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Omega and Ares have their final epic fight

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Omega Chronicles
June 15th 2007
12:46 New York City
Commonly known as the concrete jungle, New York City has had its fair share of spectacles. Most recently there have been numerous increases in the activities of superheroes and super villains. Villain commits a crime, hero catches the villain. Villain attempts a crime, hero prevents the villain. Villain escapes from jail, hero puts them straight back in there. It was a tried and tested formula that all New York residents were used to. However, nothing could prepare them for this momentous occasion, for this was the day when Omega and Ares once again met each other on the field of battle for the fight that would define them both.
The city had been rocked with earthquakes since the early morning as Ares had already begun his vengeful rampage through the streets, knowing that it was only a matter of time before Omega would come to face him. Without hesitation, he casually launched buses through the air, crashing into buildings and sidewalks alike. Whilst he flew past the Statue of Liberty, he etched his name into it with the use of his hate ray eyebeams. He then settled on top of a flaming McDonalds and happily observed the chaos which he had created. The screams of the city residents sounded like a majestic orchestra in his ears and he slyly smiled as he took a bite out of an apple he found from an abandoned fruit cart. “This is true art!” Ares thought to himself, “If only I could keep this up forever. Too bad Omega will predictably arrive to save his precious people. Although I wonder why? What does he see in these pathetic worms? Is it because they follow his every sheep flocking to their beloved shepherd?”
Ares’ musings were interrupted when he felt a familiar energy shift into his direction. A sudden breeze spread over the entire city block and the helpless citizens looked up to see the blazing blue aura of their esteemed saviour. Even when broken, battered, beaten and bruised, there was no pain, physical or otherwise, which could not be alleviated by the mere presence of the Harlem Hero himself, Omega. He slowly lowered himself until he was hovering a mere few feet above Ares. Ares grinned, discarded his half eaten apple, and rose to face his eternal rival. “Hello Omega. It’s a pleasure to see you again!”
Omega smirked back. “How’s it hanging, Ares? I would like to say that it’s a delight to see you as well, but I respect you far too much to lie to your face”
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”, Ares laughed raucously, a sound which struck fear in the face of lesser mortals. But as he knew all too well, Omega was not a lesser mortal. “I do relish our back and forths, Omega. And so, out of whatever feelings of sentiment I still possess, I will once again offer you a chance to join me in my crusade to purify this world of the weaklings that inhabit it and to take our rightful place as the Gods that we are!!” Ares then held out his hand to Omega in an attempt to win his trust.
“With or without my help, you will always consider yourself as a God, Ares. And that is precisely why I have to stop you. These powers were not bestowed upon us so that we could rule mankind, but help it along its way to glory. A glory far greater than any you have envisioned for yourself. I really wish it didn’t have to be this way. I had hoped that eventually you would realise the errors of your ways. I see now that I have been as blind as you are...and that is a mistake I do not intend to repeat”, Omega answered Ares’ request with no hesitation.
Ares lowered his hand, the look of disappointment visibly present on his face. “I see....what a shame. If you truly love these people Omega.... I will gladly make sure that you share their fate. It is convenient that you was born and raised in this city, for it will also be the location of YOUR GRAVE!!!!”
Ares launched himself into Omega, sending them both crashing through several skyscrapers. Mid flight, Omega managed to turn the situation into his advantage with a swift knee to Ares’ stomach. He then placed him into a headlock and headed straight into the open landscape of Central Park. They both struck the ground, sending an almighty shockwave which rocked the surrounding trees from their foundations. Ares was disorientated and so Omega took this opportunity to deliver several hundred left and right hooks to his face, all in less than 6 seconds. Each blow forced Ares deeper and deeper into a massive crater in the ground. Ares turned the tide of battle back into his favour by grabbing hold of Omega’s arms and head butting him in the chest, temporarily winding him. He then sped him over to the Central Park lake and suplexed him into the waters below. He then took a firm grasp around Omega’s neck and held his face under water. “Hmmm....a tad anti climatic...but yes...yes, I suppose this is a fitting way for our rivalry to hand. The look on your face as I squeeze the last ounces of oxygen from your body and the last vestiges of your spirit from your eyes. And all of this with the knowledge that once you are gone, no one will be able to protect your precious weaklings from my wrath. As you have taken from me...I will now take from you!!”
