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Chapter 9: Interactions

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whispered shouted question full of annoyance, amusement, and curiosity. Funny how all those emotions are stirred by the wicked grin of Gerard's,

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Yayy. I've finally posted something without taking centuries to do so!This ones really long because I wanna show you how Frankie watches others interact and how he himself interacts. I was going to reveal a mystery from the strange enigma that is gerard but i decided to make you guys wait.

The open door invited the moonlight inside, the glow illuminated the ground and doorway like an outlined road of holy light. The only prominent figure, besides the black sky, was the full moon. Bright and prideful in all it's shining light, putting the stars, and even the sun, to shame. Under the glow of the cool light, Gerard's skin stood out, pale and soft against the dark night. I almost forgot what I was going to say, and the sudden realization made my gut churn in confusion. But of course, being a rational being as I am, I dismissed the feeling much as quick as I received it.
"What are you doing here?" I asked quickly, a whispered shouted question full of annoyance, amusement, and curiosity. Funny how all those emotions are stirred by the wicked grin of Gerard's, as he responds.
"I came here to pick you up, and take you with me to a party." He jumps on his heels excitedly, maniac grin shinning in the moonlight, stark and vibrant like the blade of a knife. A little taken aback by his grin, I lean a little further from the door, causing it to open wider. Tonight he looks different, I cannot place it, and it's not because of the way his skin seems to glow, or the way he looks....stunning or even the way his grin gives me a chill of fright. He looks different tonight most likely because of the way he's acting, and of course Gerard being the enigma that he is, it is all a bit expected in a surprising kind of way. Most days he's a walking mystery, sly, sarcastic and even a bit charming, yet tonight, he seems to arouse more curiosity within me, because tonight, he looks like an innocent, excited child. And that said child seems to have taken the idea of inviting me to a play date.
"What?" I ask, a question etched with curiosity.
"Frankenstein man, you gotta keep up with me," He whines, words laced with a hint of an endearing quality, "Get ready, come out, and come with me to a party." He insists with a list.
"I don't like parties." Without thinking, the statement is shot out from my mouth in panic of the awaiting boredom and suffocation of a house full of people.
"Yeah but I know you like people watching." He states, and as I frown at him he concludes, "and don't give me that look, you know I'm right so don't deny it."

He then takes matters into his own hands, because of course why not, and turns me around, closing the door and pushing my shoulders, until he's leading me up the stairs and towards my room. Once we enter my room, his hands, expected, do not retrieve my form but instead steer me towards my closet.
"I can walk on my own you know?" I snap in faux annoyance.
"Sorry Frankie, but I don't trust you not to run away." he says. I frown. He sits, well more like flops, down my bed and waits. I look for some pants, only being in my pajamas, in the closet while The Residents play on.
"Oh hey this band sounds nice." Gerard comments.
"They are really fucking great actually." I retort, pulling on some worn out, ripped jeans. All though I could protest to going to the party, which in fact could be quite easy knowing Gerard won't actually force me into anything, I made the decision (honestly not much thought or choice was put in to it) to go. Maybe to alleviate the boredom, but most likely to avoid my thoughts for at least one night.
"There I'm done, happy?" I snap once again. He looks at me from my bed, gets up without breaking eye contact and stands in front of me.
"Don't you think you should try a little harder?" He muses, voice leaked with intrigue. Once again I frown.
"I'm not trying to impress anyone." I retort, maybe just a little offended that he would assume I want to be looked at or even liked by the likes of stupid people.
"Good," He says, walking towards my door, "Not much is needed to impress anyway." He says quietly, most likely to himself, as an afterthought. I frown, turning off my stereo and the lights.

We walk towards where ever the party is in the fresh night. The only noise perceived are the sounds of our footsteps, his loud, stomping almost confident, but quick and swift with excitement. Mine, just resigned shuffles across the pavement, lazy, aloof, steps. My gaze often drifts between Gerard's profile and the moon. I sigh as I stare at the hole punch of white in the sky. There are only few stars out and it never fails to disappoint me even when it is the most expected thing for someone that lives in the city. I hope that maybe one day, I will see a full expanse of stars without any obstacles. I sigh again, this time the sound is noticed by Gerard, as he looks at me with keen eyes, he smiles. A small smile that creases the corner of his eyes. That smile is thus far, the first genuine smile I have received from the creep, and I find myself smiling back at him without any barriers. My heart beats faster and my hands get a little sweaty. I look back at the moon in order to hide the panic I am feeling inside. I do not want to let someone know who I am, not even if that someone seems to know so much about me all ready. I replace the empty truth between Gerard and I with a new barrier. Hopefully a much stronger one.

