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End Game

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The Mother Kitsune finally confronts Kohaku and deals with it once and for all.

Category: Yami no Matsuei - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Horror - Characters: Hisoka - Published: 2013/12/06 - Updated: 2013/12/06 - 824 words - Complete

Chapter Thirty-Three: End Game:

Kohaku's whole body went stiff.

"Mama?" it asked. The Mother narrowed her eyes at her child.

"So, this is where you ran off to," she said sternly. "Having fun with your little vessel, huh?"

"How did you find me?" Kohaku asked. The Mother smirked and chuckled.

"It took a lot," she answered, "I must say, that was rather clever of you hiding in a shinigami's subconscious. Feeding of his negativity from his partner and his wife," she let off a loud whistle. "I must admit, well done." Hisoka gave her a long blank stare.

Kimoto-san?, his mind wondered. However, he looked closer and shook his head. No, that's not her. The shinigami tried to understand the scene unfolding before him.

"What do you want?" Kohaku asked. "Are you going to take me back?"

"Of course," the mother said with a grin. Kohaku shook its head.

"I won't!" the child hissed.

"But I must," she told him, "You had your fun."

"No!" Kohaku snapped, "I won't go back!" The mother raised an eyebrow at him.

"Are you telling me no?" she asked. "Are you really telling your mother no?"

"Yes!" the child barked. The Mother shook her head with a twisted smile.

"I'm curious," she spoke, "Your tsukai is dead; why do you linger around here?" Kohaku put its arms around Hisoka's shoulders.

"Because I love him!" the child declared. Its mother all but laughed at such a confession.

"You in love?" she asked.

"Well, yes," Kohaku replied.

"Since when?" the Mother challenged, "You don't what love is, you parasite."

"Parasite?" the child asked.

"That's right," the Mother said, "You are a parasite." Hisoka watched Mother and child argue back and forth. He noticed something rather strange. Kohaku's body became less visible in his eyes. The shinigami blinked and rubbed his.

What's happening to Kohaku?, he thought. The child took a step backwards.

"I'm a... parasite?" it asked.

"That's right," the Mother cooed. Kohaku trembled as it shook its head.

"But I love him," it whimpered. The Mother took slow steps towards her prey.

"How can you?" she asked. "You don't even have a physical body anymore."

"What?" Kohaku asked.

"Haven't you noticed it?" the Mother asked. She pointed over at Hisoka. "Why do you think only he can see you?" she asked. Kohaku tried to think of the answer.

"I will tell you!" she said loud enough to reach the sky, "Your soul attached itself to his subconscious!" The shinigami and the kitsune looked at her in shock.

What?!? Hisoka thought. Kohaku shook its head beside of him.

"That can't be!" it muttered, "I... I..." The Mother turned her attention to Hisoka.

"I apologize for the inconvenience my son had caused," she said. Hisoka blinked at her uncertain of how to respond.

"Here," the Mother addressed him, "Let me cut the tie between you two. You would want that, wouldn't you?" Hisoka gave her a blank stare.

"Heh," the Mother said, "I'll take that as a maybe." She turned back to her child. "You don't get it, do you?" she asked, "Fine by me." The Mother held up her right hand. "I'll have to make you see the truth," she declared. The Mother forced her right hand onto Kohaku's forehead. Its heart went into shock when the truth unloaded in its mind.

That's right, the child thought. I did die. Kohaku saw the moment Haruka cut open Shichiro's chest and ripped out his heart. A chill ran through the kitsune's body as its former master fell dead at his mother's feet. Kohaku gasps as it felt a rip to its chest. The child looked down to see blood seeping through its white and gold clothes.

"Don't you see?" the Mother asked. "There is no point to hang around this world anymore." Kohaku looked up at her with big, shocked eyes. She removed her hand from its forehead. "Stop this game," she ordered it. Kohaku shook its head as it huddled into a ball on the ground. The Mother sighed and rolled her eyes.

"What's the point?" she asked. "I already severed your tie to the shinigami. You will die again in five days if you don't feed."

"Then let me stay until then," Kohaku pleaded. The Mother gritted her teeth.

"Oh come on!" she snapped. "Stop delaying the inevitable!"

"Please?" Kohaku pleaded. Its child-like grin always annoyed her so much. The Mother sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Fine," she grumbled, "But I am taking your powers." The Mother Kitsune placed her hand to her child's chest and chanted an incantation. Kohaku gasped as it felt all of its youth and power drained from its body. The child collapsed to the ground as a withered old person. The Mother smirked at her work.

"Goodbye," she cooed. Hisoka watched really pale-faced as she vanished into thin air. He couldn't be sure it he imagined the whole thing in those early morning hours.
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