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The Boy With The Curly Brown Hair

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Ashley confronts Stefan

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Ashley's POV

I look round the corner from the tree I'm hiding behind and I can see him, the boy with the curly brown hair. He's re-arranging some things in his bag. I've seen him around quite a lot, we've been going to the same schools for almost 17 years now, we were friends for a short time before secondary school but due to different classes and forms we both drifted apart. I made a few friends of my own but I no longer hang out with them, they barely notice me anymore. I've been seeing him around more often in these past few months more than I ever have in previous years but I never have the confidence to speak to him again. I mean, what if he hates me? I've walked past him getting bullied a few times and I always turn a blind eye. I should have helped him! I'm such a twat when it comes to confrontation, sometimes I have a real urge to shout "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM! HE'S DONE NOTHING TO YOU" but i-i... I just get too scared. I've seen the things the numerous things that gang has done to so many people in the past, including Stefan, and I don't want that to happen to me. I must speak to him now or else I'll regret it later. "Come on Ashley, you can do this" I whisper to myself, hoping it would give me some kind of encouragment. I check the time quickly to see if I have enough time to talk to him so I glance at him again but he's gone, oh shit. I quickly look around in search for him. It took me a few seconds before I found him again. He had moved to a second bench. The space around him is full of little friendship groups so I'll have to follow him. After a few minutes when he's done re-arranging his stuff, he gets up and walks inside. I follow him from a few metres behind. After a few minutes of me staring at him wondering how the hell I'm going to make saying 'Hey,I saw you get attacked yesterday and I want to be friends with you again' sound as comforting and kind as I can. I wouldn't want him to think I was only doing it out of pity and/or sympathy, I have to admit he looks kinda cute, and I would love to run my hands through that wonderful treasure of curls he has. "It's now or never" I say to myself. I gulp and slowly walk towards him. I wait for him to turn around before I say "h-Hi, my name's Ashley" but it came out as a stutter as I introuduce myself to the boy who is unashamedly wearing his worn out snap back. He looks so innocent. It breaks my heart to know what happened to him in the previous day. I feel guilty that I did nothing to help but I was froze in shock, I couldn't move and it was if my legs had stopped working, I was paralyzed at that very moment, I mean wouldn't you be if you saw a brutal attack? I wanted to help him so badly but something inside me made me contorted with fear. I don't mean to sound like a bad person but they could have done that me aswell. I guess that's what stopped me, the fact that if I went over to help him they would do the same to me for sticking up for someone they hate. I should just grow some fucking balls and stick up for him next time. At least I tell myself that. Stefan was looking at me as if he'd seen a ghost. Well, I can't back out now.
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