"Well here we are." Gerard says softly, his voice gently bringing me back from my reverie.
I look towards the house. One look at all the windows outlined with light, and I can estimate about how many people there are. As we walk towards the door, the sound of a bass pumping through the walls enlightens me with the knowledge of how loud and annoying everything is going to be. I begin to panic a bit, but then Gerard puts a hand on my shoulder, ushering me inside, and I brave it on.

We dodge the crowds successfully, I following Gerard around like a puppy, with a stoic scary face of course. We make it to the kitchen, obviously, to get some drinks. Gerard offers me a red cup filled with beer, I wave it off, he frowns with inquiry.
"I hate how alcohol makes people look far more disgusting and act far more stupid than usual." I state. He puts the cup back on the table, then on second thought puts his own cup down as well.
"You don't have to." I say, all though feeling grateful.
"Nah, my pleasure man. Plus I'd like to remember this as the first night I conquered the beast of Frankenstein and dragged him off towards a party." He smirks, I scoff.
"Whatever." I say, I look through, who'sever bastard, cupboards in search for something pleasing. I indeed find it. I smirk to Gerard and show him a bottle of wine.
"I like wine though, the taste gets sweeter with every try, it more nourishes rather than abuses I like to think." I say, as I serve myself and Gerard some. He throws his head back and chuckles.
"Trust you not to be normal." He states, "Trust you to want wine for the taste and not the buzz." I smirk at him

I walk out of the kitchen towards an almost barren wall, with Gerard following behind. I lean against the wall, take sips of my wine and observe. There's a blonde chick dancing in the living room with a guy most likely her boyfriend. They grind and rut against each other in the most unattractive way, messy hair, flushed lips, and ruddy cheeks tell me that they've most likely finished having sex. Her back thighs lean against his front, and I watch as her boyfriends hands sneak towards her front, gross. Her thighs are lean, muscular even, lightly tanned and shaved meticulously, I wonder how fast she runs. I watch as she turns her head to kiss her boyfriend and I watch them kiss for about three seconds until I get bored. Gross. I sip on my wine and shift my gaze towards a group of guys. They're all huddled up in a circle, laughing and directing their gazes towards some girls sitting on a couch, for a moment I am reminded of a pack of hyenas. Some guy, who I decide to call clown, says something that highly amuses the crowd of dudes as they soon start erupting in laughter, the same guy then claps his hand to a guy next to him, who I nickname rabbit. Rabbit flinches, begins talking but stutters, cheeks red and form hunched over he tries to explain something, Clown isn't having any of it, when he opens his mouth, I can tell something scathing came out for Rabbit hunches over more. While the remaining group of imbeciles laugh, though I can tell one does not find the situation amusing, I call him Coward, as he fakes laughter with his 'friends'. Now I see what the commotion is about, as Clown pushes Rabbit towards the girls, apparently Clown here wants to get Rabbit laid, I have a feeling poor little Rabbit is gay. I look away becoming quite disgusted at how these so called friends interact with one another. Pathetic, I think as I scoff.

Gerard notices. His gaze lands on Rabbit.
"What?" I ask
"His name is Eric. Poor kid is having a hard time coming out to his friends. Gave me a blowjob last year, don't remember much about him though." He says the last part mostly to him self. I smirk with satisfaction knowing that I was right.
"I knew it!" I exclaim excitedly
"Knew what?" Gerard asks, brows furrowed in confoundment.
"That that guy was gay." I respond, taking a sip of my wine.
"Did you not hear the rest of what I said?" He asks this time his words carried of an air of panicked puzzlement. I did indeed hear what he said, back then I probably would have chocked on the air, right now not so much, I sort of saw that coming they day he blew me a kiss, no straight guy, no matter how feminine, does that.
"Not surprised." I comment, sipping on my wine to hide the smirk that's arising from his offended(?) countenance. He splutters once he notices I'm laughing then looks away.

"Hey what are you doing here besides watching me watch people?" I ask Gerard as I stare at a brunette girl standing in a corner with two friends.
"I'm meeting up with my supplier." He responds nonchalantly. The girl is a bit hunched up, she seems shy, her friends are trying to get her to dance. This is probably her first time at a party.
"What for drugs?" I ask with an indifferent air as the brunette stares back at me. Her face looks familiar..Oh she's that girl from my science class!
"No. Something a little bit different from that." He concludes. I'm not gonna ask. One of the girl's friends says something that makes her face flood in crimson.
"There she is right now. I'll be back later Frankie." Gerard says. He struts towards a chick, who looks familiar, with raven hair and dark red lips. As he stops in front of her, her face breaks with a smirk. She's the girl from the record store.

