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Brendon has a plan after dinner

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we had just finished dinner and we were walking out to Brendon's car when he said

"we better hurry! we don't want to miss what I've got planned next." he said with a wink and a smile as we started speed walking to the car. once again he opened the door for me and helped me into the SUV.
"so what did you say you had planned next?" I questioned.

"I didn't. Its a surprise" he said as we started driving the city lights lighting up the night. after a while I could see he was driving tward a big bridge, but instead of going through it he turned off onto a dock like thing and got out of the car and went around to my side to help me out.

"what are we Doing Brendon?" I asked confused as I watched him looking into the sky over the water. I looked back to see the city not too far, about a block behind us. then I saw the bridge beside us light up into a bunch of different colors.

"whats going on?" I asked even more confused. Brendon looked down at his phone.

"any minute now" he replied. he grabbed my hand and made me look into the blank sky above the river with him. I almost began to laugh at us looking at nothing until I saw something shoot up into the air and as it exploded into colors with a loud pop it almost scared me. I looked at Brendon who was watching my face with a big smile on his.I looked back into the sky the fire works as they shot into the sky and bursted into colors.

their so beautiful" I murmured which caused him to look at me and smile."how did you know that there would be fore works here?" I asked.

"because I set them up. do you like them?" he asked.

"you set this up for me? even the bridge?" I asked in disbelief.

"yeah, even the bridge." he said glancing at the bridge twinkling in rainbows.

"I-I don't know what to say... I love it!" I stammered in disbelief. He looked at me and smiled once again and put his arm around my waist and pulled me in next to him. we ohhed and ahhed at the sparkling lights that exploded in the sky. this was something else, guys don't even show up for dates let alone set up fire works and 5 star restaurants for me, this is just so amazing and romantic. after a while he checked his phone and then turned to me and looked me in the eyes and I felt butterflies flutter in my stomach as the air carried his scent to me. I herd pops and bursts from the fire works in the back ground as the fireworks went off in the background and my attention left them as Brendon and I got closer to each other. before I knew it his lips and body had magnetized themselves to mine and we were locked in a very passionate sweet kiss. our lips danced together slowly as the big ending of the fire works went off loudly in the scenery, the numerous pops and burst of them I could feel some how in our kiss. his hand was around my waist and mine were around his neck just locked there. shivers were running through my body like electric. he pulled away but he was till close enough to where I could feel his warm breath om my lips as he looked down at me into my eyes just as the last trace of fire work slid down the sky.

"what did you think?" he said in a sexy voice pulling away a little more to let me form some kind of response. it was too late my brain had melted due too the most romantic thing I have ever been in just happening.

"I..uhhhh...mmmmhmmm" was all I managed to say as I blankly stared at Brendon. what the hell did he just do to me? he began to smile at my response.

"I'll take that as you liked it" he laughed. "its starting to get a little chilly out here and I don't want you getting sick or anything" Brendon said grabbing my hand and leading me back to the car.
By the time we were both in the car and driving, I had finally regained my speech.

"Brendon, that was so amazing and beautiful. really, thank you so much." I said full of gratitude for this sweet man. he smiled.

"I'm glad you liked it. I had never dome anything like that for anyone before, but I am a true romantic at heart."

"that must of taken so much time and money, planning everything like that." I said.

"what's time and money if you don't have anyone to share it with" he said.

"where do you want to go now?" he asked.

"I don't know." I said thinking.

"my house. do you like scary movies?" I asked.

"love um, lets go!" he said with a laugh. we got into a conversation and the way back to my house on which scary movies we liked most.

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