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Fool Queen

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Hisoka and Carrie spend a late night talking to each other.

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Chapter Twenty-Six: Fool Queen:

"You took the first step," Carrie said with a flashlight on Hisoka under a sheet.

"Yeah," the boy said dryly. Carrie noticed the look on his face.

"What's wrong?" she asked. Hisoka pressed his lips together.

"Everyone saw it was a problem," he said.

"And now?" she asked. He lowered his head.

"Even I know it's a problem," he grumbled. Carrie gave him an odd look.

"And... you don't like that?" she asked.

"It was easier being blind to it," the shinigami answered. His light never left her face.

"So what are you going to do now?" the red-haired girl asked. Hisoka leered at her.

"Hm?" he asked.

"You admitted you have a problem," Carrie said, "What will you do?"

"I have no idea," he admitted, "I have to finish treatment here." Hisoka paused as another question came into his head. "And what about you?" he asked.

"What about me?" Carrie asked.

"Why are you here?" the shinigami asked. The younger girl felt her heart twinge with sorrow.

"My sister was murdered," she explained, "They never found the killer."

"Oh," Hisoka murmured, "I'm sorry." Carrie shook her head.

"I'm fine now," she told him, "But what about you?" Hisoka blinked puzzled.

"What about me?" he asked.

"Are you okay?" Carrie asked, "Be honest here." Hisoka drew his mouth closed. She gave him a little smile.

"It's okay," the girl whispered, "Take your time if you have to." Hisoka gave her a strange look.

"Just who are you?" he asked. Carrie reached out and tapped him on the tip of his nose.

"A friend," she replied, "Just a friend." Hisoka couldn't understand this girl. All of drugs and Jessie's spell messed up his powers. As a result, no emotions flowed through him. This little redhead clearly wasn't human, that's for sure. She clearly wasn't a shinigami either. How did she even get in the treatment center in the first place? Even more so, why was she so interested in him?

"You have to let go of him, you know?" she spoke up. Hisoka glanced over from his thoughts.

"What?" he asked. Carrie looked at him seriously.

"Let your partner go," she said, "He's happily married now." Hisoka froze at her words.

"Wait, I never told you about Tsuzuki," he said, "How did..." Carrie put her finger to his lips.

"Patients here talk," she said in a low voice. Hisoka lowered his eyes in shame.

"But seriously, let him go," she said, "Don't you want him to be happy?" The shinigami bit his lower lip sheepishly.

"But I can't..." he murmured. Carrie let her fingertips caress his right cheek.

"You have to," she said, "Otherwise, you won't be able to move on." Hisoka looked down at her hand. She told the truth to his face, but his heart still wouldn't listen.
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