Ares had intended for these words to dishearten Omega but they had instead done the opposite. They had awakened the deep rage inside his heart which he had fought his entire life to subdue. Energy beams of the purest hatred had finally emerged from his eyes and forced their way onto Ares’ face, lifting him through the air in an almost rocket-like fashion. When Ares had finally regained his composure and cleared the smoke away from him, he then felt something strange on his face. It was at this point that he realised that there was a scar which ran from the top of his right eyebrow to the bottom left corner of his mouth. As startling as this revelation was, Ares couldn’t help but feel a little impressed with what Omega had accomplished. He soon realised that he didn’t have time to stay still as the Harlem Hero had managed to make his way behind Ares’ back. No sooner did Ares turn round, he found himself slammed in the face by a lamppost, returning him to the chaotic streets below. For a while Ares seemed content to lie in the crater he had created in the ground, but driven by his hatred, he managed to pull himself up back to his feet. There he was surrounded by New York citizens, whose contempt for him had overridden their primal instinct to flee for safety. As Ares stumbled to remain on his feet, the New Yorkers couldn’t resist mocking him. He was greeted with constant jeers and taunts such as “Hey Ares, not so godly now are ya?” “How does it feel to get your ass kicked??” and “You mess with us, you mess with Omega!” It was this last remark that caused a smile to creep across Ares’ face. “Insignificant worms”, he said, behind an injured laugh, “How foolish you are to put faith in a saviour who can’t even save himself!”
“Save himself from what, road kill?” replied a smug taxi driver.
“Save himself from emotion....Save himself from attachments....SAVE HIMSELF FROM YOU!!!” With a twisted laugh, Ares unleashed the full extent of his hate ray on the crowd, just as he knew Omega would appear in view to witness it. The look of pain on Omega’s face as he failed to save his ‘flock’ was more painful than anything that Ares was feeling at that moment. The distraught hero fell to the ground and knelt on the ashes of the deceased.
“No,no,no,no,no......I couldn’t get there in.....I tried so hard..” these torturous thoughts raged through his mind in an endless cycle. His brooding came to an end when he noticed a shadow being cast over him. He raised his head to see Ares towering over him in an almost victorious pose. He then leaned closer to the shocked hero and whispered, “You feel....and that is why you fail”. Within a second of finishing his sentence, Ares viciously raised his arms and slammed them into the ground. With a blaze of red fury, he had levelled 10 city blocks and made the surrounding landscape unrecognisable to the bustling metropolis it was the day beforehand. As the smoke cleared, it became apparent that he and Omega were the only two living beings to be found for a very far distance. Ares then sunk to his knees, breathing heavily besides a semi-conscious Omega.
“I have to hand it to’s been a while since I’ve had to expend this amount of energy. In fact...I believe it was when I was facing the Intergalactic Armada in the Sylerion system. Ah yes, many lives were lost that day...IT WAS GLORIOUS!!” Ares then proceeded to laugh insanely to himself, overjoyed at the memory of smashed skulls and spilt blood. However, his premature celebration was brought to a halt as he heard the groan of the Harlem Hero as he made his way to his feet. “No....that’s impossible...even for you!” Ares exclaimed in wonder.
“You should know by now Ares, that when it comes to the two of us...nothing is impossible” There was a newfound sense of purpose which burned within Omega’s eyes, one which had not gone unnoticed by Ares. Now, for the first time in a long time, perhaps the first time in his entire life, the God of War was experiencing true fear. “It is clear to me now...what needs to be done. You are beyond reformation. You are beyond redemption. Normally, I would tell people to prepare to answer to their god...but as you are so fond of are a god, you’ll just have to answer to my judgement instead” In an instant, Omega flashed behind Ares and placed him in a full nelson.
“ would dare?...ughh...RELEASE ME NOW!!” Ares demanded.
Omega then harnessed all the power of his aura and used it to propel both him and Ares flying into the sky. The speed at which he was flying was unprecedented and even gave Ares cause for concern. Within seconds they had reached the upper limits of the atmosphere, where Omega had begun to slow down a little, but was travelling at a breakneck speed nonetheless. “Fool. What are you doing?” Ares asked nervously. Omega remained silent and instead focused on a small, spherical object which got bigger each second. “The moon? What does he think he can accomplish.....ohhhh...” Ares’ thoughts had reached a conclusion, one which did not please him. His years of experience in warfare made him an expert at strategy and so he could think of only one advantage to Omega when fighting on the moon: With no life forms around, Omega would be free to unleash more of his power on Ares. They both slammed into the surface of the moon, adding another crater to the many that were already there. Ares found himself nauseous, a sensation he had not felt in a very long time. As he struggled to get his bearings, he saw a blurry image appear before his eyes. He vigorously rubbed them and when he opened them again was deeply disgusted with what he saw. The American flag. Standing perfectly upright in all of its patriotic glory. “Great. As if I wasn’t sick enough already”, he said, whilst spitting out blood which had gathered in his mouth. He was distracted for a mere few seconds, when Omega lifted the flag pole and swung it into Ares’ ribs, launching him several miles across the moon’s surface.
