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If you don’t give me what I want, then you’ll get what you deserve.

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Features a remake of The Rockford Files; I help Bender's reputation (slash fic, Fry + author)

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Fanfic Title: If you don’t give me what I want, then you’ll get what you deserve.

by: Sayashi Shunsuke Tanaka

Fry and I are in our bedroom. I am wearing my moderate crimson jacket, white shirt, brilliant cornflower blue trousers, ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’ very light azure boxer shorts with grayish phtalo blue waistband, ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’ light sapphire bluish gray socks, a white left shoe, and a black right shoe. Fry’s wearing his white shirt and white and brilliant amaranth striped boxer shorts with white waistband.

こんな うちらのことを
素敵な未来を For You

Muzukashī kao wa shitakunai
Akaruku tanoshiku ikitai no
Kon’na uchira no koto wo
Aishite kudasai na
Suteki na mirai wo For You

I don't want to make a vinegary face
I would like to cheerfully enjoy life.
Please love this me
A lovely future For You

ME: Silently, go ahead and KISS me

Fry tongue-KISSes me. He takes off his shirt. He strips me down to my underpants. He hugs me. We cuddle on our bed.


FRY: I Love You, Sayashi
ME: I Love You, Fry

Fry and I tongue-KISS for a while ‘til wet “bedazzle” stains form at the front of our underpants.

健康一番 For You
Kenkō ichiban For You
The best health For You

[The next day]

Fry, Trenton, and I are watching tv. We’re waiting for the episode of The Rockford Files remake that has Fry and I. Fry, Trenton, and I are only wearing our undies. I’m wearing my ‘Fry am the Egg Man’ undies. Fry’s wearing his ‘I, Roommate’ undies. Trenton’s wearing white boxer shorts.

We’re sitting on a couch. Trenton’s to the left of me. Fry’s to the right of me. The episode begins. It’s called ‘em dloh ot ecnahc tsal eno uoy evig ll’I’.

Angel sees Becker walk into a building. He hides behind a wall then secretly looks at her.

[Thought] ANGEL: Becker? What’s she doing in a place like this? Oh well

Angel walks away. He steps on brown leaves. Becker turns around then sees Angel.

[Thought] BECKER: Angel? What’s he doing here? Oh well

Angel and Becker are in the building when they hear 1 of the building’s windows break.

SCREEN - Broken window and a rope

Everyone that works for the PI company has a meeting.

MAYBELLE: Everyone listen up! Yesterday a window was broken at the old PI building. It looks like it was vandalized.

Rockford’s smiling.

[Smiling] ROCKFORD: A case!

MAYBELLE: I remember seeing Angel and Becker by the old building yesterday!

[Smiling] ROCKFORD: It’s here! It’s my turn now!

Rockford pushes Maybelle out of the way.

[Smiling] ROCKFORD: This looks like another case! I, Rockford, will find the culprit with my detective training!

Rockford takes handcuffs out of his compartment then closes the door.

ROCKFORD: You’re under arrest~!

6 sparkles appear around the handcuffs. The 7th sparkle falls to the ground when a door opens. 2 of Maybelle’s friends walk in. They grab Rockford by his arms then take him away through the door.

ROCKFORD: What? Wait. Let me go! Let me go!

MAYBELLE: And now, I, Maybelle, of the Morality Squad, will discover the culprit behind this.

(I work for the PI company’s marketing) ME: Pain in the ass girl

MAYBELLE: Angel, Becker, what were you two doing in the old building?

Angel and Becker don’t want to say what they were doing.

MAYBELLE: So you’re not talking. I knew it. You’re both behind it then.
ME: That’s not true! Neither had anything to do with it. Evan will cover for them!
MAYBELLE: Well then. [At Angel and Becker] You two, prepare for battle.

Angel and Becker are in separate rooms. They get the prisoner’s dilemma - if they blame each other, they’ll get suspended from work for 15 days. If they don’t say why they were in the old building, they’ll be suspended for 3 days. If 1 person says the other person’s the culprit, the person’s innocent and the culprit gets suspended for 30 days.

Maybelle and her friends are walking through a hallway. I run up to them.

