they arrived at the club, Charlie had just finished his shift. Gerard pushed Adam into the chair in front of his dresser and climbed into Adam’s lap, kissing him messily. There were several cries of “Oh come on!” while he did this, but he just smiled into the kiss. He only stopped until he got a tap on the shoulder. He reluctantly pulled away, Adam’s hands still on his ass.

“Hey, Charlie!” Gerard laughed, keeping a loose arm around Adam’s neck.

“...You alright, Babe?” Charlie asked cautiously, looking at Gerard’s dilated pupils. “Who’s this?”

“This- this is my boyfriend.” Gerard giggled, leaning down to kiss Adam again. Charlie pulled him back off.

“Wait, wait. What happened to Frank?” Charlie asked, bemused.

“Who cares about Frank?” Gerard rolled his eyes, kissing Adam once again before patting his cheek. “I need’ta get ready now. Wait for me at the bar.”

“Okay.” Adam said reluctantly, kissing Gerard again before Gerard climbed off him, before leaving to go to the bar.

“Seriously, Gerard - who was that? And are you okay?” Charlie asked, his voice laced with concern.

“I told you, he’s Adam, my boyfriend. And I’m fine. We were just having fun.” Gerard shrugged, picking a shoe up to put on, but promptly dropping it and doubling over laughing. Charlie stared at him, horrified.

“Gerard.” He hissed. “Get it together, you’re on in a half hour.”

“I’m fine, I’ll be able.” Gerard said, standing up and swaying. “I just need”

He bent over and vomited into the trashcan by his dresser.

“God...hang on.” Charlie mumbled, wiping Gerard’s mouth. “Look, I’ll do your make up, just drink some water and try to sober up before you go out.”

“Cool.” Gerard said, his eyelids drooping.

“Babe...Gerard! Wake up!” Charlie snapped, handing Gerard a glass of water and starting to brush his hair.

“ ‘m good.” He murmured, rubbing his eyes. “We’re at the club, right?”

Charlie made an exasperated noise.

“You just need to keep it together for another hour!” Charlie hissed, snapping his fingers in front of Gerard’s face to get his attention.

“Yeah, yeah. Cool.” Gerard said, rubbing his eyes and standing up shakily. “Just need to get my...get my things on. Yeah.”

Charlie helped him into his stage clothes and then helped to put his make up, by which point Gerard felt a little less like he was going to vomit everywhere.

“Thanks, Charlie.” Gerard said, patting his shoulder as they stood by the stage.

“Just...this may sound crazy, G, but he is a different person to the Adam that left you when you were younger, right?” Charlie asked, putting a hand on Gerard’s shoulder and looking him in the eyes.

Gerard blinked a few times. “He...he came back for me, Charlie. He came back. He still loves me.”

Charlie’s face crumpled and he took a deep breath. “Stay at mine tonight, G. Please. Let me take you back to my place and look after you. Don’t leave after your shift, please.” Charlie begged. Gerard directed his gaze to the floor.

“Yeah...this isn’t good for me. I’ll see you backstage after I’m done.” Gerard said, smiling. “Thank you, Charlie.”

Charlie smiled at him before he left for his dancing shift.


Gerard kicked off his heels after coming off stage and darted backstage to get his bag before making his way through to the bar.

“Let’s go, Ads.” He giggled. “Charlie’s gonna catch me and I’m going to be in trouble.”

Adam grabbed his hand without asking any questions and together they snuck out of the club, laughing and running down the streets outside in a drug induced haze, only stopping to leave Gerard’s bag at his apartment before heading out to a club on the other side of town.
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