“God Bless America!” Omega said, although not in a manner befitting someone making a joke.
Ares grabbed hold of his stomach, whilst writhing in agonising pain. He was staying conscious due to his sheer hatred alone. Omega zoomed to his position, making the use of his advantage and pierced Ares’ leg with the flag pole, securing him to the ground. “AGHHGHGHHGHHHH!” Ares could not contain the pain anymore and allowed himself to scream.
“This time, you won’t get away from me” Omega stated.
Even through the pain, Ares managed to chuckle. “Get away from you? Now why would I do something like that? Who else is gonna have a moonlight wrestling match with me?”
“No one, seeing as you are going to be dead soon”
“Oh I see. How hilariously ironic! You’re finally going to become the monster I wanted you to be and it’s going to result in my death”
“You’ll excuse me if I don’t laugh”
“If you don’t mind me asking, how are you going to explain this to Jocelyn? I hardly think she’ll be thrilled by the fact that you killed her father. How is she by the way?”
“She’s pregnant! It’s a boy”
Ares’ smile swiftly disappeared. “....I see....What will you name him?”
“Ahh, of course. Why am I not surprised?”
“Congratulations Ares! You are a grandfather....Again....I mean God knows how many grand-children you’ve had over the years, but this will be your last!”
“You should have.....told me earlier. I could have....given you tips on how to be a know...a gift to the boy’s life before I die”, Ares tried to put on a smile to mask the pain, but he was failing miserably.
“The greatest gift you could give to that child’s life, to LEAVE IT!!” And so Omega began his final, righteous assault against the God of War. He unleashed the full extent of his power into Ares’ face with hundreds of explosive punches moving at an immeasurable speed. Chunks of moon rocks would leave the surface of the moon and drift into the emptiness of space due to the immense pressure of the attack. The assault continued in this fashion for a further five minutes. Spectators from Earth would recall this day for years to come as the day that blue fireworks seemed to burst from the moon. This phenomenon would never be repeated again however; as Omega was the only being alive capable of dishing out such aggression and Ares was the only one capable of withstanding it for so long. Omega’s knuckles were throbbing intensely and were red raw with blood, but he persisted through the pain, knowing that his was a righteous crusade. He eventually came to a stop and in one swift motion ripped the flag pole from the ground, flinging Ares along with it. Whilst maintaining hold of the flag pole, he kicked Ares’ battered, half dead body high into the air, where he remained floating due to the lack of gravity. Omega then launched after him, with the flag firmly placed in his hand as a spear. “I suppose I should be happy”, Omega thought to himself, “I’m about to do something that men have dreamed of for centuries...I’m gonna kill my father in law!” Omega proceeded on his course of action, with no reservations in his resolve, when his path was blocked by a grey, streamlined vessel. He soon realised that he was surrounded by multiple vessels of a similar nature. However, he knew there was no reason for panic as he recognised a red Phoenix icon that was painted on the side of each of them. This symbol was used by the ‘Phoenix Magistrates’ who were high ranking members of the Intergalactic Armada, an organisation that Omega had come into contact with many times in the past. “Oh perfect....what do you clowns want?” he asked impatiently.
A beam of light shone from the nearest vessel and from it emerged a green, humanoid figure with three eyes dressed in a grey spacesuit. The suit came equipped with a large red rifle and various pouches that sported the Phoenix emblem. The alien floated towards Omega and shook his hand. “Greetings, Omega of Earth! It is an honour to meet you. Your reputation is well known amongst the Phoenix Magistrates. My name is Mandl Lox”
“Hello Mandl Lox. It’s nice to meet a fan, but in case you didn’t notice, I’m trying to wrap something up here”
“Well, that’s precisely why we are here. As you know, Ares has been an intergalactic terrorist for over 500 years. He is the father of ‘The Five Atrocities’ and that makes him a Tier One threat. Now in the past we have been content to stay out of Earthly affairs, especially those that involve you as you are more than capable of handling them yourself, but Ares must answer for his crimes. I’m sure you understand”
“Yes I understand”, Omega replied, with obvious rage in his voice, “Which is why I was about to make him answer for his crimes myself!” Omega balled up his fists, causing the other vessels to whir with activity and focus several laser pointers at him.