ME: Maybelle! Fight me!
ME: Evan believes those two fight a lot, but their friendship will hold strong! They won’t accuse each other! The culprit is someone completely different.
MAYBELLE: Is that what you think? I believe humans will readily betray each other.
ME: Whatever, fight me! If the two of them both maintain their innocence, Evan wins. If they accuse each other, you win. How about it? The loser gets punished. Evan will accept the same punishment as the two of them.
MAYBELLE: Fine. I accept.

Everyone that works for the PI company are in the new building’s main room. Angel and Becker are sitting on chairs. (Becker - left; Angel - right) They use a big notepad to reveal their black font answers overhead.

Angel - I didn’t do it. Becker didn’t do it either.
Becker - I didn’t do it. Angel didn’t do it either.

MAYBELLE: Why?! Are you okay with being suspended? Becker, think about what he’s said about you. Accuse him! I’ll give the two of you one more chance to answer.
ME: Maybelle, that’s playing dirty! Those two know that they’re not each others’ opponents. That’s the truth! Yeah, they do fight a lot but, they’re also together a lot. They’re bound to fight sometimes. They fight. They help each other. That’s what real friends do. [At Maybelle’s friends] Those two are the same. Your precious friends.

Maybelle looks at her friends.

MAYBELLE: [At her friends] Thank you.

Maybelle’s friends look at each other then smile. Angel and Becker put the notepads on their chairs.

ANGEL: It’s great, isn’t it?

Angel holds out his right hand.

BECKER: Yeah, really!

Becker shakes Angel’s hand.

[Thought] ANGEL: If Becker was suspended, there’s no way I’d be able to handle Evan on my own. I couldn’t accuse her.

[Thought] BECKER: Lately, my grades are kind of low. I need to keep people with worse grades around so I don’t drop in the rankings. So I didn’t accuse you!

[Smiling] ME: What a beautiful friendship!
MAYBELLE: If neither of them did it, who is the real culprit?
ME: Ah...

Everyone in the room looks at me.

ME: My bad! It was Evan! (I use my right hand to point to me) [Flashback] I had gone up to the roof to nap that day. I wanted to swing to the ground so I threw a rope. It accidentally smashed the window. [End of flashback]

Rockford, Angel, Becker, Maybelle, and Fry glare at me.

MAYBELLE: You can’t be forgiven that easily! This still has to be resolved.
ANGEL: I sort of understand how you feel.

I run away. Rockford, Angel, Becker, Maybelle, and Fry chase me.

FRY: Evan, stop running!

I stop running. I get subdued. Fry gets behind me.

ROCKFORD: Your punishment is all the employees at this company get to wedgie you and you’re gonna be our company’s flag every day.

Fry sincerely, happily, playfully, and easily gives me a slow but steady vigorous wedgie in earnest, exposing my ‘Attack of the Killer App’ undies leg holes. Rockford, Angel, Becker, Maybelle, and Fry laugh at me. Rockford gives me the flagpole underwear wedgie. He places me on the company’s flagpole’s rounded top. The tv show ends.

TRENTON: That was cool!
FRY AND I: Thank you!

Trenton hugs me. Trenton and I smile. Trenton and Fry subdue me. I stand in front of a full length mirror. Trenton and I bond. We have an endless bromance. Trenton gets behind me.

ME: Ok

Trenton uses the wedgie technique that has 24 yanks. From behind, he uses 2 hands to firmly grab and get a good hold of my back undies waistband and back actual undies material from the middle. He sincerely, happily, playfully, easily, and vigorously pulls in earnest upwards and in the center slowly but steadily, making my undies slide north, across, and up my butt crack, until he straps the waistband across my shoulder blades, securely wedgieing my undies between my butt cheeks, making me feel dominated, tickling my whole body, and exposing my butt and my hips. I immediately go into “wedgie shock”. I never want to forget the feeling. It’s the best. It feels so right. I’m feeling really intense pleasure. I feel my undies fabric ride up my butt crack and both leg openings slide in tight. Trenton and I feel my undies stretching. We can hear my undies fabric stretching against the tug, making me feel 100% really strong embarrassed mortification. It’s priceless. He’s making me so hot. The pleasant fabric burn on my butt crack really tickles. I’m really fired up and turned on. He holds the wedgie for a good amount of time to savor it. I’m pretty much at his mercy until he lets go.