I drink two gulps from my wine. I go back into the kitchen pour myself some more, then walk back towards the (thankfully) barren wall. I try not to stare at Gerard and his...supplier. But it's hard, I'm curious to see how he interacts with others, having never seen him doing so before. I watch as he, obviously, blatantly flirts with her, reaching towards her hand and touching her shoulder. He's smooth, and most likely getting laid tonight. I see a figure approach me from my peripheral vision.
"Hey Frank." I turn to look towards the voice. It's the cute brunette, damn I don't know her name. It's a bit rude but I cannot be put against it.
"Um Hi?..." I drawl out my words until she get's message.
"Robin." She says quickly, flushing in emberassment, guess she broke the societal rule where you're not supposed to know someone's name when they don't know yours...
"Hello Robin." I correct myself, not caring much for a conversation, but not wanting to be rude. I watch as the chick from the record store twirls her hair and licks her lips. I quickly shift my gaze towards Robin.
"What are you drinking?" I ask her. I need to distract myself from something, I don't know what that something is, but I know I don't like it.
"Umm..Beer." She says a little shyly, okay obviously her first time drinking it. I stare at her, my eyes narrow (it's a habit) as I take in her timid form, hand shakily holding the beer, hazel (beautiful shade) eyes shifting towards her friends, who are blatantly staring at us. They are a stupid influence.
"Here give me that." I motion towards her beer, not really waiting for a response as I take it from her hands. I walk towards an open window and toss the beer out. Her cheeks redden and her body language closes, sign of wanting to be left alone. God that's terrible.
"Look," I begin, with a faux gentle voice " Your friends over there are obviously not a good influence." I continue, eyes roaming around the room, "This isn't your usual scenery, and you don't actually like how beer tastes." I proceed, my eyes finally land on Gerard and the supplier, I take a sip of my wine. "Follow my advice and find some real friends. Or you can just stay alone and out of problmes you don't want to be part of." I finally conclude. I watch Gerard as he puts a hand on her waste and whispers into her ear, as she chuckles and leans in close, my jaw tightens. It's a bit gross.
Robin dismisses my advice and asks, "Is he your friend?" She nods her heads towards Gerard's lean figure. Gerard, who is now making out with his supplier. My jaw tightens even more, I loosen it and drink three gulps from my wine until it's finished.
"No." I reply quickly. She senses something, I don't know what, but I'm glad for it, because she leaves me and walks back to her 'friends'.

I need a smoke. I go out to the front yard and light up a cigarette. I really fucking hate parties. The people are annoying, the music is annoying, the entertainment is unamusing. God but the people, they are so..infuriating. I might just go home. I stare up at the few stars, the fog of my smoke blurring them as I blow up. I let out an exhausted sigh. I continue staring at the sky, even as I hear people stumble on the balcony, fall or laugh. I continue to look up because I don't want to see people. I hear a girl giggle, and I hear a familiar chuckle, both pairs of feet stumbling, the steps of one of the figure sounds familiar, confident and loud. I look behind me.
"Hey Frankie." Gerard greets me excitedly. His grin cutting and brazen. Mouth smeared with red lipstick. I look back towards the sky. I take a long puff of my cigarette.
"Hey." I say as I blow out. He sits down next to me on the stairs, the girl staying behind us, waiting.
"You got a spare one?" Gerard asks, his body heat leaking next to mine. He smells gross, sweat laced with sweet flowery perfume.
"No." That's a lie. I don't know why I felt it necessary to lie but It felt good.
"Oh." He says, voice a little put down, I don't stare at him.
"Look," He starts, I sigh in annoyance, "I'm gonna go, um take care of some business," I scoff and look at him, his face looks offended and I smirk to make him think I'm not mad, because I'm not. "But I'll be back later okay?" He concludes, eyes a little confused.
"I might just go home man, so many people, so sick of them all." I reply.
"I won't take long." He says quickly. I laugh, I bet you won't.
"Yeah sure. Fine, I'll wait." I say, I don't know why. Maybe it's because I don't know where I am, and I need to find my way home. Paltry excuse, I know, but I don't really know where I stand anymore. Gerard smiles at me. Gross.
"Ok be back later Frankenstein." He says about to stand up, I hold on to his jacket sleeve and he stays. I take my half finished cigarette out from my mouth and motion it towards him, he leans closer and I place it between his lips.
"For courage." I say, smirking, and I see him gratefully puff the cigarette.
"Yeah." He drawls, as a small, even timid, smile crawls over his face.

Gerard puts an arm around his supplier's waist. And I watch as both forms retrieve into the darkness of the shaded neighborhood. I sigh, I fucking hate waiting.

So I hoped you guys liked it. HAPPY NEW YEARS. please R&R
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