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You can say a prayer if you need to, or just get in line and I'll grieve you.

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The alliance of Gerard Way is safe in the hands of the services, but just how much will he sacrifice for the love of his brother?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Crossover,Drama - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2013/11/02 - Updated: 2013/11/03 - 392 words

so I wasnt really sure whether to do this chapter or not but I thought the story would need more layers and crap
here have some Mikey yay
yet another short chapter
sorry guissee

"What a prick."
"We still have no clue of his whereabouts, however." the interrogater raised his eyebrows at Mikey questioningly, receiving a half hearted shrug in response. "I dunno, man," Mikey streched against his bound-to-chair limbs. "Last thing I saw was his back walking away as you faggots claimed my ass and dragged me to this shithole." He inhaled deeply up his bloody nostrils, then spluttering, arching against his restrains. "Dude, when the fuck am I allowed a shower? I go through eight hours of interrogation daily and I ain't allowed to satisfy my freakin' hygienic needs?"
James, said interrogater cracked his back, smirking at the jealous glare he earned. Ignoring Mikey's proposals, he turned a serious eye to his source. "He took a hostage. We've recently visited his companion Ray Toro in hospital, who was shot at the scene last night." This puzzled Mikey. A hostage. His brother absolutely hated baggage, probably why he somewhat keenly left him to rot in this fucking dump. Mikey didn't allow his confusion to show through, though.
"The guy's called Frank Iero, any familiarity?"
Jesus, Gee, you've really done it. Mikey's eye flinched involuntarily, Mikey mentally cursing for it's disturbance to his clear run. "Er, erm-" Clever, Mikey. Real fucking smooth.
He felt the iron knuckles of the slender man jutt into his cheekbone, blood spraying from his chapped lips.
"Fucking he-"
"Don't hesitate or I'll have reason to hold it against you."
"Never heard of the shit-" another sharp rap against his embarrassingly weak jawline.
"Don't go thinking you can waste my time, fucker." James was geowing irritant.
"Oh I don't." Mikey grumbled.
"Well, faggot?"
"Nah, dunno if the guy's gay or not, has quite a snazzy ass name though, haha, Iero," Mikey chuckled, earning a shot in the leg. "Argh, fuck,"
"You know what I meant." James growled, eye twitching with anger.
"Well, yeah, Gerard is bent as a roundabout but to be honest I'm sure he'd rip your limbs out one by one for saying such a term."
"Do you know anything of Iero?" James repeated, trying to tame his angry voice.
"No." Mikey lied. "Badass name, though."
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