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Chapter 2-The Request

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Naruto makes a request of Kakashi that catches the man off guard and shocks him.

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Chapter 2:
Warm. That was a great sensation filling Kakashi Hatake at the moment as he sat in the tree dozing off. Sitting next to him was Naruto Uzumaki, one of the genins in his team. The adorable child had been sleepy and had asked to rest against Kakashi for a little while which was strange since they weren’t even on a mission! Kakashi had just been in his usual tree reading when Naruto hopped up out of nowhere and claimed to be tired. Why the kid didn’t go home and rest instead, he didn’t know. He certainly wouldn’t argue with it either.
“Kakashi sensei?” The jonin opened his eye lazily to find blue ones staring up at him.
“Hmm?” The boy shifts to sit up fully.
“Um…can I ask you a question?” Kakashi took a moment to consider it, weighing out the pros and cons. If he asked something that Kakashi didn’t have an answer to or if it was something he didn’t want to answer for his or Naruto’s sake, he would try to be gentle about it while making it clear that he wasn’t going to give him and answer. What Kakashi couldn’t figure out is whether or not it was going to be easy to deny the child his answer.
“I suppose…I will try to answer as best as I can.” Kakashi watches as Naruto taps his index fingers together with a small blush, a small blush forming on his own cheeks.
“C-Can I…can I stay with you tonight?”
“Huh?!” Kakashi had been expecting the worse, not a request for a sleepover!
“W-Well I…I have been having nightmares a lot at home recently and so I don’t want to be alone tonight. I am not in the mood to get hit if I ask Sakura-chan and I already know Sasuke will just say no but I thought that you might approve.”Kakashi was still trying to wrap his head around the idea of eating dinner with Naruto, much less sleeping in the same bed as him.
“H-Huh…o-oh…I…I suppose that would be alright.” The way the boy’s face lit up only made the jonin’s heart race faster.
“Really?!” Kakashi gives him a stiff nod before Naruto gives him a tight hug and jumps down from the tree.”
“I am going to get things I will need. See you later Kakashi-sensei!” Still in shock, Kakashi merely waves, his now forgotten book dangling in one of his hands.
"What exactly just happened?"
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