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Chapter 7

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Confusion at the Party.

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Chapter seven
[*Party Poison’s POV

What the fuck did I do? I only called her an experiment, it’s just an insult, it’s not like it means anything, I’m sure she's called me worse. I thought that bitch had no feelings anyway. I keep getting glares from all the girls, they wouldn't stop.

“WHAT?” I exclaim, they continued to shoot evils at me. I rolled my eyes and got up from the table and walked over to the bedroom door, prepared to apologize. When I got there I heard her and my brother talking. I'm not usually one to eves drop, but when its her I make an exception. The conversation was hushed but I could still hear.

“I eventually found out what the rib cage scar was from, they 'perfected' my lungs so that I could have a higher oxygen capacity, therefore being able to run faster and longer, fight better, keep my breath held underwater for hours. That’s why when your brother called me an experiment it hurt so much, because that’s what I was. A test subject, a lab rat, random skin to practice on until I got ruined and then would be disposed of!” 

There was a pause, and quite a long one. I wonder what she's talking about. Scar? Perfected lungs? Test subject? What was all this about?

“And now I’m a freak. I’m different to everyone else all because of those fucking pricks wanting to make a mutant, well I guess they got what they wanted, but I did escape, I snuck out of the lab and just ran, hopped over the gates and never dared look back... I never wanted it this way, I want to have to breath like everyone else, to be able to get out of breath and pant, I want my blue eyes back, my blonde hair back, I just want to be normal.”

Wow. I'm a dick. In my defense I didn't know, but still. Whoa. I can’t believe all of this happened to her, she's so young, she's just a kid. I'm 30 and compared to her my life has been a free ride. Experiment? That’s why it hurt so much when I called her that. What was I thinking? I scrubbed my face with my hand thinking how in hell I was supposed to apologize. I know what you're thinking, ‘if I claim to hate her so much, why do I feel so bad?’ Well here is your answer: I don’t have a fucking clue! In all my thinking I missed the rest of the conversation and the next think I knew there was footsteps getting closer to the door. I dived away and sat back down in the booth, everyone else was eating so I just looked down and twiddled my thumbs.

Kobra and Bio walked through and sat at the bar stools, Kobra had his arm around her. Why would he do that? Are they close now? Are they together? An annoying feeling arose inside of me; it made me angry and irritated. It made me want to drag Kobra away from her. I don’t like this feeling. I shook it off and looked back down.

“Hey, what happened to you?” The unmistakable voice of Fun Ghoul arose, I'm guessing the question was aimed at Bio.

“I'm on my fucking period okay!” Bio basically shouted back, I let out a small chuckle which didn't go un-missed by her. She… Wait, what? Did she just… nooo. She couldn't have just smiled at me, she hates my fucking guts. I looked over to Fun to see him with a disgusted look painted on his face, I couldn't help but laugh at that then everyone else started laughing when they saw it too.

We eventually calmed down and all went quiet, until it was broken by Jet star asking if anyone wanted pancakes, everyone jumped at the chance except Hazard who just kept her head down. What’s up with that? I guess she's not hungry and jumped up to get some chocolate chip pancakes doused in chocolate syrup. I looked at Bio again and just caught her staring at me. Why was she looking at me?

“You guys wanna come for a ride on the bikes?” Electric Baby asked, I shook my head because I was still eating but everyone else had finished so they all agreed and ran out the door, Hazard just stayed seated. Music Maniac was half way out the door when she turned around to face Bio Hazard.

“You coming babe?” she asked

“No, I’m too tired, you guys go ahead.”

Music just shrugged it off and continued out the door.
I looked up at Bio and watched her as she braided her hair round the side, I know I don’t like her and everything but it would take someone blind and stupid to think she wasn’t beautiful. I sighed and continued eating. I saw a flash of green slide into the seat across from me and looked up. I had a mouth full of pancakes a weird look on my face. she started giggling quite badly and pointing at my face. oh great, I call her beautiful and she thinks my face is funny. She kept sniggering until she saw the confused look on my face. she leaned across the tables and used her thumb to wipe at a spot on my face just near my mouth. Against all of my wills, my face started to heat up until I looked like a cherry, I bet this looks so fucking great with my matching hair.

“You got a little… um…” She trailed off, going quiet and sitting back with her shoulders hunched.

“What?” I asked.

“You had a little um… chocolate sauce, on your face” she said still looking down.

“Thanks, Bio.” At this she snapped her head up. I swallowed what was in my mouth before speaking.

“what?” I asked?

“You called me Bio.” She stated with a small smile on her face.

“Yeah? So?”

“I don’t think you've ever called me by my name before.” She let out a soft sigh/laugh.

I playfully rolled my eyes at her and shook my head. I think this is the point where I apologize for earlier right?

“Look, Bio, what I said before, I- I…” I trailed of looking down, I don’t apologize a lot, can you tell?

“Don’t worry about it, its okay.” She interrupted, looking up.

“No, it was wrong of me, I hardly know you and when I called you… that… I wasn't thinking of your feelings, I'm sorry, I'm a dick, I know.” I finished, feeling like it wasn't good enough.

“Oooh, Mr sensitive now?”
I looked up at her with a shocked look upon my face, opening and closing my mouth like a goldfish.

“Dude! Calm down, I'm just kidding,” she laughed softly, “but seriously I appreciate the apology, and I wont bore you with why it upset me, because I know you know already.” She winked, again making me look like a goldfish. I tried to stutter and excuse but I was speechless.

“Its cool I knew you were at the door, I could hear your footsteps. They um… altered my hearing as well, I can hear everything within a mile basically.” She laughed nervously playing with her shirt, well, my shirt.

“That shirt looks good on you, you can have it, red hair and orange don’t really mix anyway.”

“Oh, well thank you.” She smiled at me, a genuine smile, and this time I know I wasn't seeing things, wow I like her smile, I smiled back, but got rid of it as soon as is came because I hate her, yup, I hate her, that's exactly how I feel, she's a self righteous, spoiled, manipulative brat, yup, that just about sums it up. I looked away continued to polish off my now cold pancakes. She got up and took my plate over to the sink and started washing all the dishes.

“Hey, you don’t have to do that.” I said getting up too.

“I know, I want to, I like doing house work, I like cooking too.” she giggled

“Wow, housework, and cooking? Wouldn't you be the perfect little wife?” I joked bumping her hip with mine and picking up a dish towel.

“Fine, you wash, I dry, deal?” I suggested holding up the towel.

“Deal.” There’s that smile again, that smile did weird things to my stomach, I shuddered and set off work drying.

“Every one's on their way back, they’re about half a mile away.” She said as we finished putting the dishes away.
"How do you-" She cut me off with a look that said 'try to remember what I told you ten minutes ago please'.
"Ooohhhh." Realization dumb ass.
And five minutes later everyone walked through the door.

“Oh my God! They haven’t killed each other!” Atomic Revolver exclaimed covering her mouth in mock surprise.

“And the place is clean!” Fun Ghoul shouted collapsing on the table.

“Hey get off! I just cleaned that table and you're fucking filthy!” Bio yelled pushing him off so he fell on his ass.

“Ow!” He yelled, rubbing his ass. He looked down at his dust covered body. “Yeah, I'm gonna go jump in the shower.” He said walking out.

“Leave your clothes outside the bathroom so I can wash ‘em” Bio shrieked after him.

“Yes Mom!” he yelled back.


So, yeah, I apologize for my absence. I didn't think I was gonna continue this but I have so its all good. Any comments and rates are highly appreciated, thanks for reading you sexy mother fuckers.
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