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Stress Dinner

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Mosh listens to Noiz bitch about her day over dinner.

Category: Erotica - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Published: 2013-10-25 - 309 words - Complete

Stress Dinner:

Noiz's frustrated again. Mosh sat there while she ranted about her day at work.

"This was bullshit!" she yelled, "Why am I stuck with idiots!"

"What happened now?" her boyfriend asked, eating a rice cracker. Noiz sat back sighed.

"This newbie they sent to the academy today," she groaned, "Oh my god." She goes into details of one screw up after another. The mouse boy doesn't say a word. Nothing he says will sink to her rant. He learned that on the first time she came home stressed.

"They are just stupid," Noiz complained. Mosh nodded at her while still ate his rice. Noiz buried her head in her hands and sighed.

"I see," Mosh replied. Noiz lifted her head.

"Damn it," she muttered, "What am I going to do? The project is due in ten days! Argh!" Mosh doesn't answer; she's not looking for one either. Right now, she just wants someone to rant at. The mouse boy lends an ear and lets her talk until she's blue in the mouth. Tonight is no different.

She hasn't touched her food until now. That anger must have built up an appetite. Noiz isn't even being a lady about it. The angrier she gets, the more she chomps. Mosh felt the worry slowly kick in.

"Noiz-tan," he said, "Shouldn't you slow down?" She's not listening as she keeps on chomping. Mosh's eyes trailed down to his soup.

I'm glad I'm not on the menu tonight, he thought. Just thinking about being between those angry jaws made him shutter.

"Is there a problem?" someone asked him. Mosh looked up and noticed the puzzled look on Noiz's face. The mouse boy shook his head.

"No," he replied, "No problem at all." The boyfriend looked down at his soup again. He could only wait for the anger storm to pass again.
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