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Beyond the bars

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From the streets to a friendly environment... Frank's life is bummed to the pit of despair and he feels like nothing can change his mind on his death wish. He was patrolling the streets waiting fo...

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Just breath I pester into my head and take the third drag from my cigarette. I flick the axes ash off of the end and blow out a few cheerios. "Any second now." I groaned palming my thigh and leaning on the edge of a fenced banister. I waited for a mere ten seconds then sighed. "Bull shit." I hissed and began to walk away. A obscenely loud car horn honked scaring me out of my wits. I jumped a little and spun around.

Bright headlights shown in my eyes and I blocked it from blinding me with my forearm. I sighed, my patience was never my strong point, and slowly walked to the drivers side. The window rolled down to reveal a middle-aged balding man. "You up n' running?" The man asked in a sickening un-place able accent.

"Yeah." I murmur and make my way to the passengers side and hop in. He locks the doors and takes my cigarette out of my hand. I attempted to snatch it back but he pinned me to the seat with his other arm. I watched as he rolled down his window and disposed of the cig. "Hey." I growled.

The man threw a wad of twenties in my lap and once I pocketed it he groped me through my skinny jeans. I gripped his wrist and pushed him away. "I'm the escort." I reminded him and quietly unzip his jeans and push down his plaid boxers.

"Don't do it so rough." The man says with a growl and I begin pumping him. I mumble a 'yes' as he stiffened in my hand. I'm glad he hadn't commented on my painted nails usually they don't like it. I bent over in an awkward position and sucked him in deep massaging his balls and relishing in the pain it causes in the back of my throat.

He cums quickly and I wipe my mouth after coughing a little. I gave him a curt nod and get out of the car. I escape through the alley ways and make my way to a nearby apartment complex. I click on the highest available floor and wait until I reach the top. I climb up the stairs and go through the door to the roof.

When I opened the door and saw a man about my age on the ledge willing to jump off I lost track of thought. It took me a few seconds to realize what was going on but when I did I gasped and held my hand out as if in doing so would stop him from taking his life.

"Hey! Stop!" I yell and stumble forward. He turned around at my voice and scoffed stepping off of the ledge. "Don't jump." I said breathlessly. I approached him and tugged on his sleeve as he ignored me. "What would be the point?" He asked turning towards me. "Huh?" I asked in confusion.

"What would be the point in me jumping? It's not high enough I would at worst have a couple broken ribs and a shit ton of bruises." I laughed obscenely loud and patted him on the shoulder. "What would I know I was just assuming." I said and slumped to the ground. I splayed out and breathed heavily. It didn't occur to me on how fast my heart was beating until I had begun to rest on the cold ground.

"Are you sane?" He asked looking down at me. "Sadly." I replied. He chuckled and laid down beside me. I turned towards him and noted his good looking features. His collar bone length black hair and hazel eyes are what stood out to me the most.

"Your pretty hot." I say knowing my consequences. "I'm Gerard." He says before smacking our lips together. I kissed him back obviously because I was the one who showed interest first. I stuck my tongue into his mouth and released a soft sigh through my nose. It's been a while since I had the time for my own pleasure.

He pulled back from the lack of oxygen and licked his lips. "Frank. I'm Frank." I responded and looked back up at the night sky.
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