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Audition Story to be - NOW CLOSED

by CupcakeFairy 7 Reviews

SORRY AUDITIONS CLOSED. Click for results.

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  • Audition Story to be - NOW CLOSED

    (#) CarcinoGeneticist 2013-10-30 03:39:27 AM

    If you want an idea, can I give you one free of charge that I am too busy to write?

    (I will anyway.)

    How about you write about a support group for Vampires who turned into vampires when they were preteen/teenagers? And they are too young to do adult things like go to movies or take busses by themselves so they all get together to share stories and help each other out getting things off high shelves.

    Author's response

    I'll take your idea into consideration. If I don't write it this time round, I'll keep it for future help. THANKS!
  • Audition Story to be - NOW CLOSED

    (#) glostick86 2013-10-30 05:20:06 AM

    Charecter name: Pandora
    Description (what they look like): long blood red hair to her waist, green eyes, fair skinned, loves to wear anything gothic like corsets
    Personality: she looks intimidating but she is really a sweet person, has a huge crush on Gerard but is afraid to abmite it, has been living across the street for 3 years now but has never said hi
    What they would and wouldn't do: plays really well on the piano and can sing, she is afraid to say hello to any of the guys
    and what setting you want,(IE, school life, Killjoys, ect): late high school or pre-college will work

    I would like to be paired up with Gerard. But please can it be guy/girl. I'm not against *FRERARD but I would like it better if it was guy/girl. please.

    Maybe they can meet when Micky and Gerard hears her playing and singing while passing by her house.

    Just some ideas.


    Author's response

    Thanks, your charecter and idea is greatly appreciated.

    If I don't use uour story idea I will probably use your charecter idea.

    Final verdicts to be posted at a latate.ter d

    Sorry, keyboard fucked up. It was suppost to say Posted at a later date.
  • Audition Story to be - NOW CLOSED

    (#) Hozzie 2013-10-30 11:44:03 AM

    Charecter name: Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Bareham
    Description (what they look like): Long dark hair, straight but wavy towards the bottom. Blue eyes. Pale skin. Long nails painted red. Small and skinny.
    Personality: Shy. Friendly. Creative. Scaredy-cat.
    What they would and wouldn't do: I don't know, they wouldn't be rude to anyone and would always avoid arguements.
    and what setting you want,(IE, school life, Killjoys, ect): Killjoys please:)
    Can I be paired with Gerard please? :3

    Love Hozzie

    Author's response

    Your charecter sounds cool. Final verdict soon, that I promice.
  • Audition Story to be - NOW CLOSED

    (#) Suicide_Room 2013-10-30 07:36:12 PM

    Charecter name:Saira Gemn

    Description (what they look like):long fire orange red hair, golden eyes, slightly pale, skinny, short ,

    Personality: shy, adventurous, artistic, acts confident even when shes breaking inside, she is someone you can tell anything and will give great advice

    What they would: listen, fight, make jokes and pranks, will always get you into trouble but would take the blame for you.

    and wouldn't do:being rude, try and make someone else feel like shit,

    and what setting you want,(IE, school life, Killjoys, ect):could be set in both, though highschool is easier to write about and killjoy just makes the story adventurous, why not combined them?

    Author's response

    Umm, I never thought to combine the two. Sheepish grin Thanks so much for you help and brain juice (idea)
  • Audition Story to be - NOW CLOSED

    (#) Suicide_Room 2013-10-30 07:36:51 PM

    If you want, I could help you wrte the story or give you a few ideas. That is if you don't mind.

    Author's response

    That sounds wounderfull. I'm so slow and my ideas change constantly, so you'd be a big help. So yeah we can type the story together, though I dont know what it is yet.

    Oh, wow I sounds so cheesey.
  • Audition Story to be - NOW CLOSED

    (#) MrWayxNoGay 2013-11-03 02:55:36 PM

    Character Name: Jess (don't mind last name)

    Description: Black hair down to collarbones, cut in an emo/scene style with bangs. Hazel/Green eyes. Looks a bit like revenge Gerard. Spider bites on the left side of her mouth, nose piercing on the right side and a septum piercing. Same height as Frank

    Personality: Quiet, but loud once you get to know her. Sensitive, self-harms or used to. Has a crush on Gerard. Not very trusting. Not a happy person. Good singer but can't play guitar or any instrument to save her life. Likes to draw.

    What she'd do: Be understanding, be a supportive friend. Get into trouble alot. Stand up for anyone, unless they're a douche c:

    What she wouldn't do: Ruin relaionships. Bully someone.

    Setting: High school, or like Suicide_Room said, combined killjoy and highschool. Or revenge

    If you guys need any extra help, I'd happily volunteer ^-^

    Author's response

    Hell yeah, your Charecter is awesome. Psst, don't tell anyone, I'm totaly using your charecter, so SSHH.

    On another note your help will be much appreciated. But like I keep saying final verdicts are soon.
  • Audition Story to be - NOW CLOSED

    (#) Suicide_Room 2013-11-09 03:01:48 AM

    Hey , I still want to help just email me whenever

    Author's response

    If anyone actually reads the respoces. (poeple in genral) I e-mailed a couple of days ago. Just a heads up. :)

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