[Happily] TRENTON: Awww! Very cute! Utterly undies wedgie! Utterly undies wedgie Sayashi! Heh, heh! Sayashi, I can see your butt and your hips!

I’m completely humiliated. I blush. Trenton finishes using the wedgie technique. I am moved to tears. I cry. I use my hands to cover my face and hide my tears. Trenton hugs me. I stop crying. Trenton and I smile. He uses the same wedgie technique to give me 24 vigorous utterly undies lift wedgies and 24 vigorous utterly undies kangaroo wedgies, lifting me off the ground so each bounce is like landing in a lift wedgie and repeatedly wedgieing my undies up my butt. My face is bright red. Trenton finishes using the wedgie techniques. He gives me many vigorous utterly undies wedgies, vigorous utterly undies lift wedgies, and vigorous utterly undies kangaroo wedgies ‘til he goes home. Fry, Fernando, Trenton, and I have fun.

HAPPY! Has come

[The next day]

Bender visits the estate. I hug him when he arrives.

BENDER: Hi, Sayashi!
ME: Hi, Bender!

Bender and I go to the living room.
BENDER: Sayashi, can you do me a favor?
ME: What up?
BENDER: Can you let me give you wedgies at Curriculax?
[Happily] ME: Ok.
[Happily] BENDER: Aww! Thank you, Sayashi!

Bender hugs me.

[Happily] ME: No problem.
[Happily] BENDER: I will be the school’s jock! You will be the school’s nerd that gets wedgies!

Fernando, Bender, Fry, and I go to Curriculax. Bender and I register to be substitute teachers. Fernando, Bender, Fry, the student boys, and I are in the boys’ locker-room. I’m wearing my gym outfit. I’m glad I get to keep it. Fernando, Bender, Fry, and I watch the boys change.
RANDOM BOY: I’m afraid of Sayashi! He looks like a gang member!
BENDER: You don’t have to be on the defensive. Ok, class! I’m Bender.
ME: I’m Sayashi.
BENDER: Sayashi and I are your substitute gym teachers. Since Sayashi’s a nerd and a teacher’s pet, who wants to help me give him wedgies?
All the boys raise their right hands to agree.
BENDER: I will give him wedgies 1st. I will show you the proper way to wedgie Sayashi. Sayashi has a high pain tolerance so wedgies tickle him.
Bender uses the wedgie technique that has 24 yanks. I glare as he sincerely, happily, playfully, easily, and vigorously gives me a slow but steady wedgie in earnest, exposing my undies leg holes.
BENDER: Wedgie! Wedgie Sayashi!
Fernando, Bender, Fry, and the student boys laugh at me. I blush.
RANDOM BOY 2: Heh, heh! He’s not resisting! That’s great!
Bender finishes using the wedgie techniques. The student boys give me a wedgie one by one. Bender gives me a lift wedgie. He takes me and student boys outside. Fry and Fernando follow. Bender takes us to the place where he got the flagpole underwear wedgie.

BENDER: This is where I got the flagpole underwear wedgie. I am going to show you something way cooler!

Bender takes us to a flagpole that has a rounded top. He gives me the flagpole underwear wedgie. He places me on the flagpole’s rounded top. Fernando, Bender, Fry, and the student boys salute me then laugh at me. My face is bright red. I am really embarrassed but I am really happy.

[The next day]

Fry, Trenton, and Fernando secretly watch me prank Trenton’s mom and his 6’ cousin that has brownish black hair and brown eyes. I find his mom. I spray red and light blue silly string at her. Fry, Trenton, Fernando, and I giggle. I find Trenton’s cousin. I use 2 hands to firmly grab and get a good hold of his back tighty-whities waistband and back actual tighty-whities material from the middle. I give him 3 prompt wedgies then run away. Fry, Trenton, Fernando, and I laugh. Trenton’s cousin’s pissed.
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