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Chapter 3: stay with me.......for Lunch time?

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The two finally speak alone for once! What will the two learn over lunch and what is to become of them?

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Class ended and it was noon usual time for Rikiya to leave and check on Akari. But he had no time this year afternoon class was in two hours and it takes at least one to get to her. He can't go without eating again... he had a decent amount of money to go to a cafe in the city close by.

He got up and sighed "ehh my life is simple enough if anything one of those girls will follow." Yet he still had the look of loneliness. Haruki left class looking for Shizuka, he was suppose to go home, but he really wanted to talk to Shizuka. Haruki got lost and eventually ended up on a side of town that's he's never seen. "I don't think I'll be able to make it back for afternoon classes" he found an ally and laid down. "I'm sleepy, I'll just take a nap."

Rikiya was walking toward a cheaper market and he noticed Oshiro-kun sleeping and pulled him up. "What are you doing?! Its dangerous!" He grabbed him and sat down at a cafe like he said he was supposed to.

"Oshiro-kun what are you doing? You have to be careful." The waitress walked up and smiled. "What would you like gentleman?" Rikiya looked embaressed "umm by any chance can we have a juice, a coffee, and two strawberry yogurts desserts please.?" Rikiya look exhusted. "Sorry Oshiro-kun.. I hope you like it...just be careful." "sorry Shizuka-Senpai, I just got sleepy and lost so I just wanted to nap for a bit" Haruki yawned, "I'm sorry to cause you trouble Senpai, I feel really bad so let me pay for lunch" he smiled, a tired smile since he still really wanted that nap. "Its okay, Oshiro-kun. Ill pay I brought enough for now, just might need help after class later can you come?"

Rikiya had no ill intentions for later on but he really needed help and possiblely was curious about Oshiro-kun. "If you can't its fine." Rikiya smiled though completely nervous about later on. "I can come after class" Haruki lied, his owners were probably already worried that he didn't show up and he'd be in real big trouble for not showing up after school but he wanted to make things up to his senpai, since he saved his life and all.

"I can't wait to hang out with senpai" he smiled again. The waitress came back and gave them their food. "Thank you sir!" She smiled and walked away. Rikiya smiled at Oshiro-kun never losing eye contact with him. As he took a bite after he asked "Oshiro-kun do you like your food?" Haruki with food on his face said, "yess, I like it better than what I eat on a normal day" for some reason Haruki never developed a liking to expensive foods. "your different from everyone else at school, aren't you senpai?"

"what'd you mean?" "I'm guessing your not as rich as everyone else And possibly ownerless, not that it makes a difference, I still want to be great friends with you senpai! But I'm curious, but curiosity killed the cat and I'm a cat so that's bad and ima shut up now" he smiled at the end feeling a bit awkward for the question he asked and how he rambled. "I rather not say actually Oshiro-kun..but I have a question of my own. Why is it your so attached to me? I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't be by now. So I was wondering why?"

Rikiya smiled at his awkward way of speech looking at him piercing him with his gaze yet it was soft and tender. Damn he looked so cute looking at him like that. "well I don't know for sure" said Haruki, "maybe because you saved me? I don't know, what I do know is that when I'm close to senpai I'm happy and when I'm away from senpai I'm kinda sad" he smiled, "I miss senpai when he's gone" Rikiya blushed a little and smiled. "I agree with you Oshiro-kun. And your really cute right now.

Enjoy your food and let's get back to class soon." He stood up finishing his food and walking by to return the plates to make it easier coming back. To get Oshiro-kun and pet his head once today one of his fingers gracing his ears softly. "Come on" "you know how to get back from here?" asked Haruki, "I don't even know where we are, that's why I decided to take a nap"

"Yea of course I do. And don't worry about it" Rikiya walked them around a few corners to the university. "There we found it." Smiling happily, the first time since being in the university his ears twitched happily. Haruki headed to his afternoon class and he was sad to hear that him and Rikiya didn't have the same one. Haruki waved goodbye and smiled one last time before they parted ways but he was still happy knowing he would see him again after school.

Rikiya was excited for their time after school though he didn't know why it was just a somewhat quick favor. Yet he couldn't get his mind off of it. Oshiro-kun's smile kept popping up in his mind. Before he knew it the teacher was saying his closing statements. Damn he thought we have our first art history test in a few days...I only have this class this twice a week...damn.

"oh well" he sighed. "Ill wait for Oshiro-kun by the entrance." When another neko approached him. "I noticed you had some trouble today, take my notes to copy I'll be sure to see you." He smiled and walked away.

Rikiya was confused and stared as he walked off but quickly came back to reality and headed toward the entrance to meet Oshiro-kun.
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