“STAND DOWN!!” Mandl ordered his troops, “Do you realise who this is? This is Omega! The Saviour of the Florenxian Province. Not to mention a man who we really don’t want to get on the wrong side of. So......STAND.DOWN.NOW!” The vessels complied with the order and Mandl came closer to Omega, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Listen Omega. You must let this go. Ares must answer to the High Council. I know it’s hard. My brother fought in the battle of the Sylerion system. He was only one of the many who were lost that day, but I must put the ideals of justice before those of vengeance. You’ve weakened him enough for us to place him in the Polarity Matrix.....Let it go”
Omega felt the turmoil swell within him. He had vowed to become a hero, someone for his unborn child to look up to one day and so killing Ares would not be the best course of action. However, he also knew that no prison could hold Ares forever and that eventually he would return to Earth. “How could I possibly allow this monster to live? He could come back at any time. 50 years.....100 makes no difference to him. I can’t protect Earth forever. Perhaps it’s time to take a leap of faith and trust that these clowns can make good on their word, the way that I consistently swear to my people...I’ve made my decision!” he thought. “Fine”, he gently whispered, “Take him, but know this...if he ever makes his way back to Earth....I WILL SHOW YOU THE TRUE DEFINITION OF A TIER ONE THREAT!!!”
Mandl meekly nodded, and activated a button on his glove which caused his vessel to cast an electronic net over Ares’ body, and reel him into the ship. Omega turned round and slowly drifted away from the entire scene when Mandl once more grabbed him by his shoulder. “What will you tell your people? I mean you were very strict with us about revealing or existence to them”
“I’ll tell them that Ares died in the fight. It will be a lie, one that will haunt me for a long time, for many different reasons...” Omega reflected on his wife and unborn child, “...but it will be a necessary lie. One to comfort a scared and vulnerable people. Goodbye and Godspeed Mandl! Nothing personal, but for reasons I’m sure you’ll understand, I hope we never have to meet again!”
“Yeah I get what you mean. Goodbye Omega!”
With that, Mandl saluted the Harlem Hero and the two parted ways...

August 4th 2025
10:25 Omega Island
“And so, that’s what happened. Omega had to surrender Ares to a greater authority. He told the people of Earth that Ares had died in order to put their worries at ease. I suppose in a way he also did it for himself. He needed to know that if he was gone, the matter would have been dealt with by someone other than the people of Earth....a notion which obviously died with him”, Deshawn sadly admitted.
Team Omega was in silence and continued to be for a few minutes. Being the Captain, Tyson felt that it should be him to break the silence. “ there anything else important that you have to tell us because this would be the time?” Deshawn froze for a moment. He wanted to tell him about his connection to Ares but he made a vow to Jocelyn that he would never do so.
“No”, he replied, “There is nothing left to tell you...Well, now that that’s wrapped up, you should all report to the assembly hall. One of the teachers there will be lecturing a few classes on how to operate the weapons that were recovered from your last mission and it’s not too late for you guys to join in”
“YES SIR!” the team shouted, but with less enthusiasm then they usually do.
When he was sure that the team had left, Deshawn swivelled the chair round to face the window and buried his head in his hands. Meanwhile a blue light crept in from the side of the window and a holographic projection appeared in the centre of the room. Deshawn turned round to discover the hologram and sighed heavily as he realised who it was. “Oh it’s you”
The hologram projected the image of three women, one with red hair, one with green hair and one with blue hair. “Why didn’t you tell the boy the whole story?” the green haired woman asked.
“Because he isn’t ready. None of them are”
“The time is approaching. We can feel it now more than ever before. They must be ready soon or everything will be lost”
“I know, but you’ve got to give them more time. I don’t want to send them off to their deaths”
“Hurry! The prophecy must be fulfilled. The hero and warrior must rise when the darkness falls.”
“I understand. I’ll...I’ll try to work faster”
“See to it that you do” And with a flash the three women disappeared from the room....
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